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Xiaomi TV Stick 4K

 Do you own a boring traditional television set? And are you not even in the mood to invest in those utterly expensive smart TVs yet? Well, I may have the perfect solution for your problem. Allow me to introduce you to the Xiaomi TV Stick 4K. This Mi tv stick is a revolution at hand, transforming your traditional tv set into smart tv in a blink! Here, I will brief you all about the Xiaomi Tv Stick 4K, Mi tv stick 4K price in Pakistan, and all you need to know about it in detail. Tag along till the end to know it all.

Xiaomi has excelled rapidly over the years due to the premium quality and explicit price range it has to offer to its consumers. Xiaomi, as an innovative smart brand, has revolutionized the world of technology. They tend to focus on their consumer’s everyday life, pinpoint loopholes and problems therein after which they present forth the best possible innovative tech gadget to cater to their needs. From smartphones to smart everything Xiaomi ensures that it encompasses the entire lives of its Mi fans. Hence, if you prefer affordability and quality all at the same place then look no further than Xiaomi.


Xiaomi Tv Stick 4K Price in Pakistan holds testimony to the splendid economical tech goods that Xiaomi claims to offer. We are thrilled to be an extensive part of Xiaomi’s success journey, and this is something we are proud of. and Xiaomi can be seen hand in hand since Xiaomi’s arrival in Pakistan. And this unbreakable bond gives us the greatest luxury to offer you the best incentives in the prevailing tech market of Pakistan. is the sole authorized Xiaomi exclusive online store and else than delivering Xiaomi’s excellence nationwide we also guide and educate you about the various Xiaomi products thus helping you pick what's the best fitting for you. Today, we have Xiaomi Tv Stick 4K in our bucket and I am excited to tell you all about it.

Xiaomi Tv Stick 4K-Your Best Companion At Hand

Potable Entertainment Portal - Strongest Companion

This Tv Stick Xiaomi is the best compact and portable, USB-like portal to the entertainment you can get your hands on. The Mi Tv Stick 4K is designed to be handy and lightweight so that you can carry it around anywhere and everywhere. Hence, your entertainment or productivity isn’t dependent upon anyone else than yourself.

Power Performance To Deliver Excellence

However, while being this smart and portable there isn’t a single trait this technological masterpiece lacks. The Xiaomi 4K smart stick is equipped with a Quad-core processor, High-performance GPU, 2GB RAM, and 8GB ROM. Hence you get served with the best, most-powerful performance to exist till time. This ensures that your visual and audio venture turns out to be the best experience you can expect from modern technology.

Android TV 11 At Your Service

Xiaomi Android TV 11 At Your Service

The Xiaomi Stick 4K comes with pre-installed Android TV 11 which means that a single Wi-Fi connection gives you access to 400,000+ movies, and shows from your favorite live streaming Apps and site. Secondly, you can download and use 7000+ applications from your favorite Play Store and enjoy the ultimate accessibility.

4K Ultra HD Visual Experience

Xiaomi 4K Ultra HD Visual Experience

Living up to its name, the Mi tv stick 4K enables you to get an immersive, high definition, visual experience. This not only enables you to enjoy a more detailed and vivid picture quality but also creates an illusion of cinematic reality at home. Anticipate the thrill of a home theatre with your Xiaomi stick 4k!

Best Vision Demands Best Audio Experience

Xiaomi-Best Vision Demands Best Audio Experience

The immersive visual experience isn’t the only thing that the Mi TV Stick 4K has to offer. In addition to that, the Dolby Atmos and DTS HD-supported audio gear help you to experience the best immersive sound at hand. This latest audio technology enables you to get the richness and realism of surround sound that not even a cinema can assure. Guess who’s movie night just got to the next level? -Yours! If you simply own this Mi Tv Stick 4k!

Connectivity At Its Best

Two-Step Easy Setup

Xiaomi-Two-Step Easy Setup

As always Xiaomi ensures that its products create value and increased productivity in its consumers’ lives. Hence, these products are made to be immensely user-friendly and practical. Similarly, the Mi Tv Stick 4K is designed to be all set to go as soon as you receive the parcel. All you have to do is Plug-in and connect to your wifi and you are good to go!


Easy ways to connect with Xiaomi TV Stick 4K

360° Smart Remote Control

Xiaomi 360° Smart Remote Control

More amazing is the fact that the Mi Smart Tv Stick 4K comes along with the smartest, 360° remote control. This not only allows you to get full control of your device but also enables you to voice control it. Hence, maximizing your productivity, practicality, and comfort. The 360° technology allows you to use the smart remote at a 360° angle which means you no longer need to struggle to find the way forward to control your smart Tv stick 4K

Built-in Chromecast

Xiaomi-Built-in Chromecast

The Mi Tv stick 4K allows you to connect various devices to your television through the latest technology. For instance, shift from small, mobile screens, to your television with a click via the built-in Chromecast option. Think of the possibilities you can enjoy with this amazing feature.

Mi Tv Stick 4K In A Nutshell

Mi Tv Stick 4K In A Nutshell

The Mi TV Stick 4K is the best modern gadget you can own to transform your boring, traditional LED TV into a super productive and entertaining smart tv. This compact, portable, lightweight, and easy-to-carry-around USB device is all you need to take your entertainment wherever you go. With the support of Android TV 11, Dolby Atomos, Dolby Vision, and DTS Atmos unlock the portal to an infinite entertainment hub while experiencing the best immersive visual and audio experience.

Even amazing is the fact that this tech gadget comes along with a 360° smart control that supports Google voice assistant and hence, allows you to get full control of your device and hence your happiness. Know all about this Mi TV Stick 4k here at Xiaomi’s only official online store in (Xiaomi TV Stick 4K Page). 

Unbeatable Performance, Unchallenged Affordability

Xiaomi TV Stick 4k Unbeatable Performance

This feature-packed tiny tech beast can create wonders but fascinating is the fact that it can do so while not costing you a kidney. The Mi TV Stick 4K price in Pakistan is set to be Rs.12,499/- only and you can get your hands on this Mi tv stick online via (Xiaomi TV Stick 4K). Order your Xiaomi Tv Stick 4K from right away and get free same-day delivery in Lahore, whereas the fastest 48-hr delivery nationwide. Moreover, you will get a exclusive 10-days eco warranty along. Plus, enjoy 1 month's free subscription to Pakistan’s greatest entertainment hub-StarZPlay right away! So what are you waiting for? Order yours now here at (Xiaomi TV Stick 4K).

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