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Benifit of air purifier

First of  all, we must have complete knowledge about the AQI and pollution level of the area we live in. Only then we can understand the need for Air Purifiers in our homes and their benefits. As there is a shift from human labor to machines, air is getting polluted day by day. The machines emit dangerous smoke which is harmful to human health. Moreover, there has been a surge in the number of viruses and bacteria over the years. The AQI for Pakistan is 307 which can be described as hazardous. PM 2.5 concentration in Lahore is currently 51.2 times the WHO annual air quality guideline value. These prevailing conditions make smart Air purifiers a necessity for healthy living!


Why is an Air Purifier necessary?

Air purifiers clean the air you breathe in from 99% of the allergens, unpleasant odours, gases, pollen dust and airborne viruses. You can limit your trips to hospitals by just installing a good air purifier in your home. Some of the reasons why there is a need for Air purifiers are listed below:


  • The air purifiers relieve symptoms of Asthma.
  • They eliminate harmful chemicals from your home.
  • They cancel out the effect of unpleasant odours.
  • They reduce the risk of Airborne Diseases.
  • By installing an air purifier, you sleep better!
  • They remove harmful Radon from the environment. Radon gas decays into radioactive particles that can get trapped in your lungs when you breathe.
  • They also remove hazardous Asbestos Particles.
  • They play a major role in increasing your life expectancy.

How do Air purifiers help in treating Asthma?

According to the research, 1 in 12 people suffer from asthma. The people suffering from this disease have damaged bronchial tubes. So they are more prone to get affected by pollutants. Common pollutants that irritate the tubes are pet hair and dander, pollen or dust mites which cause breathing difficulties. For people who are fond of keeping pets and are a patient with asthma, air purifiers are truly life-saving for them. The pets such as cats and dogs shed their hair most of the time. Pollen enters your home through open windows or the clothes you wear outdoors. You can try various cleaning methods but some of the pollutants stay in the air. For that purpose, air purifiers are necessary.

Does closing windows help with Air Quality?

The closing of windows does not help much because we cannot shut off external pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. These gases are found in great amounts near commercial areas where there is a greater influx of vehicles. These gases have several adverse effects on human health. They easily approach your bedrooms whenever you walk in and out of your home. Similarly, the household cleaners used also contain harmful substances such as ammonia and chlorine. Regular exposure to these chemicals can result in severe health issues. Activated Carbon Air Purifiers can purify the air from these chemicals.

Air purifiers can save you during a Pandemic

As there is great advancement taking place in the World, new variants of airborne viruses are coming into existence. These new mutated viruses can not be treated by any medication. So the only option left in this situation is to cleanse the air! We can take an example of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the start we did not have any vaccine so people preferred to isolate themselves. The mode of transmission of the Coronavirus was also airborne. People who installed the air purifiers timely had a great advantage.

The common cold and flu are also spread through the air. When a single member in the home catches the virus, other family members also get ill. This will not happen if the air purifier is present!

Strive for a Healthy Living!

The pollutants found in your house can cause various allergies or Hay fever. Hay fever's symptoms include a runny nose, watery eyes and a bad throat that can last for several days. These symptoms make you uneasy, disturbing your sleep regime. When you don't get enough sleep, you become lethargic during the day. As a result, your overall health deteriorates. The purified air helps you sleep better and hence makes you healthier.

What is the Working mode of Air Purifiers?

There are different types of air purifiers. All of them consist of a series of filters that have different functions. Most air purifiers contain HEPA (High- High-efficiency particulate Air) filters. While some are made up of activated carbon filters or UV light filters.


  • Activated Carbon Filters:

      This type of filter specializes in removing unpleasant odors from the environment.


  • HEPA Filters:

      HEPA filters can capture pollutants as little as 0.3 microns in size, such as mold spores. We cannot see these particles from our naked eye.


  • Electrostatic Precipitators:

       The particles pass through these filters and get charged. The harmful pollutants are collected on the electrostatic plates. To ensure the efficiency of these filters, you need to change the plates regularly.


  • Ultraviolet Air Purifiers:

         These air purifiers use UV rays to eliminate the germs present in the air.


  • Handy Air Purifiers:

          These come in the category of portable air purifiers. They are designed in a way that you can carry them anywhere without any hassle. They are compact and lighter in weight. You can place them anywhere you want to, whether it is your living area or your bedside.


Factors to Consider while Buying an Air Purifier

  1. The size of the air purifier depends on the place where you want to install it. Large living areas require a big one, whereas a small compact air purifier is enough for your bedroom.
  2. Always select an air purifier with less noise to avoid sleep disturbance.
  3. Check the CADR (clean-air delivery rate) of the air purifier before buying. It is the rate at which it can purify the air from dust, smoke, pollen and other harmful particles.
  4. Also,check the ACH (air change per hour) rating. It shows the ability of an air purifier how frequently it change the whole volume of air in a given area.
  5. Some air purifiers emit ozone. This gas is also harmful tohuman health. So never forget to check whether your air purifier emits ozone or not.
  6. The air purifiers must also be affordable. The cost to maintain them must also be reasonable. So choosethe best one keeping your budget in mind.

Xiaomi Air Purifiers

Xiaomi always amazes its users with unique products in an affordable price range. They have launched many air purifiers such as:

  1. Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Lite
  2. Mi Air Purifier Hi-EfficiencyFilter (HEPA filter)
  3. Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Compact (for bedrooms)
  4. Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro (for large living rooms)

These air purifiers have great reviews and are also budget-friendly. The range of Xiaomi Air Purifiers is available on Mi Global. They are the official distributors of Xiaomi products and they challenge to provide 100% authentic products at the most affordable prices. You can buy air purifiers online and enjoy their fast delivery service nationwide. As smog is prevailing, you should not wait long before buying a much-needed air purifier.

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