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smart watches vs normal watches

Several years back, people considered watches as time-telling devices only. With the advent of technology, watches have evolved significantly. Now under the heading of watches, you get a fitness tracker, a health monitoring gadget, and a fashionable piece of technology right on your wrists. The smartwatches today provide greater functionality than the conventional watches. They provide you with unlimited connection with the World, no matter where you go. We can discuss the traditional watches in terms of their design and material only but smart watches have a lot more to be talked about.

Design and Style!!

Normal Watches:
  • Normal wristwatches have a wide range of designs limited to physical appearance only. The designs are categorized by the strap material, the dials, and a variety of colors.
  • The straps of some reasonable watches may be of rubber or synthetic leather whereas the extravagant watches have metallic silver and golden straps. The design of traditional watches is elevated through the addition of gold or diamond stones inside the dial. But only a few people can buy them who can afford high prices.
  • There is a wide range of colors in straps or even in dials of the watches which people can buy according to their outfit.
  • The normal watches show a minute hand and an hour hand on the display.
  • The watch dials are sometimes heavy and you might feel sweat in the summer if you wear it for a long time.

Smart Watches:
  • Smartwatches have made significant strides in aesthetics. They have customizable faces and bands which means they offer a degree of personalization that conventional watches cannot match.
  • You only need to buy a single smart watch and you can alter its design and style within no time to create different looks each time.
  • You can change the strap color, or use the strap of different textures as all the smartwatches come with a wide variety of strap materials and colors.
  • You can also set a new watch face for a changed look every time you go out. Smartwatches embrace a more contemporary and technology-driven look.
  • The smartwatches include a digital display with touchscreen capability. The watch body has stylish curves with a sleek and portable design. They are integrated with materials that feel light and breathable on your wrist and you can wear them all day long. These physical specification features make smartwatches worth buying.

Connection and Interactivity!!

This is a major difference between the two watches as the normal watches only inform you about the time and provide no connection. Although they are well-known for their precision in keeping time.

Smartwatches go beyond the old idea of timekeeping by using advanced technology. While they still keep you updated about the time, they are way more beneficial.

  • They can be connected to smartphones or other devices through Bluetooth or Wifi.
  • If you are not willing to take out the smartphone from your pocket or purse, just check your notifications like messages, emails, social media alerts, and app notifications at the ease of your wrists.
  • They can also act as the controllers of other smart devices like you can play music on your smartphone or home entertainment system with the help of a smartwatch.
  • You can even attend to your important phone calls while your hands are not free. You can answer the calls abruptly while driving or exercising at the gym with your smartwatch.
  • You can also carry out your routine transactions through the smartwatch. Some smartwatches include the payment terminals associated with them. This feature keeps you safe by eliminating the need to carry large amounts of cash or credit cards.

Battery Life!!

The battery life of a smartwatch usually lasts from 1 to 3 days on a single charge. This means that you need a power source to charge it after 3 days. On the other side, normal watches have cells that last for a year or more. You can wear your normal watch without having to worry about charging it regularly. But the numerous functions a smartwatch can perform eliminate this factor of charging while choosing between both watches. One can easily charge it considering the unlimited advantages it provides.

Technology Features!!

The traditional watches are limited to date, day, and time only. If the features are extended in some watches, they may include the alarm option which you can set as reminders throughout the day. You cannot expect anything more than this from a normal watch.

The key technology features in a smartwatch:

  • The smartwatches have progressed to an amazing technological stage where they can be your fitness trainers. They provide you with numerous sports modes which you can practice at your home to start your fitness journey.
  • There are built-in sensors in the smartwatch which detect your heart rate and monitor the oxygen saturation levels. They also keep check on your night's sleep helping you out to sleep worry-free.
  • The daily health statistics mentioned above are shown in detail to provide a clear picture of your health at a glance.
  • The satellite system introduced in smart watches can locate you in times of emergency.
  • You get a step counter in the smartwatch as well. This means that you can set targets for your well-being.


So it is concluded that smartwatches and traditional watches, both are beneficial in their own perspectives. If a person wants a simple yet elegant watch just for the time telling purpose then he/she can buy a normal watch. But if someone wants a full package contained in a handy and portable product then smartwatches are the best options. They provide greater functional

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