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Poco X5 Pro


POCO, as an independent smartphone brand born out of the parent company Xiaomi Corporation, aims at providing its customers with a seamless experience through the unique power of technology. With its relentless efforts day and night, POCO has become one of the most popular tech brands in the world. Leading its aim, POCO decided to launch POCO X5 Series including POCO X5 Pro and POCO X5 which generated a wave of excitement in the markets. Many POCO fans in Pakistan are eagerly waiting for updates like its release date as well as POCO X5 Price in Pakistan. So, what is the tea?


POCO X5 Pro Global Release Date

With much-created thrill for the release of Xiaomi POCO X5 Pro & X5, POCO finally launched its flagship X5 series worldwide on February 6th, 2023. This has enthused POCO fans in Pakistan as well. However, there is still time for its official arrival in Pakistan.

POCO X5 Series in Pakistan

 Xiaomi POCO X5 Pro Launch in Pakistan is yet not scheduled by Xiaomi Pakistan early this year (2023). On that account, we can tentatively suggest that it will be available to hardcore Pakistani POCO fans around December 2023 or January 2024. Xiaomi Pakistan, due to current economic and political challenges, was unable to plan its release this year. Nevertheless, as per their program, Redmi Note 12 Pro and Xiaomi 13 Pro are going to be launched in Pakistan this current year, which is still keeping the fans excited and motivated.


POCO X5 Series & its Pricing in Pakistan

POCO X5 Pro in Pakistan is expected to be one of the most popular and trendy phones once launched. With its exceptional and new features already known to the masses, POCO X5 Pro's expected price in Pakistan is going to be between PKR 80,000 to PKR 100,000. POCO X5 Pro and POCO X5 will be a good value for money considering their state-of-the-art in-built technology.

What is so unique about POCO 5X Series?

When it comes to Xiaomi Smartphones, we all can agree that its ultra-modern technology and smartness provide seamless and uninterrupted virtual experiences to its customers for reasonable price ranges. So, what’s new in POCO X5 Pro and X5?


First MIUI 14 Smartphone by POCO

POCO X5 Pro is the first global MIUI 14 device launched by POCO. The updated user interface based on Android 13 adds to the smoothness of visuals with other enhancements compared to its previous versions. The widgets, animations, icons, and other in-built have been optimized to bring out the best for the customers. Give brownie points to the fact that the update helps in keeping the memory usage less and makes everything in the phone more responsive and better. Also, you can personalize all your user interfaces with different options available based on your preferences.

Better Experience, Better Satisfaction!

With Snapdragon® 778G, a 6nm process based on ARM Cortex-A78 architecture, users can now get exposure to a better and more efficient performance by the POCO X5 Pro and X5. It is also compatible with 5G high-Speed Networks, making it an actual pro. Now binge-watch as many reels as you desire, play songs without any lags, enjoy your personalized user interfaces, and stay updated about different trends with its 2.4GHz response rate. No interruptions, consistent satisfaction!


Poco X5 Pro Ram

Performance Efficiency with Dynamic RAM Expansions!

Now get your favorite moments captured inside your smartphone without any disruptions and storage issues. It's time we all get out of dead storage zones and enhance our experiences with smartphones like POCO X5 Pro and X5. It comes with different (6GB & 8GB) RAM configurations which are expandable up to 13GB. Get your game to the next level!

Feel the Reality!

POCO is not far behind any smartphone that makes photographs look alive. POCO X5 series comes with an extraordinary re-upgrade that makes the image quality extremely superior. Its all-in-one triple camera is supported by the Snapdragon® 778G to make your memories more special and alive with just one click.

Main Camera


1/1.52’’ Sensor Size

Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera


FOV 120

Macro Camera


FF (4cm)

With such powerful specifications, pixels remain unaffected and resolutions stay good even in dark. Go trendy with POCO!


 Poco X5 Pro Camera

Fan of Vlogging?

In a world full of vlogs and reels, POCO is your companion. With its upgraded VLOG Mode, you can now create any content day long with beautiful results. It offers multiple filters, online templates, and a draft function to make adjustments whenever you desire. In addition, its 4K video Image Mastery, professional and high-quality videos are just one tap away.


Sensational Display

POCO X5 series brings, for the very first time, a flagship flexible AMOLED display for an immersive visual experience. It's sleek and thin and brings virtual reality to life through its attractive display colors and performance efficiency. It also has 1920Hz PWM dimming technology that brings comfort and ease to the eyes while using it, now you can chat with your friends for as much time as you desire without feeling weary and tired. The Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos technology optimizes the image quality and makes it look richer than ever. You’ll get cinematic exposure on your screen! The audio-visual synchronization makes it even more worth it.


Less Consumption, More Fun

POCO X5 Series comes with a strong battery setup. Its 5000mAh massive battery makes it an unbeatable smartphone. The outstanding battery endurance keeps you battery-stress-free all day. To boot, its 67W turbo-charging lets you move with pace throughout.



To summarize, POCO X5 series marked its official arrival worldwide a few days back. Now it is much awaited by POCO fans in Pakistan to be launched soon. However, Pakistan’s ban on the trade is causing disruption. This can be a significant reason for POCO X5 series to not arrive officially this year (2023). But it can be suggested that Redmi 12 Pro and Xiaomi 13 Pro will finally be available in Pakistan soon. As POCO diehard fans, stay connected for further updates by regarding POCO X5 Series!

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