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Gaming is commonly considered one of the major entertainment in people's lives. People spend many hours playing video games and  Sometimes it becomes a habit and this habit is increasing day by day. Every age group from kids to the elderly is fond of passing their time while playing games. The advancement of technology has accelerated many gaming platforms but Consoles and Gaming mobile phones are top of the list. There is a strong argument over the pros and cons of both platforms for gaming purpose, lets have a look in this article that who wins the battle for Gaming Supremacy!


Are Smartphones going to take up on Consoles?

A few years back, this debate was not as interesting as it is now because mobile video games have gained the hype in recent years. Now people do not exert their energy on making a complete setup like PS3, PS4 and Xbox and instead prefer to achieve quality gaming experience at the ease of their handy mobile phones.


The evolution of mobile games over the years!

The first mobile game was released by Hagenuk Corporation and following their footsteps, Nokia launched the iconic SNAKE game. Finally, in 2007, Apple launched its first iPhone which started a new gaming area with its exceptional touch screen and smooth graphics. This was how the mobile games evolved, and now we have thousands of games available on the app stores!

On the other hand, the PlayStation was released by Sony in the year 1994 and it instantly became a hit among video gamers. Later in 2001, Microsoft produced a rival to Sony named Xbox. Though there is a huge variety of consoles in the market PlayStation ruled the console market for more than two decades.


Is mobile gaming bigger than console gaming?

Mobile gaming accounts for 50 percent of the global gaming market and it is also responsible for generating a huge annual revenue! But as everything has its pros and cons, consoles have larger screens, and premium quality graphics and can perform numerous actions using game controllers. Whereas mobiles are easy to use, accessible, and can be carried around and played anywhere. The common thing between the two platforms is the variety of amazing games in various genres.


Factors comparing the two gaming platforms are discussed below:

   1. Graphics

Consoles have better graphics due to the heavy processors. Consoles have a joint venture with game development studios and they discuss the platform's technical specifications with them. The game developers then produce games that suit the requirements of the console platforms. Whereas, mobiles are not manufactured after considering the game developers' requirements and customers also do not buy smartphones for this specific purpose. The games are made available to them with other added features of the handset and hence they play.

But this fact cannot be denied that companies like Xiaomi have made enormous improvements in this regard. They have launched the best Xiaomi gaming mobiles that are not only exceptional in terms of other features but also satisfy gaming enthusiasts with premium-quality graphics.


      2. Game Controls

Console users usually have joysticks, paddles and gamepads to interact and control the video game which occupy so much space and also feel heavy to lift during the game. On the other hand, mobile phones have touch controls, virtual buttons, and gyroscopic and accelerometer controls. These controls are simple, and intuitive and do not occupy any space nor feel heavy to hold while playing.


     3. Multipurpose Product

Consoles do not come in the category of multitasking devices as they are only fixed for gaming. But a mobile phone is a multipurpose product! If you invest a handsome amount in a good gaming mobile phone, all your problems will be sorted out as you can connect, capture and play, all with just one device. Moreover, it is also helpful if you plan to travel with your friends, you don't need to carry heavy consoles along with you to enjoy gaming ventures and instead, you can play and connect with your friends to experience an endless joint gaming venture.

The mobile phones are portable devices which can be carried anywhere. While commuting or waiting for an appointment or on coffee breaks etc. You can casually refresh your mind during hectic office work hours by just pulling your mobile phone out of your pocket and playing your favourite game. The Android and iOS app stores have a huge variety of games to which you will get addicted!


More power to Smartphones!

The latest smartphones can even become a handheld gaming consoles. If you want to play console-specific games you can turn your gaming mobile phone into a console-controlling gadget. Xiaomi, iOS iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel Android phones will readily pair with the gaming consoles due to their detailed visuals and fast data processing speeds.


Ultra-fast Processors enhance the gaming experience to the next level!

The Xiaomi phones 13Pro, 12 pro and many others feature ultra-fast and efficient processors that consume the lowest possible energy and enable game functioning at lightning-fast speeds. Most of the Xiaomi phones have Mediatek Helio and Snapdragon processors which are the best-known processors for gaming purposes. The powerful processors allow quick connectivity and easy download of heavy games without a lag.


Buy Now!

Your gaming dream has now come true! Buy your favourite gaming phone now and say goodbye to the conventional gaming consoles! is the Official Xiaomi website where you can easily find your required gaming mobiles at the most affordable rates. Their customer support will give you complete guidance and you can take advantage of their fast delivery service, long warranties and amazing discounts and offers.

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