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From the beginning, Xiaomi aims to provide smart living and establish a technology that adds meaning to life. The main purpose of Xiaomi is to make the day-to-day obstacles of an individual’s life bearable. The newly introduced Xiaomi Smart Speaker Lite with its richly detailed sound quality and Wireless Mouse Lite with its smooth functioning fill the day with an effortless approach and indubitably offer ease.


Smart Speaker Lite- adjust the volume to your mood


Mi Smart Speaker Lite Price is Rs. 8199 and it comes with an IR remote control which speaks of its exceptional features and specifications. The speaker comes with a unibody design that not only adjusts the volume to your mood but also displays time in LED format. If you are looking for a speaker that not only offers good sound quality but also controls multiple devices with just a few clicks, then Smart Speaker Lite is the Best Smart Speaker for you.


What is so special about Smart Speaker Lite?


Xiaomi smart speaker Lite


Elegant Appearance and Practical Design:


The Portable Smart Speaker has a stylish appearance that adds to the beauty of any room. It identifies smart living with its eye-catching design and soothing color scheme. It ultimately becomes the object of your room and offers an elegant view through its compact design. With dimensions of 95x95x14 mm and a weight of 628 grams, the miniature design is a fine stimulus for the eye as well. Depending upon the size, the amount of sound this speaker offers is amusing enough. It also offers you time and makes it suitable enough as an alarm clock. In short, it is something one might ask for!


Built-in Voice Assistant


Another interesting fact about this device is that you can easily control it through your phone or Google Assistant. You can also control long-range Mi devices through these speakers which include smart products such as Mi Desk Lamp 1S, Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 Lite, and Mi Home Security Camera 360 degrees 1080P as long-range microphones provide long-range and clear voice recognition.

You can also control your TV or Air Conditioner through Smart Speaker Lite by combining the IR transmitter with Google Assistant. So what are you waiting for? Just simply saying ‘Hey Google’ indicate whatever you want. Whether you want to listen to music or are interested in current news, adjust your volume and take control now.


Balanced Sound Field


The richness and detailing of sound is a combination of innovative design which creates a perfectly balanced sound field. It creates a flawlessly excellent sound from all angles of the speaker. You can also form a stereo through two devices of the same model and vibe to a home concert.


Wireless Mouse Lite- Drag with ease


Xiaomi Wireless Mouse Lite


Xiaomi Wireless Mouse Lite has proven to expand the portfolio of computer peripherals in the company’s lineup. As the name indicates the wireless device is a successful addition to products that accompany us on a routine basis. The appearance of the mouse goes with any environment that might surround you. Mi Wireless Mouse Lite Price in Pakistan is Rs. 2199 which undoubtedly makes it available for all, ready to be connected to their PCs or laptops. It is the Best Wireless Mouse for Offices, Directors and  Writers as it allows you to manage and organize tasks within time.


What is so special about Wireless Mouse Lite?


Minimal Aesthetic Design and Smooth Functioning:


The minimalist and lightweight design of the Xiaomi Wireless Mouse Lite not only makes it comfortable to hold but also provides an elegant exterior design. The simple design of the mouse has an arched button and streamlined edges which makes it even more comfortable to work with. The smooth blend of black and grey combination is a flawless symbolization of elegance. Moreover, the sleek quality of the mouse is the perfect choice for your desktop as it reflects the maturity of the working owner as well.

The mouse weighs only 60g (excluding the battery) which makes it easy to control and delivers full-range movement. Also, the PTFE coefficient features the mouse to function smoothly. The Teflon material is used in mouse footpads. The mouse can easily be dragged from one position to another without any pause with good wear resistance and self-lubricating properties of low friction of coefficient.


Battery and Wireless Transmission:


The mouse ensures a long battery life powered by a single AAA battery. It features an independent power switch combined with an auto sleep mode to save energy which makes it capable enough for long time usage. Furthermore, the mouse can transmit stable and continuous signals through wireless transmission technology. This wireless transmission saves you from the hurdles of wired connections which provides a neat and presentable look to one’s working space.

The mini 2.4 GHz wireless Nano Receiver makes it portable enough as it can easily fit into the mouse compartment. The mouse is also equipped with technology that proves its efficient working through the original 1000dpi precision sensor.


Control and Grip:


The definite design fits perfectly between the palm and fingers. The medium size of the mouse makes it easier to hold and effortlessly control the left and right buttons in addition to scrolling. The solid grip of the mouse doesn’t require pressure and ultimately makes it easier to use due to its effortlessly steady control.


Why you should buy Smart Speaker Lite and Wireless Mouse Lite from


The outstanding quality of Smart Speaker Lite and Wireless Mouse Lite along with their reasonable price proves to be something that can’t be neglected when it comes to purchasing smart products. proves to be the official Xiaomi store in Pakistan that offers original products at the best prices. It also ensures safe and smooth delivery as soon as your order is placed. So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want a family concert at home full of fun and also manage your work through effortless functioning? Well, then you are just a few clicks away from placing your order and making life more meaningful.

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