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Redmi Buds 4 Review


Redmi Buds 4- Magic in Your Ears!

As earbuds are more compact and work-out friendly, Xiaomi always puts forward its best quality products. It has earned a reputation for producing the best technology gadgets and efficiently revolutionized the idea of smart living. The recently launched Xiaomi Redmi Buds 4 is a pleasant pair of wireless earbuds for all, as they offer a comfortable fit, clear calls, and remarkable transparency mode concerning its outstanding original looks. The Active Noise Cancelling is a characterized capability of this product as it never fails to lose your focus on the beat. Whether there are incoming calls, messages, or music you want to listen to, Redmi Bus 4 specs grant you to vibe to the ultimate feeling.


What makes it stand out from others?

Incomparable Appearance and Design

The design of Redmi Buds 4, regarding its sleek appearance, attracts buyers at first glance. The Redmi Buds 4 charging case holds an exceptional design following the likable appearance of Redmi Buds Pro 3. In contrast to Redmi Buds Pro 3, the smoother finish and reduced weight of about 4.9 grams of each bud of Redmi Buds 4 not only makes it convenient to carry instead is everything one might ask for. One LED indicator in front of the charging case effortlessly supports the Type-C charging at the bottom of the cover.

The earbuds are neither tight nor loose. Their miniature oval shape is comfortable to wear for everyone. Without the feeling of burden, one may feel the security of the buds in their ear. An individual can move about for multiple hours and checkmark their daily tasks to the balance of the beat.

A buyer might opt for any of the multiple striking colors depending on their personality. The earbuds have a strong base color, whereas the outside holds a shiny, vibrant look.


Lasting Battery Life

Though Redmi Buds 4 might not support wireless charging still, its excellent performance speaks for itself in terms of battery life. The time limit of Redmi Buds 4 battery is 6 hours at a single time and 30 hours with the charging case when ANC is turned off, but it may last up to 4 hours and 20 hours with the charging case if ANC is turned on.


Effortless Hold and Control

How to turn on Redmi Buds 4? When the earbuds are out of their charging case, they connect to the device you want through Bluetooth. All you need to do is turn on the Bluetooth on the desired device, go to the device’s Bluetooth settings and Select “Redmi Buds 4” and the pairing will be done. It supports additional operation gestures, such as long pressing, double tapping, and triple tapping. Since the touch surface of earphones is rather large, wearing them while performing blind operations is convenient. It can automatically pause when the earbud is taken out and resume playing when the earbud is put in because of the infrared intelligent in-ear monitoring capability. Long press the left or right earbud to switch between transparency and noise cancellation modes. For music playback or pause and for taking calls, double-tap the left or right earpiece. For the next song and call rejection, triple-tap the left or right earbud.


Exceptional Sound Quality

Xiaomi brings out meticulous mixing and joint tuning based on earbud structure and acoustic principles to improve users' listening experiences and satisfy the somatosensory preferences of the majority of people. Redmi Buds 4 employ a 10mm dynamic driver with a premium diaphragm as thin as 0.006mm to achieve a superior audio quality and listening experience. It can enhance the beauty of a person's voice while also making the treble clearer, the low frequency richer, and restoring more details to the music. This results in a more professional frequency response curve, steady stress and bass, and crisper vocals. Also, the IP54 waterproof rating adds meaning to the sound perfection as it can withstand rain and dust.


The distinguished Noise Cancellation feature

The Redmi Buds 4 supports up to 35dB of efficient active noise cancellation. Four different noise cancellation settings are available on it, including light noise cancellation, balanced noise cancellation, deep noise cancellation, and adaptive noise cancellation. Its adaptive noise cancellation mode, which actively balances present vocals and ambient noise, sets it apart from competitors. Using an artificial intelligence (AI) voice algorithm makes it possible to distinguish between the human voice and background noise. It efficiently minimizes background noise and enhances the loudness and quality of human voice. The human voice is clear, the background noise is minimal, and the call quality is excellent without interruptions.


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