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  • Redmi A3 Performance Review

    Redmi A3 Performance Review

    Xiaomi's much-awaited smartphone of the year will finally be released on 23rd February 2024, which is a turnover for the majority of people. They are getting exclusive features this time in a budget-friendly price frame. Tech enthusiasts have always appreciated Xiaomi for its extraordinary features and low prices. Xiaomi phones reach everywhere due to their durability and affordability at the same time. Redmi A3 is also a fine representation of these two characteristics. It stands out in all the specs...

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  • How does Xiaomi Manage to Produce affordable phones even with high specification

    How does Xiaomi Manage to Produce affordable phones even with high specification

    Xiaomi has a huge fan following around the World due to several reasons. The majority of the population likes its smartphones. Xiaomi phones are one of the most owned phones in Pakistan. If we look at other companies in the tech market, their smartphones also possess impressive specs but they are quite expensive and out of budget for so many people. Xiaomi has always aimed to revolutionize people's lives in a lot of ways. They create products to update the...

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  • Is Electric Glass Kettle Safe?

    Is Electric Glass Kettle Safe?

    This is a very common question nowadays, as utensils made up of various materials like stainless steel and plastic contribute to emerging health risks. The Xiaomi electric glass kettle are safest because a durable Borosilicate Glass is used in them which is made to withstand high temperatures and resist cracking. This glass is inert which means it is non-reactive and it won't leach any harmful chemicals or flavours into your boiling water. Usually, the kettles made with other materials contaminate hot...

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  • How to Connect Mi Smart Band With a Mobile Phone

    How to Connect Mi Smart Band With a Mobile Phone

    Make a  life smarter with all new Mi Smart Bands by Xiaomi. They have changed the way you live as everything is now accessible on your wrists. Even when you are exercising, the Mi Fitness Band displays all the important notifications right in front of your eyes. So it is essential to pair it with your mobile phone for a non-stop connection with your loved ones throughout the day. You can also enjoy the fitness features of your Xiaomi Smart...

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  • Which is a Better Wi-Fi Extender OR Wi-Fi Booster?

    Which is a Better Wi-Fi Extender OR Wi-Fi Booster?

    We are connected with a source that has become part of our daily lives- Wi-Fi. It foundations communication, work, entertainment, and much more. Conditions revolving around dead zones or frustrating slow connections disrupt our routine. This is where you need to understand the importance of extending Wi-Fi. Do you prefer an uninterrupted internet experience? Of course who does not want to effortlessly watch favorite shows for hours or conduct a smooth video conference? Therefore you are required to enhance your...

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  • How is the Redmi Note 13 Smartphone

    How is the Redmi Note 13 Smartphone

    If you are tired of using your old handset, Xiaomi has exciting news for you. As Xiaomi never fails to amaze its users, the Redmi Note 13 will also prove to be the best smartphone of the year. It is about to launch in Pakistan and the Redmi Note 13 Price in Pakistan is Started to be 59,999 PKR. As Xiaomi is known for introducing high-quality specs in a reasonable price frame, the customers' excitement has reached its peak to know...

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