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Xiaomi has savored its success exceptionally in the past year and now it is all set to thrive in the next like never before. Xiaomi is destined to design a Mi life around its consumers and enhance encompass their traditional living only to transform it into smart living. What Xiaomi understands is that the pace at which our life is moving today can prove to be a lot hectic and stressful than we realize. And hence, Xiaomi swore a pledge of loyalty to its customers and is determined to make their lives 100 times more productive and efficient while being enjoyable at the same time.

Xiaomi products exhibit premium quality, the latest technology, and excellent deliverance. In addition to all this, Xiaomi takes special care of its audience’s pockets and thus has been embraced as the top-performing technology brand worldwide, specifically in Pakistan. From smartphones to lifestyle products and ultimately to smart everything Xiaomi never disappointed its customers. Hence, whenever a new member of the Xiaomi family is introduced our Mi fans, without a doubt, droll over to get their hands on it because excellence is the only outcome they expect from Xiaomi.

MiStore New Year Sale 2022 owns the privilege of being in the closest association to Xiaomi ever since its arrival in Pakistan. We are proud to be not only the official Xiaomi exclusive online store in Pakistan but also Xiaomi declared top distributors and Shopify declared top-performing e-commerce store in Pakistan. Do you know what that means? In simple words, you consider as your only shop stop when it comes to purchasing Xiaomi online in Pakistan! And as a gesture of gratitude, we here at are accustomed to announcing amazing MiStore exclusive discount deals, flash sales, and bundle offers. With all that being said, allow me to introduce you to yet another masterpiece by Xiaomi from the Redmi watches series which is the Redmi Watch 2 Lite in here. Buckle up! Cause I know that you are going to love it!

Welcoming The Newest Member Of The Xiaomi Fitness League

The Xiaomi Fitness League

Xiaomi is known to have produced the best fitness gadgets so far. Xiaomi fitness gears include Mi bands and Mi Watches which have been total awesomeness. It is not only the premium quality of these gadgets and how they are equipped with the latest most accurately calibrated technology but how they are also fashioned to make a personality statement. Xiaomi is a very dynamic and vibrant brand that takes under consideration all of its consumer's needs and luxuries, after which they craft a perfect match. has sold an uncountable quantity of these Xiaomi health and fitness gadgets and now we are thrilled to introduce you to yet another of Xiaomi’s creations – The Redmi Watch 2 Lite, now made available in Pakistan via Tag along to know all about this beauty!

Designed To Perfection-Fitness With Class

Redmi Watch 2 Lite Designed To Perfection-Fitness With Class


Starting off with the design and display of the newly launched Mi Watch 2 Lite. For a basic idea, the display size of this amazing fitness gear is approximately 1.55 inches with an HD touch display that supports a vibrant range of the color spectrum. With a resolution of 320 x 360. Besides the high quality, vibrant display ensuring a more detailed visual experience, the Mi Watch 2 Lite has a 10% increased screen-to-body ratio enabling far better touch and visual control. The rectangular rounded edges screen and silicon straps together give a trendy yet classy look. This fitness gear comes in 6 exciting colors namely, Ivory, Black, Blue, Pink (strap only), Olive (strap only), and Brown (strap only). Apart from this the watch 2 lite has over 100 watch faces for you to easily swap between hence, wear your style your way. So, never leave without mix-matching your Mi watch lite 2 with your outfit of the day. Once you get your hands on this beauty you will witness the heads turn today you yourself!


100 PLUS Fitness Modes-Your Personal Fitness Guru At Hand

Redmi Watch 2 Lite 100 PLUS Fitness Modes

Apart from the brilliant design and display, the Xiaomi watch 2 lite is equipped with the best of technology at hand to serve the sole purpose of its creation. Which is nothing but to provide you with the best of mental and physical health alerts, updates, records, and motivation you need to strive for yourself! The Mi watch 2 lite has about 17 professional workout modes, including HIIT to help you achieve your fitness goals with ease and comfortability. Moreover, it includes Yoga workouts as well to help you destress mentally and physically in a guided and measurable manner. Other workout modes include Outdoor Running, walking, treadmill, outdoor cycling, hiking, trail running, indoor cycling, elliptical, rower, jump rope, pool swimming, and many more. This ensures that all your workouts are kept organized, recorded, and measured to give you an analysis closest to medical diagnosis.

Equipped With High-Precision GPS Chip

The Redmi watch comes with a built-in GNSS chipset that supports four major global positioning systems namely; GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BDS hence supporting you in your athletic ventures professionally. 

Be Limitless With The Mi Watch 2 Lite

The Mi watches 2 Lite is designed to be 5 atm water resistant this means that without any worries you can wear your Mi gear anywhere. Whether it is a shower you ought to take or plan on going for a swim, the Mi Watch 2 Lite will always remain your constant travel partner. Besides being water-proof, the Mi watch has an extraordinarily huge battery that allows you to move forth without constant charging worrying you.

Redmi Watch 2 Lite battery timing

Mi Watch 2 Lite has a 262 mAh battery that comes with magnetic super-fast charging hence making you limitless. One ‘touch to charge’ can give you a battery life of 10 days straight with normal usage, 5 days with heavy usage, and 14 hours of continuous GPS sports mode. This means that you will rarely have to worry about charging your fitness gear.

Prioritizing Your Health Above All

The Mi Watch Lite 2 is not just fitness gear but also one that keeps a close eye on your body’s health status. For that, the Mi Watch is equipped with all the necessary high-tech technology. This enables you to get a medical analysis closest to a medical diagnosis and hence you can be alarmed beforehand about any health hazard you might encounter in the future. The Mi Watch 2 Lite health features include the following:

1. Blood Oxygen Levels Monitoring

Firstly, the Mi Watch 2 Lite comes with the most required feature of the time considering that we are in a midst of a pandemic. The blood oxygen saturation is also known as SpO2 levels identifies the amount of oxygen present in the blood. Hence, the Mi watch 2 lite is equipped with highly precise sensors that let you measure anytime your oxygen concentration for your mental peace. Moreover, the device is fully equipped to measure and record your SpO2 concentration while you sleep carelessly.

2. Sleep Monitoring

Sleep Monitoring with Redmi Watch 2 Lite

Regulating the sleep cycle has emerged as one of the most difficult yet essential challenges we have been facing lately. Worry no more, for the Mi Watch 2 Lite has got you covered here as well. This fitness gear is equipped with the necessary equipment to monitor 24-hours sleep cycles to provide a detailed analysis of your sleep quality, sleep cycles, deep sleep, and even REM. Hence, watching out for you while you sleep peacefully.

3. 24-Hours Heart Rate Tracking

The Mi Watch 2 Lite has a built-in high-accuracy PPG sensor that makes it perfect for tracking your heart rate 24 hours throughout the day. Moreover, if an abnormality is detected your personal health professional alerts you and also provides you with overall analysis for you to refer to later.

4. Stress Monitoring

This may be the most needed function we all crave for. Xiaomi knows the needs of our time and hence its devices are engineered while closely monitoring your daily essentials. Stress management is something we all struggle with and Xiaomi health and fitness gear is there to help you cover this path through a guide. While utilizing its various health sensors the Mi Watch 2 Lite gives you an estimate of your stress levels hence promoting a better work-life balance for you to cherish.

5. Breathing Training

Now more than ever have we realized how important it is to work on the health and stamina of your lungs. The Mi fitness trainer 2 lite helps you with your breathing training via its 3 distinctive training modes. This not only helps increase your lung capacity but also adjust your breathing rhythm, relax your mood and relieve stress.

6. Female Health

Another highly useful and essential health feature the Mi Watch 2 Lite has to offer is the Female Health feature which as the name suggests keeps a track of your monthly menstrual cycles, alerts you on time for precautionary measures, and gets a record at hand to refer to in the future.

Health App That Sums It All Up

Health App Redmi Watch 2 Lite

Get the Xiaomi Wear/ Xiaomi Wear Lite Application is the app store to get all your health updates, recorded analysis, and detailed descriptions managed in one place. This will allow you to get your complete health overview at a glance and enable you to focus more on your physical and mental wellbeing. It is compatible with STRAVA and Apple health as well. Know all about it here at (

Highly Practical And Useful Unique Features

Other than the above-mentioned health features the Redmi Watch 2 is equipped with several other highly useful unique features that make it very practical and handy. These include alerts notifications and much more. A list of these may include; Music control, Weather, Message notifications, Do not disturb mode, Idle alerts, Incoming Call Notifications, Find My Phone, Alarm, Timer. And hence this is no ordinary Redmi smartwatch but an evolved personal assistant as well at times. Have a look at ( for the complete specs and features of this tech beast.

Unraveled Technology, Unbeatable Price

Redmi Watch 2 Lite Unbeatable Price

The Redmi Watch 2 Lite works on the latest wireless connectivity technology namely; Bluetooth 5 and is compatible with both Android and iOS. However, technology is not the only thing distinctive about this gear but its awe-trucking price will make you love it even more! The Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is produced to be of Rs. 12,500/- by Xiaomi but we know that you expect way more generosity from your beloved Hence, once again we are here to prove your expectations right! is offering a flat discount and thus announcing Redmi Watch 2 lite price in Pakistan of Rs.11,999/- only! Don’t trust me? Wellhead on straight to (Mi Redmi Watch 2 lite) and have a look for yourself. Also, see Redmi Watch 2 Lite review on our website Mistore.

In addition to an amazingly discounted price offers hassle-free nationwide free delivery with a return and refund policy none can compete with. Here have a look at our return and refund policy at (Mistore Refund Return Policy). has earned the trust of Pakistan by not only offering the most authentic Xiaomi exclusive products but also at the lowest possible prices. We are thrilled by the love and support we receive from you and hence love to serve you. Happy Shopping!

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