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Guide to the Best Monitors for Gaming

The display technology changes over time as the preferences of people change. Mobile gaming has undoubtedly taken place, but real gaming enthusiasts still love to indulge themselves in larger screens. This is because the gaming monitors give you an immersive experience throughout the gaming venture. They are designed to make your graphics card and CPU output look as refined as possible while gaming. The gaming monitors are responsible for displaying the final result of all your game's processing, and they differ in terms of Colour representation, motion, and image sharpness. While buying the best gaming monitor, you must consider that the specs meet real-world performance.

The Place of Gaming Monitors in the Tech World!

The gaming monitor technology includes various aspects. For instance, your games will look fantastic when displayed in dual UHD using a 32:9 aspect ratio. Moreover, the OLED advantages in gaming are numerous, they include perfect contrast and the fastest response times. Image quality and viewing angles on OLED are superb, with really deep black levels. Some of the factors that make up the best gaming monitor are listed below:


  • Resolution
  • Screen Size
  • Aspect ratio
  • Colourand Contrast Ratio
  • Refresh Rate
  • Response Time
  • Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED)
  • Mounting
  • Ports
  • Audio


Resolution is the main feature of any monitor. It measures the width and height of the screen. As you increase your display resolution, it gets difficult to pick out individual pixels with the naked eye and the clarity of the picture hence increases. Higher resolutions also provide you with more desktop space to work on. So you can arrange your applications easily on a larger workspace.

Aspect Ratio:

A monitor's aspect ratio is the measurement of width to height. Modern video games support various aspect ratios, from widescreen to ultrawide. The ultrawide fills more of your vision; you can enjoy a theatre-like experience at the ease of your home. 

Color and Contrast Ratio:

It measures the ratio between the extremes of black and white that the screen can display. A monitor with a rich color gamut will give you an immersive viewing experience. Regarding contrast ratio, the more significant numbers are a plus point as 4000:1 means bright highlights, inky blacks, and dark areas where every detail is seen.

Refresh Rate:

A monitor can refresh your games in the fastest possible way. Higher refresh rates make onscreen motion look smooth and subtle because the screen updates the position of each object more quickly. This is an excellent advantage for competitive gamers to track moving enemies and win every gaming session.

Response Time:

Response time refers to the time it takes a single pixel to change color in milliseconds. Lower response times mean fewer visual artifacts such as motion blur or trails behind moving objects. Response time must cope with the refresh rate.

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLEDs):

OLED screens create their light, rather than transmissive screens that require a separate light source. OLEDs comprise very high contrast ratios and vibrant colour. They are also more sleek as compared to the LCDs.


A gaming monitor which offers adjustable height, tilt and degree of rotation helps you find a perfect fit for your gaming sessions. You can mount it at any favorable place and enjoy your favorite video games with your friends and relatives.


Most gaming monitors come with several ports behind or beneath them. You should find out whether it consists of the port that your particular gaming device requires or not. If the ports are feasible to you then go for it!


If the monitor you are going to buy does not support dynamic sound effects then the gaming ventures will not be thrilling! As a gaming pro, you need quality audio to indulge yourself completely in the game.

Gaming monitors that are not heavy on the Pockets!

There is a wide range of monitors in the market with all the specs listed above but many monitor manufacturers set a very high cost. As gaming is not a necessity people prefer to spend a reasonable amount on their passion. The high-end gaming monitor which is considered to be the best one by LG, is quite expensive and its features almost resemble Xiaomi Gaming monitors which are extremely affordable. Xiaomi is a leading tech brand which has introduced 4K monitors with larger displays. The resolution is so high that you will attain a real-world experience. The Mi 23.8" Desktop Monitor 1C is under 50,000 and its specs will amaze you!

Mi Desktop Monitor 1C

It offers you a compact size and boundless vision. The sleekness of this monitor is unbelievable with 1080 P high definition and a comfort solution for your eyes as well! The colors are brilliant, gracing your eyes with an amazing amount of detail and subtlety. Xiaomi takes care of your comfort in every design, so it has an adjustable mounting, you can give ease to your neck by adjusting it according to your viewing angle. It has various ports, which means it supports a great range of interfaces for more possibilities.

Comparison between Curved and Flat Monitors

As there is advancement taking place everywhere in the World, curved monitors are a great innovation. A great number of users voted for the curved monitors because they provide a view in all three dimensions _ length, width, and height. When you get immersed and forget about the surroundings that is where the curved monitor works giving you complete joy! It also reduces stress and strain on the eyes compared to a flat monitor. The curvature is according to the natural shape of the human eye, leading to greater comfort levels during extended gaming.

Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor 30

This monitor has a high 200Hz refresh rate for all-rounder performance. You can take control of the game by checking the enemy movements in advance. The curvature puts you in the center of the action. The 1800R curvature is better for your eyes, creating a more immersive visual impact. You can set unbeatable personal records in the game with pinpoint precision, a high response rate, and higher flexibility. Now you can unleash your skills and achieve victory each time. The color gamut of this monitor is filled with true-to-life colors.

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