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Mi Smart Scale 2

Accurate enough to detect you
drinking a glass of water

pressure sensors

Dual mode for people
and objects

Real-time measurement
of ideal weight

Body balance

High-precision sensors accurately sense
how the body changes every day

Mi Smart Scale 2 uses a high-precision manganese steel sensor, which
can accurately sense subtle changes down to 50g. Every meal you eat
and every glass of water you drink can be easily quantified, and displayed
as kilograms, jin, or pounds, effectively helping you to finely manage
information about your weight.

steel sensor

Performance upgrade
sensitive down to 50g

Mi Fit APP renders your movement curve

Open the Mi Fit APP and you can view curve plots of your data and body changes
anytime and anywhere. You can clearly see your transformation process. You can
also make fitness plans and dietary adjustments based on your BMI (Body Mass Index).
Also, your weight data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud each time via the APP
and stored, with there being no limit.

Lower weight is not necessarily better. Keeping an ideal weight is healthiest.

Mi Smart Scale 2 is equipped with an ideal weight measurement function, which intelligently calculates your weight based on your height, age, BMI, and other data, so that you don’t have to lose weight recklessly and become excessively thin for the sake of aesthetics

To maintain a stable body,
being able to balance oneself
is essential [1]

Balance is a basic physical ability. Improving balance can reduce the risk of falls
and joint injuries. Mi Smart Scale 2 is equipped with a body balance ability test.
Standing on the scale with one foot and eyes closed, you can learn about your
body balance ability using the APP.

Intelligent analysis automatically
identifies every family member

Mi Smart Scale 2 can automatically identify members of the family based on body data, and
can support up to 16 members, when the device is shared by the whole family. A guest mode
can also be set so that the measurements of others can be made without being stored.

Automatic user

Guest mode

Supports sharing
by up to 16 people

Weigh a baby being carried and
monitor the growth of the baby

Mi Smart Scale 2 supports weighing infants while carrying them.
Parents weigh once separately and then weigh again with the baby
in their arms to automatically calculate the baby's weight. Of course,
you can also measure your pet's weight in the same way.

Weighing people and objects, smart switching
for weighing mailing parcels, and daily
necessities, any time [2]

In addition to weighing the human body, the Mi Smart Scale 2 can also meet the needs of weighing small objects, and can measure still
objects weighing as little as 100g after activation. Did the fruit you bought weigh the right amount?
How much does the package you plan to send weigh? Solve the small problems of everyday weighing.

Elegantly simple, and easy to integrate into the home environment

In terms of function and appearance, Mi Smart Scale 2 is a simple but beautiful product to
experience. Its crystal clear, smooth, and delicate texture can be smoothly blended into any style of home decor.

Bluetooth 5.0 provides a faster, more stable connection.

Mi Smart Scale 2 uses Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0, so the weight data
transmission is faster and more stable. Cherish every second of your time.

[1] Be sure to open your eyes and stand on both feet if you feel that you are losing your balance. This function is not suitable for people with poor balance, including pregnant women, the elderly, or those suffering from vestibular dysfunction.
[2] The Mi Smart Scale 2 needs a weight of 5 kg to turn on. The object mode can be used after turning on the machine.

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