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Xiaomi Smart Speakers


Xiaomi products always prove to be exquisite in all aspects. Xiaomi Latest Speakers in Pakistan named Xiaomi Smart Speakers IR Control and Xiaomi Smart Speakers Lite features and specifications are unique and far better than the predecessor Mi Wifi Smart Speakers. They are true assistants for all your needs, you can easily enjoy music at home just with your voice. You can perform all the daily chores with one compact yet stylish device for example play your favorite music, plan for a family concert, control your volume and stay updated about the weather and whatever is going on across the World. It does everything you would expect of a smart speaker and serves all your purposes. There are numerous such devices available in the market but Xiaomi has introduced outstanding quality in an extremely affordable price range which is a plus point. The Xiaomi Smart Speaker Lite price in Pakistan is under 10,000. The design of both of them is elegant and stylish which goes with the elite look of your living room or master bedroom.

What can I do with Mi Smart Speaker?

  • Control your devices
  • Control your music
  • Access information from your calendars and other personal information.
  • Create reminders and set timers
  • Find information online, from resturant bookings to directions weather, and news.
  • Make appointments, send messages and make calls.
  • Read your notifications to you.

Build up your Smart Home

The layout is remarkable with a fine matte finish in premium grey which will enhance your home class. It is integrated with Alexa which listens to you instantly. Alexa is the intelligent cloud-based voice AI that allows you to rest your hands-free and control it with just your voice. This innovation by Xiaomi brings a chance to experience a modern and more convenient lifestyle. The U-shaped duct design boosts low frequencies for an immense bass experience. Simply connect to Mi Home /Xiaomi Home App which could be synchronously associated with the Amazon Alexa app. As a result, you can use them to run other smart devices in your home which will transform the whole vibe of your home.

The sound that reaches every corner of your House

You can use more than one speaker to stay connected with other family members in different rooms. You can enjoy the same music, radio stations, podcasts, and audio throughout the house. Immerse yourself in the World of music with a huge variety as now you got the option to stream from Amazon Music, Spotify, Tune in, and more. The good news is that connections are now easier, super fast, and more stable than before. You can use wifi and Bluetooth to connect the speakers to your devices. There is a very lengthy list of Xiaomi Smart Speaker Lite Compatible Devices. The speakers have high-quality microphones and advanced AI technology which reduces the effects of disturbing noise. The more you will talk to Alexa the greater it will begin to understand you because of AI deep learning technology. Other added benefits include the 1.75-inch high-quality loudspeaker unit and 350cc sound cavity for maximum power and high Xiaomi Smart Speaker Lite sound quality.


Xiaomi Smart speaker Lite


Xiaomi Smart Speaker Lite Setup Guide

It's just 3 steps towards an incredible listening experience:

  • Download the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home App
  • Power on
  • Open the app, search for and connect to the device

Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control :

Xiaomi Smart Speaker Lite features miss out one major thing which is present in it and that is the LED clock display. So these are more than just Smart Speakers For Room but also an eye-catching bedside alarm clock. You can adjust the brightness as you like and say goodbye to scary alarm bells, now you can choose your favorite songs, singers, and genres as the alarm ringtone so that you can wake up to melodious music and start the day in a good mood. Just like the previous one, it is also a perfect match of technology and craftsmanship because of its unique and compact body with a soothing color scheme. The Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control Price in Pakistan is around 8000 which is quite low in front of its distinctive specs.

Just Speak and get your Work Done!

The Xiaomi Control Sound Speaker has built-in Google Assistance. If you want to remain updated with the weather, and news or you want to play your favorite music then all you need to say is "Ok Google". Also, turn the volume up and down by just saying. Your old home appliances also rejuvenate through the IR control, you can combine them and run them smartly. Moreover, they have a vast sound capacity due to the new cone shape from the inside. The shape contributes to the richness and details of sound which is balanced in all aspects.

Are you planning for Family Entertainment?

Now stop worrying about how to entertain your friends and family on occasions as the speaker when combined with others of the same kind, produces the stereo effect. You will vanish into a breathtaking sound experience immediately. So it's time to plan for a movie night or a family concert. Xiaomi always aims to make your life easier and freer, this is why it gives you the option of connecting multiple speakers in various corners of your big home for listening to synchronous playing throughout the home. Also, you can enjoy hands-free calls with Google Duo. This is not all, they also come with Chromecast Built-in, so you don't need long wires for casting audio. A single click is enough and the music, news, and podcast are transmitted smoothly via Bluetooth.


Xiaomi Smart speaker IR control


Make a smart decision!

Now you need to carry out a Xiaomi Smart Speaker Lite price comparison with other devices of the tech market. You will be amazed by the fact that you are getting a high Xiaomi Smart Speaker Lite sound quality for such a substantial amount. The Xiaomi Smart Speakers Launch in Pakistan is sooner so don't forget to visit which is the official online Xiaomi store and has a great reputation for offering huge discounts and long-term warranties on their products. Also, enjoy their fast delivery service nationwide!

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