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WiFi Routers

WiFi Routers


Rs. 11,499

Mi WiFi Range Extender AC1200

Rs. 8,399

Mi Wi-Fi Amplifier Pro

Rs. 5,799

Mi Router AX9000

Rs. 69,999

Mi Router 4C

Rs. 4,799

Mi Router 4A

Rs. 4,499

Mi Router AX1800

Rs. 9,999

Mi AIoT Router AC2350

Rs. 8,499

Xiaomi Router AX3200

Rs. 18,899

Mi AIoT Router AX3600

Rs. 19,999


Whether it be smartphones or smart lifestyle Xiaomi has effectively transformed the future of innovation and advancement. This is exclusively because of the superior quality and brilliant cost range that Xiaomi products bring to the table. Xiaomi's expert group of specialists and high-end creators not set in stone to form savvy items that are out of the world. We here at give testimony regarding the unequivocal quality and usefulness of Xiaomi products and you would concur as well. Regardless of whether it be mobile phones, smart way of life contraptions, air purifiers, or smart everything Xiaomi has clearly got every one of us covered with its entrancing scope of valued items. being the sole authorized exclusive Xiaomi online store based in Pakistan testify Xiaomi’s quality assurance. has been the Shopify declared best performing e-store in Pakistan while leading the way towards a digitalized nation. whereas the acknowledged top distributors in Pakistan by Xiaomi and hence our word in favor of Xiaomi matters more than anything else. Although the popular belief of Pakistan’s audience is in favor of Xiaomi as well but we, being the greatest Xiaomi shop stop testify they quality and vision that Xiaomi has to offer. Xiaomi envisions to introduce a mode of smart living replacing the traditional lifestyle of its consumers and they plan on doing so by presenting forth the best smart gadgets to enhance the quality of living. The Mi life presents an idea of quadrupled quality living with enhanced efficiency and productivity while making life easier and more compassionate simultaneously.

A prominent category of Xiaomi smart products that has gained great popularity among our Mi fans at recently is of the Xiaomi Wifi Routers. Internet has evolved into a necessity today. Whether it is entertainment or business we seem to be dependent upon internet to fulfill our daily needs. This is why staying disconnected for a while can highly effect our life in several ways. Communications, economic activity, education, e-commerce, awareness, entertainment and what not, Internet has become an ultimate source of transforming the world into a global village and this is where Xiaomi’s Wifi routers come to the rescue.

The Mi Wifi router range includes Mi Wi-Fi amplifier pro, Mi Router 4C, Mi WiFi Range Extender AC1200, Mi Router 4A Giga Version, Mi Router 4A, Mi Router AX1800, Mi AIoT Router AX1800, Mi AIoT Router AC2350, and the Mi AIoT Router AX3600. All designed to serve specified purpose as per your needs. The Wifi extenders have the sole purpose of amplifying and spreading your wifi signals uniformly throughout your home or workplace. These Wifi Routers are precisely calibrated and specifically engineered to provide you with an uninterrupted, even wifi connection through out your designated area. Xiaomi ensures that there is nothing that can stop you from conquering the world out there. And ensures that Pakistan gets served with the best of Xiaomi at their doorsteps.

We deliver all across Pakistan, all our products are 100% authentic and come with exclusive 10-days eco products warranty. Happy Shopping!

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