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The use of smartphones, tablets and laptops has increased a lot. Continuous use also requires an endless long-lasting battery of the smartphone. Just like humans, machines also need rest so this is not possible for your smartphone to work all day and you don't need to charge it. The only solution to keep your phones or other electronic gadgets working whole day long is to buy a long-lasting power bank. You know that you are always out and about, you cannot leave your phone for even a second then recharge it with a portable power bank. If you travel often and want to stay connected with the World all the time then spend your money on buying a reliable power bank.


Factors to consider before buying a Power bank

  • The power bank must have a long-lasting battery which means that it should take less time to get fully charged. The output should be greater.
  • The larger the capacity of a power bank, the greater you'll benefit from it. Power banks can range from a single charge (3000mAh) to well over (20,000mAh), and most of the latest smartphones have a battery with around 3000mAh. A 10,000mAh power bank should be able to charge a smartphone up to three times and a 20,000mAh power bank more than six times.
  • The shape and style of the power bank. All power banks are portable but some shapes make the power bank weird for your pockets or handbags. So always look for a sleek and handy power bank that easily fits your desired space.
  • The long-lasting power bank must have a built-in heat protection feature.
  • The weight increases if you choose a power bank with higher capacity so keep in mind the fact that weight should not affect the portability. If it is heavier then you will find it difficult to carry it with you everywhere.
  • It should have multiple ports so that you can charge all your devices like tablets and laptops while you are not home with your ultimate power bank.
  • It should provide a fast-charge. This means that once you connect your device to the power bank, it should not take more than a few hours to fully charge it.
  • The cost of a power bank must be under your budget. It is an additional device that you are going to buy apart from the necessary smartphone on which you have already spent a lot.


The types of ports for connecting your device to a Power Bank

Mostly the power banks comprise of only a single port. It's your choice to buy it accordingly.

  1. Mini USB port: The miniature port which was used in smartphones previously. Now it is becoming less common.
  2. USB-A port: It is a rectangular-shaped port which has been found in almost all hard drives and TVs for several years.
  3. USB-C: It is becoming the default variant globally. Almost every smartphone found these days has a USB-C port. Even the iPhone has launched the C-port this time in its iPhone 15 series. So it should be on top of the list when you decide to buy the perfect power bank.
  4. Wireless Power Bank: There are some Wireless power banks available in the tech market that support wireless charging. This eliminates the hassle of carrying wires along with you. You can also say goodbye to the anxiety of misplacing the wires of you are on a trip. This power bank simply requires you to place your phone on top of it and your phone will get charged. You should also keep in mind that your smartphone also supports wireless charging making it a successful option.


What is a fast charge?

People discuss the fast charging methods for their devices. To understand fast charging, there are some steps you need to follow:

  • Look for a compatible power bank.
  • A compatible wire
  • Your device should also accept a fast charge.

You can easily find a compatible power bank by reading its user manual. Selecting a compatible cable becomes problematic sometimes because even the USB-C type wires are different from one another and you cannot determine by just looking at the wire. You should buy a smartphone with specs that include the fast-charge feature to attain fast charging and an unstoppable connection with your loved ones.


Latest Power Banks in the Market

Xiaomi has always aimed towards the progress and benefits of people. They have launched an extensive range of power banks that will keep you running. The all-new Redmi Power Bank 3 has multiple ports, it supports 18W dual fast charging and it can fully charge 4 devices with its massive 20,000 mAh capacity. These extraordinary features are available in a budget-friendly price range. So what else do you need? Shop authentic Xiaomi products at and enjoy their discounts with fast delivery service.

Tue Jan 02, 24

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