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fix Black Screen on android phones
The tech products have progressed a lot in recent years and there is no doubt that the manufacturers create them with perfection. But still, if you do not handle them with care, they can show malfunction signs. One of the problems that users commonly face is the black screen which appears suddenly on the Android phone. It occurs due to several reasons. In this article, you will get to know about the causes and solutions to a black screen.


What happens when you see a Black screen?

  • The lights on the phone used for the indication of a notification are still blinking but the screen becomes black.
  • You can hear the sounds when you press the buttons. The phone is responding well in all other functions but nothing is displayed on the screen.
  • The incoming calls are ringing but not shown on the screen.
  • Your daily alarms also start buzzing on time but you are unable to stop or snooze.
  • Your interaction with the screen becomes halted.

The reasons behind a Black Screen:

  • The screen's LCD connectors may be loose.
  • Something might be wrong with the screen panel.
  • You may have downloaded incompatible applications.
  • You plugged in the charger to the phone and left it for the whole night or day.
  • The extra load of app caches on the phone which you forgot to clear.
  • You left the phone in extreme temperature conditions. For example, if you left it under strong sunlight hitting the car.
  • If the phone mistakenly fell in the water or you spilt water on it. The water might enter the internal machinery of the phone and cause malfunction.

How to deal with a Black Screen on Android Phones?

Whatever the reason is, you can always try to fix it. If your Android phone suddenly shows a black screen in the middle of a busy day then you must know the following steps to deal with this situation:

  1. First of all, you should check whether the buttons located on the sides of the screen are working or not. Sometimes they get jammed due to dirt, food particles or other deposits. You can take a cotton bud to clean them up or you can press the buttons repeatedly. The button should depress and release with each press. Once you have checked the buttons completely, try to restart your Android phone.
  2. The second step is to check the charging port. The charging port is sometimes blocked with various deposits or the water enters the phone through it. If it is not clean, gently blow into it or use a wooden toothpick to remove anything that is blocking the port. After you finish cleaning up the port, plug in the charger and leave your phone to get charged for about 10-20 minutes.
  3. You can also try pressing your phone a bit. Gently press the front and back of the phone to make sure that the LCD connection is okay. If the LCD was loose previously, this method will help to fix it back. If the screen gets on by trying this method, you can go to a mobile repair shop for accurate screen panel placement.
  4. The old phones used to have a removable battery. Although those phones were heavier in weight they used to get on easily on the removal of battery. Now you can completely discharge the phone and then recharge it to achieve the same results.
  5. If you have a complete backup of your precious data then you can also go for the factory data reset option. This may also bring back the screen but it will erase all your data so a backup is a must.
  6. If your screen is turned off after exposure to water then try placing your phone into a pot of raw (dry) rice. The dry rice will soak up the water from the phone and it will start working. Also, you can use the drier machine to blow up the excess water.
  7. Try the button combinations to switch on the screen. There are tricks available on the internet or written in the user manuals of various Android phones. These tricks include pressing two buttons together to restart the handset. Some of the combinations are listed below:
  • Press the Home, Power and Volume up/down buttons and hold all these together.
  • Press and hold the Home and Power buttons.
  • Press the Bixby and power buttons together until the phone shuts down and then restart again.

Contact the Service Provider nearby

If none of the methods above work then send your phone to the original manufacturers if the warranty is still there. If the warranty has been finished, then you can go to any mobile repair shop in the market for the normal working of the screen. Sometimes the screen does not work due to panel malfunction and the service provider will tell you to install a new panel. Always go for the original LCD panel installation which is provided by the company as it will last longer. Although it would be a bit expensive but the phone's touch and other features will remain the same. The master copies of the panel or B-pair panels will again stop working after some time. So spend wisely.

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