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Xiaomi 13T Review

Xiaomi 13T is that flagship phone which you are looking for! It is not only a high-end phone with powerful hardware but it also offers five years of software updates! The exceptional camera, display and ultra-fast processor make it worth buying. This phone has dropped the market value of all its predecessors. Xiaomi has done a great job in competing with the extravagant phones of the time but in a reasonable price bracket.


Design and Build

The layout of the Xiaomi 13T is quite impressive as it adds elegance to your style statement. The flat screen design is combined with a metallic texture to give a more luxurious feel. The high-gloss shine of the body will make it stand out in public. It comes in three enticing colours alpine blue, meadow and black. All the colours are perfect for any age group and they enhance a person's class. This time Xiaomi has launched its first BioComfort Vegan leather which is not only environmentally friendly but also dust resistant and durable. You will feel extremely comfortable while holding the phone due to its increased breathability.



Now immerse yourself in an amazing AMOLED 6.67" Dotdisplay. The screen performance is incredible even in sunlight. You can clearly see everything on your phone whether it is a message or a notification because of the 2600 nits peak brightness feature. The Pro HDR display adjusts the light according to the environment which takes your photography to the next level. Moreover, you can now protect your eyes if you are a night worker. The 2880 Hz PWM dimming feature reduces visual fatigue giving you a smoother and healthier experience.


Ultra-fast Processor

The Xiaomi 13T features MediaTek Dimensity, a powerful processor. It allows you to wind up heavy chores in your home and office just at the ease of your smartphone. The applications are opened and closed at lightning speeds and it is also a piece of good news for gaming enthusiasts. Enjoy long gaming hours without distortion. The content creators can now make reels, videos and vlogs with a non-stop performance. The phone is also built-in with heat dissipation, unlike other high-end phones.


Unleash the Authentic Leica Imagery

Xiaomi has coordinated with Leica this time to amaze its customers with great technology in the lens. Leica provides a professional camera system which captures moments with more reality and definition. Xiaomi 13T has a 50 MP main camera and 12MP ultra-wide camera which helps you professionally cherish your memories. Travel and discover every inch of the World with Xiaomi 13T's crystal clear camera result. The pictures will have 25% more colours with a three-dimensional touch making you feel like you're actually present in the scene. This phone is a masterpiece as it comprises of wide range of lenses that create exact focus in every image. Types of lenses:

  1. 35mm Documentary Lens
  2. 50mm Swirly bokeh lens
  3. 90mm Soft focus lens

Each lens produces unique photographs! Likewise, there are numerous new filters available by Leica to enhance and provide artistic creations.


Smart Imaging by Xiaomi

This is the latest feature present in Xiaomi 13T, it enables you to capture perfect pictures using the algorithm and AI recognition. For example, it includes the following functions:   

  • Image enhancement

This gives a perfect combination of space, time, light and shadow in your pictures.

  • Colourperception    

It is done by a colour engine in a way that processes very natural human-like colours.

  • AI recognition

The AI identifies suitable scenes by itself and optimises the picture accordingly.

  • Instant Capture

It is done by the accelerating engine which expedites the photo capture process.

  • Ecosphere Engine

It is supported across a wide range of 3rd party apps for even more creativity.


Battery and Charging

The powerful all-rounder handset Xiaomi 13T only takes 42 minutes to be fully charged! It features 67W turbocharging with a long-lasting 5000 mAh battery. You can play games and watch your favourite videos for up to 16 hours without a lag. The Xiaomi 13T Pro comes with a 120W hypercharge. Now stop worrying about charging your phone multiple times a day as it will easily last for up to 2 days even with heavy usage.


Refresh Rate

The Xiaomi 13T features Flagship-grade 144 Hz OLED refresh rate which is incredible as it is higher than the previous Xiaomi smartphones. The improved refresh rate provides faster responsiveness during gaming. You can now achieve a hassle-free winning experience in each gaming encounter. All these features make the Xiaomi 13T exceptional in this price range.


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Fri Nov 10, 23

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