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prevent Mobile Phone Overheating
Just like humans, machines also need certain care and handling techniques to function properly. Among all the necessary machines around you, mobile phones are always on top! They are by your side everywhere you go. Nowadays, people have shifted their entire office and household workload from computers and laptops to their mobiles. Due to the intense and non-stop use of phones, the overheating problem starts. There are many other reasons as well which account for the phone overheating. Some of them are mentioned below:


Top 10 reasons why mobile overheating occurs?

  1. If it is exposed to direct sunlight.
  2. If it is present at a very high temperature.
  3. If you overuse it.
  4. If you do not remove the case for a longer period.
  5. Multiple apps are opened and wifi/mobile data remains on all the time.
  6. The applications are not being updated from time to time.
  7. Use of different (non-branded) chargers.
  8. The brightness of the screen is always high.
  9. If there is no heat-dispersal function present in your handset.
  10. If you charge the phone overnight.


What is the solution to Overheating?

As you go for an outdoor activity or travel to a region where there is high temperature, you must take care of your phone. You should protect it from being exposed to the sun for a longer time. It would help if you placed it indoors for some time. You can also remove the case and release the accumulated heat with the help of a fan. As you take care of your skin and apply SPF, your phone also needs to be protected!


Try lowering the screen brightness!

A higher brightness level requires your phone battery to work harder and produce more heat. You can lower the screen brightness and also make the screen time-out duration less so that less battery is consumed. Hence, less heat is created. You can also buy an anti-glare screen protector which will enable you to see even in bright sunlight. You will no longer need to make the screen brightness high. There are some latest mobile phones by Xiaomi that have day mode and that mode allows you to see all your apps in bright sunlight.


Always use the Company-approved charger

The charger that comes with the handset and is included in the box contents is the best one! The efficiency of chargers varies, so always buy chargers from well-known companies. A good charger means good battery health and a fine battery never lets the phone heat up. Also, the chargers must be compatible with your phone. The wire and charging ports must be checked regularly because any damage can cause overheating.


Reduce Unnecessary load on the phone

You should immediately close the applications which are not in use as they eat up the battery in the background. Clear the recently used apps more often. If you don't need the internet, you can switch off the internet access through wifi/mobile data. Keep it on only when you need a connection. Similarly, Bluetooth should remain switched off when there is no requirement. If the phone gets heated, switch to aeroplane mode and it will get better!


Install the App updates timely!

Whenever an update is available, don't delay and install it immediately. When the bugs are fixed, the apps consume less energy. Less energy consumption will keep the mobile phone cool. You can also solve the problem by separating your phone from other electronic devices. If you place all your gadgets in one bag, they are more likely to get heated up. As the heat released from all devices will accumulate. So try keeping them separate while travelling and even at home.


Some physical acts that may help you.

  • Blowing off the phone:

 It may sound strange but if you blow it or place your phone under the fan. This will also help to cool down the phone.

  • Removing the phone case:

 If the phone gets overheated, remove its case to release excessive heat.

Buy smartphones with heat dissipation feature!

The overheating problem can be solved by making a smart choice. In this modern era, there is a wide range of phones in the market that have built-in heat dissipation features. One such intelligent mobile manufacturer is Xiaomi. Xiaomi has launched the latest handsets like Xiaomi 13T Pro and many others. These mobiles have stable heat dissipation and cool response. They possess the graphene micro-nano cavity heat-conducting film with a high compression ratio and stable cooling. They also comprise of extra-large 5000mm square stainless steel VC inside the phone body that helps to keep it cool. You can buy the latest Xiaomi phones from They are the official distributors of Xiaomi products in Pakistan. They provide an efficient delivery service with amazing offers and discounts.

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