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All new Redmi Note 11 Pro is thrilled to announce the upcoming of Xiaomi’s flagship camera phone the all-new Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro. We know that you love Xiaomi phones, due to their explicit quality, high-resolution cameras, latest technology, and affordability. Therefore we, being the sole official Xiaomi exclusive online store in Pakistan, make sure that you get served with the best of Xiaomi through excellence and in the comfort of your homes.

Moreover, it is who makes it obligatory upon themselves to ensure that they educate their Mi fans well enough about the latest Xiaomi smartphones and smart gadgets. Buckle up! Because you are about to get poured in by the Redmi Note 11 Pro specification, Xiaomi Mi Note 11 Pro price in Pakistan, Redmi Note 11 Pro review, and all you need to know about this tech beast. Tag along till the end!

The Best Modern Technology Brand In Pakistan

Xiaomi has risen to become the most exalted smart technology brand of the prevailing times. Xiaomi envisions its consumer’s traditional lifestyle being replaced by a much more efficient and productive smart living. This Mi smart lifestyle promises quadrupled productivity, efficiency, and convenience all at once. Xiaomi knows the needs of this modern time and is ready to face the challenges with us that come along with our daily routine. And the burdens we bear alone to fulfill our fundamental necessities. Hence, Xiaomi is ambitious to equip its Mi fans with the best innovation and technology to help them escape this appalling reality or at least make it bearable.

 Let’s get straight into knowing the fabulous Xiaomi Redmi Note Series that has been launched to cheer you up and soothe your perfectionists’ fetish.

Redmi Note 11 Series-Xiaomi At Its Best

Mi Note 11 Series-Xiaomi At Its Best

Figure 1whatmobile

Apart from the various technological beasts that Xiaomi has blessed the tech industry with, this flagship Xiaomi Redmi Note Series, without doubt, is the supremacist of them all. Mi declares it to be the best of Xiaomi and taking a view of what it has to offer testifies to Xiaomi’s claims. The Redmi Note Series is crafted for premium buyers which means that whether it is its display or design, battery or processor it will be a technological masterpiece.

Affordability, Innovation, And Performance Defines The Redmi Note 11 Series

Furthermore, you and I both know that Xiaomi never misses an opportunity to amaze its Mi fans with the utterly affordable price marks attached to its feature-packed products, and expects likewise from Xiaomi’s Note 11 series. Sleek design, latest high-tech processor, smartest innovation, and unrivaled quality, are the traits that define the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 series according to Xiaomi’s customs! Let's jump straight into the newest member of this explicit family *Drumrolls* The Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro!

Redmi Note 11 Pro

-Your Powerhouse

Mi Note 11 Pro - Your Powerhouse

Figure 2pocketlint

Designed To Perfection, Display Like Never Before

Starting with the design and display of this tech beast unleashed-The latest Mi smartphone, Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5g. First of all, it has the sleekest and the trendiest flat-frame body that is made to be slim and lightweight. With a glossy finish, this classy device comes in three utterly mesmerizing colors namely, Polar White, Star Blue, and Graphite Gray.


Mi Note 11 Pro - Designed To Perfection, Display Like Never Before


Aren’t these just designed to perfection? Imagine holding one of these in your hand, it is surely going to be a head-turner!

Mi Note 11 Pro - 6.67” Full HD+, AMOLED, DotDisplay


Talking about the display of the Xiaomi Note 11 Pro for that it has a 6.67” Full HD+, AMOLED, DotDisplay. In addition to that, it has a DCI-P3 wide color gamut, SGS supported eye care display feature, a vibrant contrast ratio of 4,500,000:1, and a sunlight display feature that allow you to see a crystal clear image even in bright light.

120Hz Refresh Rate Ensures Your Fingers Glide

The Redmi Note 11 Pro has an ultra-high refresh rate of 120Hz which means that the screen refreshes 120 times per second ensuring that you don’t even miss a blink. Hence, when you are in an intensive game session or idly scrolling through the content you won't ever face a glitch. Redmi Note 11 Pro ensures the smoothest experience you will ever have.

Mi Note 11 Pro - Ultra-High Refresh Rate of 120Hz

360 Hz Touch Sampling Rate

In addition to the ultra-high refresh rate, the Redmi Note 11 Pro also has a fairly high touch sampling rate of 360 Hz. Do you know what that means? Well, in simple words, your screen helps you navigate and respond to your touch with the highest sensitivity. This feature is worshipped by the gamers for this high touch sampling rate will always make you win it!

Unmatched Performance, Unrivalled Technology

Mi Note 11 Pro - Unmatched Performance, Unrivalled Technology

Latest Processor And Huge Storage

This latest Note 11 Pro has the latest MediaTek Helio G69 processor that is coupled with the super-powerful Octa-core CPU, up to 2.05 GHz, and a strong GPU. Together, they ensure that you get the smoothest and most powerful android experience ever. For storage, the Redmi Note 11 Pro has a single 8GB + 128 GB, RAM, and storage respectively, variant. This enables you to be limitless when it comes to making memories or storing huge files. With the Redmi Note 11 Pro, you won’t have to worry about a single thing for sure!

Liquid Cool Technology To Keep Your Device Cool and You the Coolest

Mi Note 11 Pro - Liquid Cool Technology To Keep Your Device Cool


This ultra-powerful device requires the most modern technology to keep it cool and provide a stabilized performance. Hence, the Redmi Note 11 Pro is equipped with the latest liquid cool technology that constitutes of a heat pipe and multi-layered graphite sheets that ensures maximum thermal efficiency and helps your device configure a balance between performance and temperature. Moreover, this technology helps your Redmi Note 11 Pro consume battery efficiently and never heat up while charging.

Dual Speakers For Surround Sound Effect

If you are still missing on to things with your new Redmi Note 11 Pro then I am sure that this feature won't let you miss another beat. For the Note 11, Pro is equipped with dual speakers which means that you get to enjoy dynamic, surround sound effects. When in a game, experience those footsteps approaching from right behind you or simply enjoy a personal movie night off. Wherever you go and whatever you do, Redmi Note 11 Pro will prove to be a party on the go and a productivity tool to conquer the world. Your life so the choice is yours!

Features That You Cannot Miss Out On

Mi Note 11 Pro - Features That You Cannot Miss Out On


Apart from the mainstream features the all-new Redmi Note 11 Pro has some amazing unique features to offer which indeed makes it the most promising android experience you can get your hand on. For instance, the Z-axis linear motor makes you feel every beat and hence, enhances your overall realistic experience. Then comes other features like NFC, UFS 2.2, and IR blaster that add value to your productivity and limitlessness.

5000 mAh, Turbo Charging Battery

Mi Note 11 Pro - 5000 mAh, Turbo Charging Battery

The Redmi Note 11 Pro is equipped with a huge 5000 mAh battery. This allows you to continuously call your day off or work on your mobile phone without having to worry about charging it again and again. Even more fascinating is the fact that, the Redmi Note 11 Pro comes with a 67 Watts fast charger that allows you to turbocharge your phone in no time.

In short, this phone is made to live over your intense gaming sessions and that Netflix series you are binge-watching. And if you get drained, which is nearly impossible, be assured that the turbocharger that comes along won’t have you waiting for long! Besides the liquid cool technology allows you to charge while using the phone without overheating or compromising your phone’s performance.

108 MP Flagship Camera

-Helps You Capture Every Moment In Style

Mi Note 11 Pro - 108 MP Flagship Camera

Figure 3GSMArena

Coming on to the most important feature of a mobile phone which is its camera. And in this case, Redmi Note 11 Pro is the best camera phone that you can get hold of. For starters, Note 11 Pro has a quad-camera setup with a flagship 108 MP main camera, an 8 MP ultra-wide-angle camera, a 2 MP macro camera, and finally a 2 MP depth sensor. Together they ought to help you shoot the best cinematic videos and photos. Capture 108 million details in single-shot and enjoy the versatility and vividness of your shoots.

Mi Note 11 Pro - Ultra Wide Camera & Macro Camera


Night Camera Features You Cannot Resist

Mi Note 11 Pro - Night Camera Features You Cannot Resist

Equally amazing are the camera features that Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro has to offer. For instance, the amazing nightscape mode helps you capture the best shots in barely any light. Other useful features like Dual Native ISO, 9-in-1 binning technology and the 1/1.5.2” sensor adds that extra crispiness to your photos and hence complimenting your modern-day cinematography needs.

16 MP Front Camera

Mi Note 11 Pro - 16 MP Front Camera


In addition to the explicit back camera, the Redmi Note 11 Pro has a 16 Mp front camera that allows you to capture the best in yourself via its cool camera features and vibrant color pallet. Discover yourself with the Mi Note 11 Pro selfie camera and experience realism and vividness at its best.

Redmi Note 11 Pro In A Nutshell

Mi Note 11 Pro In A Nutshell


For the sake of summing, it all up I must say that this is the only device you should be investing in, in 2022. From design to display and performance to camera, Redmi Note 11 Pro has got no competitors lined up. Cheekiest design, dynamic display, latest technology-based performance, a huge battery, and a flagship camera what else can you ask for from a smartphone? Know all about this tech beast unleashed here at (Redmi Note 11 Pro 108MP Powerhouse).

Feature Packed Affordability

Mi Note 11 Pro Price In Pakistan

Did I just forget to mention the most important part of this article? Well, of course not! Wrapping it up with the Mi Note 11 Pro price in Pakistan, which is Rs. 52,999/- only. In addition to that, order it here from (Redmi Note 11 Pro 6GB & 128GB) and get exclusive incentives like a 3-years mobile phone warranty, a 1-month free subscription to Pakistan's best entertainment platform-StarZPlay, and more. Head on to (Redmi Note 11 Pro 6GB & 128GB) and get yours today!

Mi Note 11 Pro - Feature Packed Affordability is the Xiaomi exclusive online store in Pakistan, all our Xiaomi smartphones are 100% authentic, box-packed, PTA approved, and come along with an exclusive 3-years mobile warranty. We deliver excellence all across Pakistan while offering free same-day delivery in Lahore and a maximum of 48 hours fastest delivery time nationwide. At all we care about is YOU! Happy Shopping.

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