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Redmi Note 11 Series- Magic on The Way

Xiaomi has advanced into the most elevated smart innovation brand of the prevailing time. Xiaomi envisions a smart lifestyle over a traditional lifestyle for its consumers. This Mi life promises quadrupled productivity, efficiency, and convenience all at the same time. Xiaomi understands that our lives have changed into a stress generator where we are trapped in an endless loop of fulfilling our daily responsibilities in order to achieve fundamental necessities and hence by means of its innovation and technology Xiaomi is determined to change this appalling reality.

Although now Xiaomi has evolved into so much more than just smartphone manufacturers if we remain true to the roots, Xiaomi started off as a mobile phone producer and are still widely known for their explicit quality smartphones today. In fact, Xiaomi phones have become the most in-demand phones recently due to their unrivaled quality, reasonable price range, and high-end technology. Mi phones display a full spectrum of features and ranges matching the interests of their vast audience as per their needs.

Affordability and reliability are things that truly define the Xiaomi phones, and this isn’t something claims for itself but it has become an undeniable reality based on our Mi fans’ feedback. is the sole authorized Xiaomi exclusive online store in Pakistan and we bear witness to Xiaomi’s excellence and determination towards serving its audience. And today I am proud to present worth, the soon to arrive latest Xiaomi smartphone Redmi Note 11, on behalf of Xiaomi and Buckle up! Because you are about to experience MAGIC!

Redmi Note 11 Series

Among the many wonders that Xiaomi has granted us, the Redmi Note Series is considered to be the greatest of them all. Xiaomi claims its Redmi Notes Series to be its flagship phone series and what it has to offer truly justifies their claim. Although the Redmi Note Series is specifically designed for premium buyers but still, as always, Xiaomi never ceases to amaze us with its utterly reasonable price marks. Classy design, fastest processor, latest technology, highest resolutions, and unbeatable quality are what define the Mi note series as per its previous members! However, Xiaomi has decided to introduce a masterpiece from this family, and they call it – The Redmi Note 11!

Allow me to bless you with Xiaomi at its best by unwinding the soon to arrive Redmi Note 11 features, specifications, unique features it has to offer, its launch date, and a rough idea of its expected price. Are you as excited to know this beauty as I am? I bet you are! However, let me tease you further with a disclaimer that may be offering the newly launched phone on interest-free installment plans. I can’t wait any longer! Read till the end to know if it is true or not. Now you can buy Redmi Note 11 4 128 Storage here.

Redmi Note 11- Rise To The Challenge

Redmi Note 11- Rise To The Challenge

For starters, let’s talk about the Redmi Note 11 design and display. The Redmi Note 11 is going to have 6.43 inches, 90Hz, Full HD+ of 2400 x 1080 AMOLED Dot-display. Offering a rich color representation supported by its DCI-P3 wide color gamut and everything enhanced with a contrast ratio of 4,500,000:1 for super-sharp display coupled with 1000 NITS peak brightness. However, the true game-changer is the Redmi Note 11’s backlit display that pledges to deliver ultimate brightness, best resolutions, contrast, and color calibrations. Hence, allowing you to experience the best visual experience you have ever had.

Even more amazing are the unique display features that Redmi Note 11 has to offer. Firstly, the sunlight display features to ensure that you don’t miss a thing on your screen even in bright sunlight, then comes to the Reading mode 3.0 is specifically designed considering the modern use of the phone as an education and a business tool hence supporting the excessive use by relieving your eyes. All of these together make Redmi Note 11 the best android experience you can get in 2022.

Redmi Note 11

Coming on to the design of this teach beast. Xiaomi has always been considerate of making its high-end technology stylized according to a subtle piece of art. They know the fact that mobile phones have now become an essential part of not only our lives but also our personality. And if something material must define you then let it be only the best of the best. The Xiaomi phones are engineered into becoming the best durable beauty you can get hold of. Hence, following the tradition, Redmi Note 11 has an amazingly sleek design. With a thickness of only 8.09 mm and weighted 179 grams, only that makes it is not only stylish but also handy. Secondly, this latest Xiaomi phone features a trendy flat-framed look in a minimalist design while displaying exquisite color naming; Graphite Gray, Twilight Blue, and Star Blue. As depicted by their name, these colors are super unique while being utterly mesmerizing.

Unrivaled Performance-Ready for Any Challenge

Redmi Note 11 Snapdragon 6nm

Let’s jump straight into the technical part. For starters, the dual sim 4G device comes in two dedicated variants with a slight difference in the RAM of the phones one having 4/128 GB (Smartphones)  RAM and Storage and the other with 6/128 GB (Mistore Redmi Note 11)  Ram and Storage. For the processor, it is equipped with the latest 6NM SNAPDRAGON 680 processor and Octa-core CPU up to 2.4 GHz. This not only ensures the fastest speed but also efficient battery consumption hence making it the best phone for online gaming in Pakistan available to date!

In Addition to that, the phone has additional ultra-fast loading speed by the grace of the UFS 2.2. Moreover, the Write Booster allows accelerated writing hence rapid application installation, initiation, large file reading and writing, and file cache functionality. In short, this is going to be the fastest Android experience you can gain in 2022.

Pro Fast Charging and Huge Battery To Match Your Pace

Redmi Note 11 Pro Fast Charging and Huge Battery

The Redmi Note 11 battery is actually to die for because it is going to outlive you anyway ;) The Redmi Note 11 exhibits a 5000 mAh massive battery that allows continuous 22 hours of video streaming, 43 hours of constant calling, and 215 hours of music playback. Even better is the fact that the all-new MMT technology provides 21% faster charging technology hence giving you improved charging efficiency and pro fast charging. The 33 Watts pro fast charger that comes along allows your device to fully charge in about 60 minutes only. Thus, with Redmi Note 11 nothing can stop you from taking the challenge!

Quad Camera Quadruples The Excellence

Redmi Note 11 Quad Camera Quadruples The Excellence

For Camera, the Redmi Note 11 is fitted with a rear Quad camera setup with a 50 MP main camera, supported by an 8 MP ultra-wide camera, coupled with a 2 MP macro camera and another 2 MP depth camera. Together, they pledge to serve your modern time photography and videography needs and hence allow you to cherish every moment of your life. For selfie cameras, the Redmi Note 11 has a super-precise 13 MP camera to offer. With the Redmi Note 11 Quad Cameras at your service, you won’t have to worry about addressing your aesthetic needs ever again!


Redmi Note 11 Features Designed

Features That Are Designed Just For YOU!

Among all the mainstream features that the Redmi Note 11 has to offer let me point out those that are the most unique and specifically designed to fulfill modern needs. Firstly, the Redmi Note 11 is equipped with dual stereo speakers that provide you with the fully detailed rich audio quality of a lifetime. Then comes the smarter and more convenient features that make you get the most out of your cellphone. Some of these features include memory extension, multi-functional NFC for quick and convenient mobile payments, IR-Blaster that allows you to easily take control of your smart home appliances, and a Z-axis linear motor that enables excellent haptic feedback. Altogether, they will prove to be all that you will ever need. To know more about the Redmi Note 11 specifications head on to

Be A Part of The Launch with

Redmi Note 11 Be A Part of The Launch with MiStore being the only official Xiaomi exclusive online store in Pakistan is proud to be the greatest associate to Xiaomi. We are thrilled to be the top Xiaomi distributors in Pakistan and are excited to serve you with the latest Xiaomi phones presented forth with the best incentives yet again!

The Redmi Note 11 is scheduled to be launched on 11th February 2022 and we can’t wait to serve you with this technological beauty. However, like always has got something special for you besides the great launch. For starters, is going to provide you with an exclusive 3 years warranty, an amazing discount bundle with a flat 30% discount on Redmi Buds 3 Lite along with purchasing Redmi Note 11 4Gb, and a 1-month free subscription to Pakistan’s best entertainment platform STARZPLAY.


Redmi Note 11 Shop Now

But you expect more from, don’t you? Well, you should! For what’s about to come ahead.

Xiaomi Latest Flagship Phone Made Available on An Interest-Free Installment Plan- Only on

Xiaomi Free Installment Plan Only on MiStore

So here comes the big reveal! For the first time in the history of the mobile market, is offering its Mi fans to pay for the newly launched Redmi Note 11 via easy, interest-free installments through our trusted partner QisstPay. You can avail of the interest-free installment plan of 4 months on the debit card while 6 months installment plan on the credit card. This means that you get to enjoy now and pay later only on is the Shopify declared top-performing e-commerce store in Pakistan and it is all because of the fact that you love to shop Xiaomi at only. We deliver all across Pakistan in an estimated time of 48 hours. Whereas we are proudly the only e-business to give same-day delivery for Lahoris. Hence, you don’t have to wait at all for your excellence to be served. Moreover, all the Xiaomi phones sold at are 100% authentic, PTA-approved box-packed goods with an additional 3-years warranty that comes along. Furthermore, if you still have any issues, we have the best return and refund policy functional in Pakistan, go have a look at it here at (Mistore Refund Return Policy). To wrap it up, See you at the great launch Mi fans! has the sole purpose of providing its consumers with nothing but the best Xiaomi in every way possible. Happy Shopping!

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