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Best SmartWatches in Pakistan

Looking for an authentic tech store to buy a smartwatch? Read the article for complete guidance! If you are a gadget and tech enthusiast then wearing a smartwatch is the best option for you! The smartwatch eliminates the need to take out the phone from your pocket or purse, again and again, just to check random notifications. They are conveniently sized, fixed at your wrist and right in front of your eyes the whole day! If you are attending a meeting, cooking in the kitchen or exercising at the gym, you can stay connected with the World during all chores. Moreover, people now love to have more in less amount. You don't need to hire a fitness trainer and this one wearable device is your complete mentor! The Best smartwatches in Pakistan are relatively low in price. They also compliment your style statement luxuriously.


The benefits of Smart Watches

The smartwatches are a miniature version of smartphones.

  • You can stay updated with the apps that are available on the smart watch where you can sync your calendar and receive notifications.
  • You don't need to worry on a busy day, just wear it to attend unlimited phone calls and read messages at a glance.
  • It is a health tracker in your arm! It keeps track of the calories you've burnt and steps you have taken in the entire day. So you know your progress.
  • You can buy it for children's safety when they go out. With a smartwatch, you can stay in touch with them and with the GPS enabled, you can always make sure that they are safe.
  • As it is considered a bad manner to use the phone in a social gathering, the smartwatch will save you! You can quickly check your important notifications and nobody will notice.
  • Smartwatches have long-lasting batteries as compared to mobile phones. So you can stay in touch with friends and family at any time, anywhere. This is also a plus point when you travel out of town or abroad.
  • The smartwatches are portable, lightweight and yet classy to wear.
  • Due to the increased thefts in Pakistan, wearing a smartwatch can save your extravagant cell phone. You don't need to take it out on roads and public areas.


List of exceptional Smartwatches under your budget!


The Xiaomi manufacturers are taking over the gadgets industry rapidly because of its high specs and lower prices. Here is a list of Mi smartwatches:


  • Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active
  • Redmi Watch 3
  • Redmi Watch 3 Active
  • Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro
  • Redmi Watch 2 Lite
  • Xiaomi Smart Band 8
  • Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro
  • Redmi Smart Band 2
  • Redmi Watch S1
  • Redmi Watch 2 Lite
  • Xiaomi Smart Band 7
  • Xiaomi Watch S1 Active


All these smart bands and watches are considered to be the best fitness watches because they are composed of the finest quality with outstanding design. Their straps are super comfortable and they are available at affordable prices. If you compare the prices of high-end smartwatches like those by Samsung and Apple, you will find them to be extraordinary and yet reasonable. The look is elite and they suit the style statement of people of every age group in Pakistan. The straps are available in so many exciting colours that you won't get bored after buying a single watch. It will give you a new look each time when you change the colour of the strap.


Xiaomi Smart Bands and Smart Watches

For a better understanding, let's have a look at the amazing details of the recently launched Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active. It is a masterpiece in all aspects. This latest smartwatch by Xiaomi offers 100+ watch faces so that you don't get bored. The LCD is bigger, bolder and brighter this time. It covers all your necessary health checkups such as sleep, SpO2 and heart rate monitoring. The 50+ sports modes allow you to stay active and healthy. You can switch to any mode and get fit within a few days. The body is smooth, slim and extremely comfortable. You can take it underwater due to its 5 ATM water resistance. Almost all these details are found in other Xiaomi smartwatches as well. The price is about 8000 pkr which is nothing in front of the specs and quality. So Xiaomi is considered to be on top of the list of best smartwatches.


How to shop smartly?


When buying a tech product, you should consider the following factors:

  1. The tech store you chose must have an authentic distribution setup from the original manufacturers.
  2. The price range that the seller offers you must be the most affordable as compared to other tech stores.
  3. The shop should have a good reputation with genuine reviews on its social media platform or website.
  4. They must give you the warranty with the smartwatch that is promised by the company.
  5. Their delivery and customer service should be efficient if you are purchasing online.

All these factors are fulfilled by Mi store. They have been providing services to Xiaomi fans for several years. You can visit their website as people trust them in buying tech products. They guarantee you that they sell 100% original products with complete box contents. They have a variety of exciting smartwatches available in Pakistan.

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