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xiaomi Electric
Scooter Cable Lock

All-new code lock with simple
and ultra-secure design

Stylish design | Comfortable grip | Five-digit code | 1200mm
steel cable | Eco-friendly and durable

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Minimalist design, portable and convenient

Made for the Xiaomi Scooter, this lock features a minimalist, compact and lightweight design with a rubber exterior lining for added comfort.

Five-digit code — for an enhanced security

100,000 possible digit combinations for up to 10 times greater* security than a normal four-digit code lock. The
code reset function was subjected to 5000 test cycles* to ensure the highest standards of durability..

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Strong steel cable, secure and durable

1200mm strong steel cable*, can withstand a tensile force of up to 1500N*.

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High-quality, eco-friendly design

Made from premium eco-friendly materials for optimal protection against impacts, high temperatures, corrosion and rust. All materials comply with environmental and REACH standards*.


Zinc alloy lock head, durable and rustproof

The lock cylinder and rod are made of zinc alloy and are treated with a special anti-rust coating

Changing The Code

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Initial code

Initial code is 00000, as shown next to the arrow.

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Turn the code wheel

With the initial code aligned, turn the wheel 90° clockwise as shown

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Set new code

Set the new code to 12345 as shown.

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Turn the wheel back

Rotate the wheel 90° anticlockwise.

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Installation complete

Insert the lock cylinder into the lock body to complete the installation process.

How to use the lock

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