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(Mi TV P1 32"  & Mi TV P1 43")

Mi TV P1 32  and Mi TV P1 43

Xiaomi, as the leading technology brand, has aced various achievements in the past years and is now all set to deliver greatness in the year 2022. Xiaomi has sworn a pledge to itself to create a Mi lifestyle for its consumers in order to transform traditional living to many times more productive and efficient smart living. Keeping that in view, Xiaomi understands that today’s pace of living can prove to be a lot tiering and stressful to catch up with. Therefore, Xiaomi, with all its professionality and practicality, stays loyal to its consumers and is determined to shape their lives with the latest technology at hand in order for it to be more productive and efficient while being facilitated and hassle-free simultaneously.

Xiaomi is not only the top-performing smartphone brand but also covers tech 360. Xiaomi lifestyle products are truly commendable as like all other Xiaomi introduced goods they are of premium quality, well-equipped with high-end technology, and are precisely calibrated to serve the best of their purposes. In addition to that, Mi is very considerate of its consumer’s affordability, and this has earned Xiaomi a very distinguished reputation as the most affordable, premium quality technology brand internationally and, especially well-embraced by Pakistan. Whether it be smartphones or smart everything Xiaomi has got something for everyone. Therefore, Pakistan expects nothing but the best from Xiaomi when it aims to introduce another member of the Xiaomi family.

The only authorized Xiaomi exclusive online store in is honored to be the one who triumphally introduced Xiaomi to Pakistan. We are privileged by the fact that Xiaomi has recently recognized us as the top distributors of Pakistan. Furthermore, we have also earned Shopify’s award for being the top-performing e-commerce site in Pakistan. To sum it all up, this means that YOU adore as your sole shop stop when it comes to purchasing Xiaomi online in Pakistan! Hence, spares no opportunity to serve you with exclusive astounding discount bundles, flash sales, discount offers, and fabulous incentives that none other can offer. With that being said, allow me to steal you away for another mind-boggling introduction from Xiaomi that will soothe your tech buds. Let me introduce you to some tech goodies from Xiaomi’s visual experience category that is surely worth the hyper. Sit back and relax while I introduce you to the ultimate visual experience - the Mi TV P1 32"  & Mi TV P1 43".

Xiaomi Lifestyle Products-The Best You Can Get

More than being a smartphone brand Xiaomi is known for its lifestyle products commonly known as the Xiaomi eco products. These products, as their name suggests, define the concept of Xiaomi’s smart living and hence encompass the entire lives of our Mi fans. Xiaomi lifestyle products are precisely engineered to make your lives comfortable while being highly efficient and productive. If you are someone who craves excellence, then I assure you that you won’t find anything better than the Xiaomi products. From premium quality to high-end technology and exceptional design, Xiaomi crosses all marks of perfection when it comes to manufacturing and presenting the best quality products in the tech market.

Xiaomi TV P1 (32 inches)-A Cinematic Visual Experience At Home

Xiaomi TV P1 (32 inches)

First on today’s list is the Xiaomi TV P1 32 inch. It is one of Xiaomi’s highly appreciated products to existing in Pakistan. The Xiaomi TV pledges to provide its users with the ultimate visual experience and when I say this, I mean it! Let’s start off by discussing the design and display of this beautiful piece of technological art. For design, this is a dream come true. This Mi Tv has a bezel-less design which means that it offers a higher body to screen ratio hence aims to provide a limitless vision. Other than providing an awesome display it is also highly durable and lightweight at the same instance. Moreover, it has a 178° horizontal and 178° vertical viewing angle to provide the comfort you need while watching your favorite Netflix series.  This makes it stylish, handy, and more productive.

Xiaomi TV P1 (32 inches)-A Cinematic Visual Experience At Home

Coming on to the display of this Mi smart TV, so for that, it has an HD display of 32 inches with 1366 x 768 resolution to support the magic it ought to deliver. In addition to that, it has a color gamut of NTSC 64%(Typ), BT709 90%(Typ), DCI-P3 72%(Typ), and color depth of 16.7M, 8-bit. If any of that doesn’t make sense, then just to simplify it for you -it displays more than an awesome picture. With crystal clear images and vivid colors, you will surely enjoy what you see there. The support video formats include the VP8/VP9, MJPEG, and MPEG1/2 format.

Fast, Hassle-Free, And Smarter AI

As it is a smart Tv of the latest kind, it is equipped with an MSD6683 processor, CA53 x 4 up to 1.2 GHz CPU, and Mali 470 MP3 GPU that gives it a refresh rate of 60 Hz. To support you in every way possible the device is also equipped with 1.5GB RAM and 8GB Storage. It comes with pre-installed android TV that lets you stream about 400,000+ shows and movies online and also the liberty to download 7000+ applications while several are pre-downloaded like YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, and more. This Xiaomi LED comes along with a 360° smart remote that supports google voice assistant and user-friendly options to steer your way to ultimate entertainment and productivity. Another commendable feature is the built-in chrome cast that has been designed to be super easy to use and hence giving you full control over your device’s connectivity.


Fast, Hassle-Free And Smarter AI

Besides that, the Xiaomi tv offers multiple connection options while being equipped with the latest technology-based connectivity. For the record, its connectivity is based on Bluetooth 5.0 and is compatible with Wifi 2.4 GHz/5 GHz. As far as the input options are concerned it has several of those to offer as well, including, the 3 HDMI ports one of which supports ARC, 2 USB 2.0 slots, an AV composite in the slot, one CI slot, Ethernet Lan slot, a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a broadcasting system having DVB-T2/C and DVB-S2. In short, it has all that you need to survive this pandemic!

Dolby Surround Sound To Immerse You Fully In It!

Dolby Surround Sound To Immerse You Fully In It!

What makes a good LED the best? Well exceptional sound for sure! Hence, the Mi TV 32 inches is equipped with dual 5W stereo speakers by Dolby Audio and DTS HD that deliver the most immersive sound. Moreover, the powerful dual speakers tend to create a cinematic 3D sound effect transforming your home or workplace into a cinema at hand. Hence, providing you with clear, rich, and multi-layered sound effects with supported audio formats of Dolby, DTS, FLAC, AAC, and OGG. Isn’t it just the gadget you would need to enjoy your evening with your family or to nail that important business deal you have been struggling hard for at work?

Smart Consumer’s Smart Choice

After this complete Mi P1 TV 32 review, remains no doubt of it being an exceptionally amazing product when it comes to lifestyle products. However, even more, amazing is the fact that it has been made available to Pakistan at an extremely affordable price. And as always, has made sure that you get your hands on it for an even lower price. The Mi P1 TV has a release market price of Rs.55,000/- however, you can get it at a discounted price of Rs.45,999/- exclusively on Can’t believe it? Head on to and see it for yourself!

Mi Tv P1 (43 Inches)

Mi Tv P1 43 Inches

Next on my list is the spectacular Mi TV P1 43 inch. This, like the Mi TV P1 32 inch, is yet another amazing product by Mi to please your visual cravings and according to the Mi TV P1 reviews, it is the best you can get. For starters, let's talk about the design and display of this tech beast. For that, the Mi TV  4K UHD display of 43 inches with 3840 x 2160 resolutions. I assure you that this will give you the most authentic and vivid visual experience you have ever had before. This smart TV has an NTSC 72%(Typ), DCI-P3 78%(Typ), BT709 95%(Typ) color gamut, and a color depth of 1.07 billion, 8-bit plus FRC. The Mi Tv p1 43” supports Dolby vision that lets you cherish more details whether it's bright or dark. It too has a bezel-free display that offers an infinity display for you to enjoy. Furthermore, a viewing angle of 178°, horizontal and vertical, gives you the liberty of maximized comfort while long usage. In addition to that, it has a number of pictures modes for you to choose from namely, standard, vivid, sports, movie, etc. Tag along to know all about the Xiaomi TV P1 43”, its features, and price.

Quick As Lightning, Bright As The Stars

Mi TV P1 Quick As Lightening, Bright As The Stars

It is not only the exceptional picture quality that the Mi TV p1 has to offer but also the high-tech used in its manufacturing that makes it of unrivaled quality. This Xiaomi smart tv is fitted with a MediaTek MT9611 processor, up to 1.5GHz Quad A55 CPU, and an MP2 Mali G52 GPU. This makes it an effortless smart device all set to flow for you offering a refresh rate and MEMC of 60 Hz each. In addition to that, the device comes with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage space for you to utilize.

For connectivity technology, it has nothing but the best to offer. The Mi TV p1 43” works on Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, supports WiFi 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, has a built-in broadcasting system of DVB-T2/C, DVB-S2, and comes along with the smartest AI control to exist to date. The device is equipped with pre-installed android tv that allows you to stream online or download your favorite applications on your television without any worries. Along comes a 360° smart remote control that lets you take full control of your smart tv. It even has voice assistance enabled for maximized comfortability.

Mi TV P1 Series Surround Sound At Your Service With Dolby Dual Speakers

Coming on to wired connectivity, for that as well it has a number of options available to opt from. Firstly, there are 3 HDMI ports one of which is with eARC. Then comes 2 additional built-in USB ports, one composite In AV port, a CI slot, an ethernet Lan port, optical digital audio out the slot, and lastly a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Together they all tend to serve you with the best connectivity possible.

Surround Sound At Your Service With Dolby Dual Speakers

The last element that helps create a perfect cinematic environment is this smart tv’s dual speakers that create an immersive, cinema-like surround sound effect. The two 10 Watts powerful speakers allow you to experience rich, clear, and layered audio imposing a 3D sound effect from your surroundings. The speakers are supported by Dolby Audio and DTS-HD which makes them the best of their kind to exist so that you don’t miss a single detail.

Feature-Packed And Affordability-All At One Place

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the Xiaomi smart tv p1 has other highly productive features like a built-in quick chrome cast, the ability to connect multiple devices at a time, and more. However, even astounding is the fact that Xiaomi has made it be in an extremely reasonable price range for its audience. The Mi Tv p1 43 inch price is said to be Rs. 80,000/- only which is quite reasonable itself but you know that always has something mouth-watering to offer. Hence, you can grab this tech beast at a huge discount price of Rs. 74,999/- only! Isn't that just amazing? Go see it for yourself here at

Whether it be your home or workplace Mi TV P1 series are surely a catcher for your place. Similarly, if it is entertainment that you crave or simply want to create an impact on that investor you have been trying to get late at work, this beauty will do the job for you! aims to provide its consumers with nothing but Xiaomi’s excellence wrapped in’s astounding deliverance. And together WE make YOU happy! Let me know what you think of these smart TVs.

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