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Xiaomi has a huge fan following around the World due to several reasons. The majority of the population likes its smartphones. Xiaomi phones are one of the most owned phones in Pakistan. If we look at other companies in the tech market, their smartphones also possess impressive specs but they are quite expensive and out of budget for so many people. Xiaomi has always aimed to revolutionize people's lives in a lot of ways. They create products to update the lifestyle of not only rich people but also those who earn an average living. Xiaomi is the only company that promotes a healthy lifestyle for its valued customers by providing fitness features in most of its products. So your fitness is maintained at such a low cost if you choose Xiaomi!

Xiaomi's strategy to lower their production cost:

The Xiaomi manufacturers prefer to lower their costs instead of reducing the quality of specs. Their great intentions have generated huge yearly sales and developed trust among thousands of people. Let's see how they have been able to achieve their goals:

  • They prefer online selling. This means they don't pay the extra commission to dealers, sales returns and other issues regarding physical distribution setups. They hire online distributors to minimize the cost.
  • Xiaomi believes that Xiaomi products should reach larger groups instead of just targeting the rich people which are generally few in number. When the percentage of buyers increases, the greater sales make it possible to manage high quality.
  • They are not in favour of extravagant advertisements therefore cutting the cost! Instead, they promote their brand with the formula of creating high-quality products at cheap prices so that more and more people get attracted.
  • They do not manufacture extra stock of phones that remain unsold. They produce the quantity which is sufficient according to the customers. So again the cost is reduced when no extra phones are left. Other high-end companies also include the cost of that extra stock in the price of a single handset, protecting themselves from any kind of loss.
  • Xiaomi sells mobile phones in a way that no mobile competes with the other one at the same time. For example, if it has launched a single handset for Rs 20,000 then the other will be a different price range. As there is no competition, the worth of every single smartphone increases among the costumers.
  • If we observe Xiaomi's techniques, they follow the trend instead of taking risks. They see what's trending in the market and introduce it at an affordable price. They don't spend too much on innovation when they are not confirmed about its success. This strategy also reduces the cost significantly.
  • The Xiaomi manufacturers also keep less percentage of profit in every product's price. Their way of maximising profit is to sell the phones to a greater number of people rather than emptying the pockets of a few people.
  • Most of their products stay in the market for more than 18 months which is longer than other tech companies. They manage their inventory efficiently to meet customer's demands on time. They also launch sales on different occasions to keep their expenditure record low.
  • Xiaomi also works by joining hands with other renowned companies for example Qualcomm. Qualcomm is famous for its lightning-fast mobile processors. The partnership means they get authentic and powerful processors at cheaper rates. Hence, reducing the cost.
  • Xiaomi is based in China and produces mobile hardware locally in its own Country. This is a great plus point which reduces the labour cost to a great extent. It is known that the cost of labour in China is very low compared to other companies.

Xiaomi is not just a Mobile Company!

When we talk about Xiaomi, it offers you a whole range of useful products. They launch products that are a need of every workspace and household. For example, they have air purifiers, electric scooters, security cameras, kitchen accessories and much more. All these items are top-notch amongst the consumers. They sell all the products based on durability along with affordability. So people trust them and buy their products without any hesitation. In this way, a lot of celebrities who possess a strong position on social media appreciate Xiaomi products. Youtubers and bloggers also support them and promote their products.

A complete package at a lesser price!

Xiaomi products prove to be an all-rounder by all means. The Xiaomi smartphones have all the features of high-end mobiles. For example, you can find everything such as face unlock, fingerprint sensor, high megapixels back and front camera, fast processor, high storage capacity, long-lasting battery and a classy design and build in your budget. There is a wide variety of colours in all the phones so people of every age group can choose accordingly.  When the dreams are fulfilled at such a low price, everyone wishes to buy Xiaomi phones thereby increasing their profit.

Xiaomi's Promise of Durability:

  1. Xiaomi has its own lab which checks all the mobile phones through various durability tests. The products only reach the consumers when they are in perfect state.
  2. Xiaomi gives a warranty with its mobile phones.
  3. The customer support is amazing, you can contact and discuss your problem any time you want to. They resolve it efficiently.
  4. They provide easy user guides within the box. People from rural areas who are not highly educated can also operate mobile phones and stay connected to their loved ones.
  5. Each mobile phone comes with complete box contents and important accessories. You don't need to buy them separately.
  6. The Mi App is always there for your assistance.

It is proven, that Xiaomi is beneficial for its customers in every way. If you want to buy 100% authentic Xiaomi phones in Pakistan then visit now. They will deliver your favourite products to your doorsteps within no time.

Mon Feb 19, 24

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