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Xiaomi vs other tech brands? Forget it! For, you and I both know that Xiaomi considers no one a rival except for itself. This is the core reason why Xiaomi is leading the world of technology today while maintaining healthy competition with its surrounding technology brands. Mi as a brand envisions that one can only be progressive when we take our present selves as our only competitors and hence, beat our previous records daily by ourselves. Thus, you will see Xiaomi introducing top-notch technology with each passing day that surpasses the performance of Xiaomi’s past introduced tech gadgets. This is how Xiaomi has drawn the entire world’s attention towards itself.


Redmi Note 11 - Rise to the challenge

Xiaomi products are designed for premium quality buyers, however, made available in the most affordable price range which has earned it great recognition in Pakistan. being the only official Xiaomi exclusive online store in Pakistan testifies the unrivaled status of Xiaomi. We deal in the widest variety of Xiaomi goods including smartphones, fitness gears, security cameras to smart everything. Pakistan views as their only shop stop when it comes to shopping Xiaomi online and we are proud to serve our Mi fans with Xiaomi at its best. This love and support have not only earned the award of top-performing e-commerce site in Pakistan by Shopify but also lead us to become the greatest Xiaomi distributors in Pakistan. None of which would have been possible without YOU!


As a token of gratitude takes it upon itself to guide you when you shop for Xiaomi goods at your beloved store. We not only manage Xiaomi’s official Mi Community but also make sure that you get the best out of it. So, today allow me to bring forth an amazing comparison between Xiaomi’s most in-demand products that may seem similar to you. Hence, I will help you decide what will prove to be the best as per your needs. Tag along to witness a detailed comparison between Redmi Watch 2 lite vs Mi Watch lite and Mi true wireless Earbuds basic 2 vs Redmi Buds 3 lite. This is going to get spicy!

Redmi Watch 2 lite vs Mi Watch lite

Redmi Watch 2 lite vs Mi Watch lite

Xiaomi fitness gears have been the most popular among our fitness geeks. Xiaomi smart fitness gears include the number of awesome products divided not two categories namely Xiaomi Bands and Xiaomi Watches. However, among the many, the Redmi Watch 2 Lite and Mi Watch Lite have earned themselves a lot of recognition and appreciation. Hence, I intend to present forth a comparison between two of Xiaomi’s best fitness gears- the Redmi Watch 2 Lite and Mi Watch Lite. Let’s get straight to it!

Design And Display

Starting with a brief comparison of the design and display of the two. As far as the design is concerned both the gadgets seem to be more or less the same however there have been some significant changes brought to the display that will be discussed later here.


First, let us review the Redmi Watch 2 Lite, it has a 1.55-inch HD, square display with a thin-film transistor screen. The watch gives a modern minimalist look while offering a display of 320 x 360 resolutions. The touch display has 100+ watch faces for you to opt from and is made available in 6 unique colors. Moreover, this Redmi Watch has a bigger body to screen ratio hence 10% increased visual and touch control experience when compared with the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite.


Coming on to the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite, which also has a square minimalist look. Having 1.4-inch thin-film transistor, touch screen. The colored display has 320 x 320 resolutions to offer. With that this Mi watch has 120+ display faces to opt from and is made available in 5 elegant colors. The Mi Watch Lite reviews show that it can be worn in 1000+ different styles.   

Battery Life

Redmi Watch Lite Battery Life

Discuss the battery type and life of these two Xiaomi fitness gears. Well, both prove to be extra-ordinarily reliable however, you demand a more specific comparison and that is what I am going to do here.


The Redmi Watch 2 Lite has a 262 mAh battery that comes along with a magnetic charger that gives you the liberty of ‘touch to charge’. Moreover, a fully charged battery of this watch will give you a continuous run time of about 10 days. Whereas 14 hours of GPS enable sports mode straight.


On the other hand, the Mi Watch Lite has a battery capacity of 230 mAh with standard charging that fully charges your device in about 2 hours. A fully charged Mi watch will give you the luxury to enjoy an uninterrupted experience for 9 days straight for normal usage. Whereas continuous 10 hours of GPS enabled sports mode usage.


Off to the most important part of fitness gear. Xiaomi’s entire range of fitness gears has unique and amazingly productive health features. They give you 360° coverage when it comes to physical and mental health.


The Redmi Watch 2 Lite has 24-hour heart rate tracking, Stress Monitoring, breathing training, blood oxygen saturation measurement, sleep monitoring, and female Health measurement health features to offer. Other than these it has about 100+ workout modes to record and measure your physical activity. It is 5 ATM water resistance and is supported by a high precision GPS chip that gives you access to the 4 major positioning systems used globally. Other than this there are several standard features and alerts that this gadget has to offer. Know the complete features of Redmi Watch 2 Lite here on (Mistore Redmi Watch 2 Lite).

Xiaomi Watch Lite Features

On the contrary, The Mi Watch Lite has Heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, Breathing rhythm measurement, and training. Moreover, it has 11 workout modes to benefit from that are supported by a dual satellite positioning system. This watch is also 5 ATM water-resistant so you can be limitless. The Xiaomi Watch Lite has other highly useful features like idle alerts, weather reports, etc. Head on to (Mi Watch Lite) to know all about the Mi Watch Lite.


Redmi Watch 2 Lite Price
Redmi Watch Lite Price

Xiaomi is known for its amazingly reasonable price offerings and the same is the case with these Xiaomi watches. You will be surprised to know that the Redmi Watch 2 Lite and Mi Watch Lite are both made available at a fabulous price of Rs.12,499/- each. Head on to Redmi Watch 2 Lite here on (Redmi Watch 2 Lite) to buy it and get 10 days eco warranty along. Or click here on (Mi Watch Lite) to buy Mi Watch Lite with which also you get 10 days eco warranty. provides nationwide free delivery and has 6+ payment gateways to offer including the exclusive interest-free installment plans you can avail of here on ( Whatever you choose to buy I am sure that and Xiaomi will never disappoint you in any way possible. Our main priority is our customer’s satisfaction and fulfillment and strive each day towards perfecting our services. We provide same-day delivery in Lahore whereas approximately 48 hours delivery time nationwide. Happy Shopping!

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