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Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active Review

Xiaomi has always proved to launch products that are a combination of innovation and affordability. Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active is one of those products. Its extensive features have amazed millions of people across the World since it was launched. If you are Looking for a  smart fitness band that will also upgrade your lifestyle, then this Smart band by Xiaomi will be the perfect choice. Pair it up with your smartphone Using the MI Fitness App and check out your messages, important notifications from your social media accounts, and incoming and Outgoing calls, Also check your stress level. Everything at the ease of your wrist! In this article, we are completely elaborating its key features along with their everlasting benefits.


Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active Specs at a Glance:

Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active



42.8mm × 25.42 × 9.99mm

Weight: 14.9 g(without strap)

Band strap

Adjustable length: 135-215 mm


I vory | Olive | Blue | Black | Pink


1.47" TFT display

Tampered glass with anti-fingerprint coating | 2.5D micro-curved glass


PPG sensor | Accelerometer | Motor: ERM


Supports magnetic charging, full in less than 120 minutes

210 mAh capacity


Let's unbox the all-new Fitness Band by Xiaomi

If we start the review with its packaging, the box itself is so classy and elegant that it attracts many customers to make a purchase. Xiaomi is renowned for delivering an exciting unboxing experience. The box is compact, and sleek and develops a feeling of good expectation among the users. So the impression is great, let's see what we find inside the box! As we open it, we find the Xiaomi Smart 8 Active resting in its specifically moulded compartment. The unique and elegantly designed band strap also comes along with the band body. There is a wide range of colours available so you can order it in any colour of your choice. To run the band, a charging cable is also included in the box contents. For new users, a complete guide is present in the form of a User Manual.


The Layout and Comfort Level

If we compare it with previous smart bands or other high-end smartwatches, it has a larger viewable area. The 1.47" ultra-large display enables you to view stuff more clearly. It renders greater functionality and you can discover more eye-catching details and content. You can check out your notifications just at a glance. For example, you can keep track of your heart rate while walking on the treadmill. If you are driving and want to get updated about the surroundings, then you can see the news at the flick of your wrist. Xiaomi challenges to provide an additional 10.5% viewable area this time!

  • Lightweight (The band has a light and slim body which is easy to wear for a longer period. Moreover, a lighter weight enables you to wear it all the time, whether you are engaged in household chores, office meetings, swimming, exercising or even sleeping.)
  • Graceful Design (This band comes with a unique buckle design which not only looks beautiful but is also easy to wear. It prevents the band from falling off if you are doing strenuous The material used in making of strap is super soft and smooth. The coloursare vibrant and will suit the style statement of every age group.)
  • 100+ Watch Faces ( You won't get bored if you buy the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 active as it comes with numerous custom watch faces. You can choose from an extensive range of attractive watch faces that will freshen up your mood after a hectic day. Xiaomi has designed all of them according to people's personal preferences and fashion statement.)


Stay Fit and Healthy

This band acts as your ultimate fitness tracker. It supports 50+ sports modes which cover all kinds of activities. Now you don't need to buy expensive diet plans and spend huge amounts of money to visit physicians. This one band will do it all! The different modes keep track of your exercise duration and accurate calorie consumption. It's the first step towards your fitness journey. Your blood oxygen level is monitored the whole day, you will also receive notifications about your heart health. The band also alarms you when the heart rate goes above or below the normal range. It's highly beneficial for women who face problems while keeping track of their hormonal balance. Now they can stay updated on their menstrual cycle and the early notification leads to a tension-free month!


Say Goodbye to Irregular Sleep Patterns

The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active has a scientific sleep monitoring system. As you don't get enough sleep during the busy routine, this band will take care of your sleep! You'll get to know that how much you have slept last night. Is it adequate to spend a healthy day or not? You will be aware of your sleep status at different stages. It also provides appropriate sleep suggestions to assist you in enhancing your sleep quality. If you will get quality sleep at night only then your body can work efficiently during the day. A night of good sleep is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, you can also measure the amount of stress you are going through. It indicates when the stress level becomes high so take a break with Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active!


Battery Health and Magnetic Charging

This band features an impressive battery life and a hassle-free charging experience. With normal usage, it can last for 14 days on a single charge. But if your usage is on the heavier end, involving more frequent display clicks, active workouts and health tracking, it will still last for 6 to 7 days. This time the charging process has been made easier. The two-pin magnetic charging cable plugs into place, ensuring a precise connection for charging. Magnetic charging is not only convenient but also renders fast charging. You can fuel it up from 0 to 100% in less than 2 hours.


Xiaomi is the leading Innovation

The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active is compatible with numerous devices for an immense user experience. The Mi Fitness App has increased its compatibility as you can download it through both the Android app store and the Apple store. So you can now connect your band with your iPhones. The Mi fitness app serves as the central hub for tracking and managing your fitness data, health metrics, and device settings. It provides comprehensive data analysis, effortlessly syncing and presenting your fitness and health data in a user-friendly format, covering step counts, sleep patterns, and heart rate trends. The app goes further by creating customized fitness plans aligned with your goals, whether you are losing weight or building muscle mass.


Live your Dreams

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the World underwater? Now is the opportunity to fulfil all your dreams. The 5 atm water resistance of the Smart Band 8 Active allows you to discover the underwater details. Xiaomi makes sure that you stay connected in every instance of life whether you are travelling, swimming, exercising or sleeping. You get constant updates and notifications wherever you go. For endless connections with your loved ones, buy this unique wearable device in a reasonable price frame from online. It's the one-stop shop for tech products. They deliver authentic products at the most affordable rates to your doorstep within no time!

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