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Xiaomi Watch S3

Nowadays, people have lost interest in wearing a regular wristwatch due to the fast-growing World. There is a lot to do rather than just watching time on your wrist. To meet the pace of the community around you, it is essential that you buy a smartwatch to bring the entire social interaction onto your wrist! The Xiaomi Watch S3 attracts the majority of people because of several reasons. It proves to be the complete package when it comes to the exceptional features and stunning design it has in a reasonable price range. Let's review this exciting watch by Xiaomi:

Design and Build!

The Xiaomi Watch S3 eliminates the need to pair an extravagant watch with your formal outfit. You can own a smartwatch and yet look classy in professional meetings. The design elevates your overall look within seconds. The interchangeable bezels define the versatility of this unique watch. Xiaomi fans love to create different looks and for this purpose, Xiaomi has given them the choice to switch between bezels according to their mood. No matter what the event is, you can be the center of attraction by opting for a new bezel. The layout of the Xiaomi Watch S3 is categorized by:

  • A classic large 1.43" AMOLED display to show you everything at a glance.
  • The uniform protection of the screen by the round bezels from scratches and water drops.
  • A sleek body with smaller lugs makes it more comfortable to wear for a longer time.
  • Unified back cover with glossy ceramic-like coating the concentric ring design. This makes it feel soft on your arm.
  • It is available in two basic colors silver and black that are perfect for your routine social meetups.
  • You can customize the bezels anytime you want. The bezels match specific watch faces and follow dynamic sound effects which take your experience of a smart watch to another level.
  • The different colors of the bezels with matching straps fantastically illuminate your day.

Stay Fit while being In style!

This latest smartwatch by Xiaomi has upgraded health monitoring. It shows you more clear and precise stats. The 150+ sports modes allow you to discover your inner fitness freak. This time the GNSS five-satellite positioning is introduced which makes it easier to track your outdoor activities precisely. You can now start your fitness journey with the built-in running courses and it will automatically acknowledge your exercise pattern. Xiaomi has updated this watch with a new algorithm for more accurate heart rate monitoring that cancels out background noises and receives improved signals. So keep your heart healthy, sleep healthy, and constantly check your oxygen saturation levels with just one device.

Enjoy the luxurious feel of Xiaomi Watch S3!

The Xiaomi Watch S3 changes your lifestyle in many ways. For example:

  • You can drive freely, and work freely the whole day long by setting your hands free with Bluetooth phone call feature.
  • Only a 5-minute charge is enough to keep you active for two days. The long-lasting battery wipes off your worries about charging your go-to device repeatedly.
  • If you avoid paying cash, then connect your watch to a Mastercard payment terminal and make easy transactions.
  • You can carry out numerous tasks by just moving your hand. The up-and-down flipping of your hand can be linked to various functions. You can even run your smartphone through the gesture of your wrist and you don't need to get it out of your bags or pockets.

Your Safety matters the most!

Xiaomi has not only taken the responsibility of maintaining your health but it is also determined to keep you safe in all circumstances. Xiaomi achieves this goal by launching safety features in its devices. These features are easily accessible in difficult times. For example, if you press the lower button of Xiaomi watch S3 three times in a row, it will make a call to an emergency contact immediately. Moreover, this watch will automatically inform the emergency contact in case of an accidental fall. You can choose the 'I'm ok' option if you are alright. This incredible smartwatch can also display your medical card instantly when required.

Unleash the explorer within You!

With this one go-to device, you can travel and explore your favourite sites without losing contact with your friends and family. The Xiaomi watch S3 features 5 ATM water resistance so you can even go underwater and explore nature's creativity. Buy this affordable smartwatch from now, it is the official Xiaomi store operating in Pakistan for several years.

Tue May 14, 24

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