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Benefits of Electric Scooters

If we look at the current environmental conditions all over the World, we are in dire need of Electric Scooters. On average, 75% of the population of Pakistan uses motorbikes which are a great cause of Smog these days. If this great percentage of people switches to electric scooters, then we can produce significant results. Environmental pollution is becoming hazardous and life expectancy is reducing day by day. In this scenario, we must take serious steps to encounter the prevailing health crisis. The number of people suffering from asthma and various lung diseases has increased over the years.

Electric Scooter and Vehicle Tool Kit

Top 10 reasons to make a shift to Electric Scooters

  1. They are safe, convenient and easy to use.
  2. They are lightweight and portable.
  3. They are eco-friendly as they play a great role in air-quality improvement.
  4. The operating costs are quite low.
  5. We can easily repair and maintain
  6. They can easily cover short distances.
  7. You can skip traffic jams with your super-fast electric scooter.
  8. They also end up withless noise pollution.
  9. You don't need any license or permit to use
  10. People suffering from health issues can now move easily with electric scooters.

Why choose Electric Scooters?

They are one of the most Eco-friendly options among many others to create a healthy environment. As compared to cars and motorbikes, electric scooters produce zero emissions in the atmosphere. They are also energy efficient as they consume a relatively low amount of electricity. They can also be run on sustainable and renewable energy resources such as wind and solar power. As they are lightweight, their wheels exert less resistance. So they need less energy to move. The majority of the E-scooters also use regenerative braking systems which means the energy lost while braking is recovered and saved back to the scooter's battery for later use.

The pollution caused by Vehicles other than E-Scooters

It is important to understand the consequences of using other vehicles before making the right decision. The petrol-driven cars and bikes emit loads of pollution in the air around us. So the air in busy cities is becoming a major health threat. You cannot breathe easily in traffic-congested areas. The combustion process that takes place in the car engines releases numerous pollutants into the environment. Some of them are listed below :

  • Nitrogen oxides (they cause the formation of smog and acid rain and can lead to lung inflammation in humans).
  • Carbon Monoxide (it is a toxic gas which causes headaches, and respiratory problems and can also lead to death if people are exposed to high concentrations).
  • Particulate Matter PM (these are the tiny particles of soot, dust and smoke thatwe can't see with our naked eyes. They can cause severe damage to the lungs and heart).
  • Sulphur Dioxide (when it reacts with water and air, it results in the formation of sulphuric acid which is the main component of acid rain).
  • Hydrocarbons (they are found in petrol and gasoline, so when the combustion takes place, they are released into the environment causing smog and other health issues.

Public transport VS. Electric Scooters

Public transport is seen as the most affordable means of commuting by a large group of people. But if we think about the air we breathe in, is it the best choice? The answer is no. The buses are driven by diesel fuel, which ends up creating high levels of C02 gas in the air. Diesel engines emit dangerous PM particles and all other harmful substances mentioned above resulting in many health issues. For example:

  • Lung function in children becomes affected.
  • Increased asthma attacks
  • A surge in heart diseases among people
  • Strokes happen more often
  • A greater risk of Lung cancer
  • Chronicviruses spread quickly
  • Premature deaths occur

Strive for healthy living!

The Electric scooters are easy to carry because they are foldable. You can easily make a commute to the public bus stations or train stations with your e-scooter and then you can take the bus for longer distances. The fewer cars on the road will lead to a healthier environment along with less noise pollution. You can play your role in changing the climate globally by opting for an electric scooter for your daily commute. The electric scooters also help to reduce land pollution in a way that the material used in making them can be recycled. In this way, less waste goes to the landfills of the cities. Moreover, they are easy to maintain. We don't need to spend much amount on their repair and replacement frequently.

How to choose High-speed Electric Scooters Online?

There is a variety of fast electric scooters available online. If you want to make an affordable choice, then you can check the Mi Electric Scooter Essential by Xiaomi on Its specs and details will amaze you. It has a lightweight aluminium body which can be recycled later on. It can be folded in just 3 seconds so you can quickly get on the bus or train while keeping it in your hand. The E-ABS brake makes this scooter the safest one!  You can enjoy smart travel with the Mi Electric Scooter as it features minimalist controls. It comes with three different speed modes so you can adjust them accordingly. It is not only responsible for air quality improvement but also enhances your style statement. So update your living with electric scooters and play your part in reducing air pollution.

Wed Jan 03, 24

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