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Dear Xiaomi Fans! Orders Placed from 12th June to 19th June will be processed after the Eid Holidays.

Xiaomi Hair Clipper
The right length, the right style
5 length settings for styling precision + 14 length settings for comb
Titanium-plated ceramic blade head
180-minute long battery life*
Magnetic attraction design Place it anywhere, also works as a flashlight
Rotates 360° for diffuse lighting Set it up and use it anywhere
Two adjustable brightness settingsLow for soft, gentle lighting and High for bright, clear
Two adjustable brightness settingsLow for soft, gentle lighting and High for bright, clear
365 day long-life batteries Place it anywhere, also works as a flashlight
Light sensor + infrared detection Place it anywhere, also works as a flashlight
2800K warm yellow light Place it anywhere, also works as a flashlight
Two adjustable brightness settingsLow for soft, gentle lighting and High for bright, clear

Professional performance

5 length millimeter-
level precision haircut
Easy to create a natural

5 length of moving blade adjustment offer a natural
gradient haircut. Easy trimming sideburns and neck

Adjustable length: 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.1mm, 1.4mm,

ceramic moving blade
Efficient clipping,
smooth and sharp

Xiaomi's first Titanium-plated Ceramic Blade, built
with titanium plating which is widely used in
aerospace. It is long-lasting, sharp, and smooth while
maintaining better temperature control.

Corrosion resistance
upgrade Take care of your

Anti-oxidation and corrosion
material, keep the blade
clean for a long time.

Hardness upgrade
Suitable for
different hair quality

The hardness of fixed tool is
HV 650-720*, and the
hardness of ceramic titanium
plated moving tool is HV
1200-1500 *, with stronger
wear resistance.

Service life upgrade

The clipper works smooth
and sharp after 300 hours of

180min long-lasting battery
life, without low-battery

Using high-capacity lithium battery, Type-C interface, charging 1 time
can last up to 180min *, to meet the needs of the whole family
haircut. it can be charged and supplied power simultaneously to get
rid of low-battery anxiety.


long lasting battery life

Operating & charging

Type-c charging port

DC motor with low
noise and high torque
Easy to deal with any
kinds of hair type

High speed mode with 6200 RPM, strong torque
motor, excellent shear force, different hair type
can easily cope with. it is easily keep in a 50dB(A)*
noise level while cutting efficiently..

Easy-to-use even for the first-timers

14 length of fixed comb
Empowering any kinds of

With a gently push, you can achieve a fixed length, buzzcut,
textured quiff haircut, pompadour haircut, flat top.

3–21 mm adjustable

Suitable for buzzcut, textured
quiff haircut and other short
Adjustable length: 3mm, 6mm,
9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm,

23-41mm adjustable

Suitable for pompadour haircut,
flat top and other medium-length
Adjustable length: 23mm, 26mm,
29mm, 32mm, 35mm, 38mm,

Thinning comb*

Special broken hair-tooth
structure which could change the
amount of hair-intake and reduce
the clipping area, can achieve the
effect of thinning.


*The matching comb will trim all hair to the same length in the same place, the thinning comb will trim part of the hair in the same place, so be careful to the

*It is not recommended to use a thinning comb for very short hair.

*Make sure that the thinning comb is used once in each position, otherwise all hair may be cut short in this area.

Double-sided large rounded corner design
Rounded and comfortable, unhurtful to the skin

Specially designed bilateral rounded blade teeth, close to the scalp rounded and comfortable, no need to worry about hurting your skin

The whole machine is IPX7 waterproof* Clean and healthy

After use, it can be washed directly under water to clean the hair with convenience.

Smart Oil Drop Reminder Easier maintenance

The self-developed algorithm accurately calculates the electric current, and automatically lights to alert the lack of oil, so as to avoid the impact of oil shortage on the experience of using the blade. So you don't have to remember when to add oil by yourself.

Once you get started, you are a master

7 accessories to help you easily get started and achieve your ideal hair style.

* According to the requirements of laws and regulations of various countries/regions, there may be differences in product functions and instructions, and the official website introduction shall prevail.

* The images on this product page are for illustration purposes only and may not be the exact representation of the product.

* The hardness of fixed tool is HV 650-720: the material of the fixed blade is 9Cr18 stainless steel, place the fixed blade on the hardness tester and measure the hardness at different positions to take the average hardness value.

* Hardness of ceramic titanium plated moving tool is HV 1200-1500: Place the moving blade on the hardness tester and measure the hardness at different locations to get the average hardness value.

* Operation of the blade last for 300 hours: Connect the prototype to an adapter that meets the safety requirements for charging, the adapter output parameter 5V⎓1A, direct drive operation, 20 minutes ON / 20 minutes OFF for a cycle, run 900 cycles (i.e. 300 hours of operation), no obvious wear on the cutter head, shear force meets the requirements.

* Charging 1 time can last up to 180min : Under the condition of 25℃ room temperature , using high speed gear for discharge test, it can work continuously for more than 180min.

* 50dB(A): Test method according to GB/T 4214.1-2017 standard conditions test the sound pressure level of the sample. Test environment: semi-anechoic chamber, ambient temperature: 22.1°C, ambient humidity: 62.4%RH, atmospheric pressure: 101.72kPa. installation conditions: the sample is suspended and installed, the longitudinal axis is in horizontal direction, the center of the cutting surface is 25cm from the ground. test envelope: global envelope, test radius: r=1.5m, the average sound pressure level of the test result is less than 50dB(A); report No.: WTS2021-7278; Testing Agency: Vkan Certification&Testing Co.,Ltd.

* The whole machine is IPX7 waterproof: means the equipment can be submerged in 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes without causing damage to the equipment; IPX7 level waterproof Report No.: CN21X0FO 002; Testing agency: TÜV Rheinland /CCIC (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.

* All data above, if not specifically marked, are from KOLAMAMA Lab and may vary slightly during actual use due to different environments.

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