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Best Gaming Processor mobile phone
It is quite difficult to select the best processor for gaming in mobiles because there is a wide range available in the market due to the advancement of technology. As the central hub of your mobile phone, the processor plays a vital role as it can perform millions of tasks within the blink of an eye. For gaming purposes, the processor must be able to bear high pressure! However, Snapdragon and MediaTek are known to be the leading ones. These processors are common among manufacturing companies in every entry-level, low-cost, and mid-range smartphone. The Google, Samsung and iPhone have their own chipsets.

If you are a gaming freak then you must try Xiaomi handsets which are specially designed in a way that you would love your upcoming gaming sessions. Also, this is very important to understand that the speed of the phone, the overall user experience and the battery life are all dependent on the processors.


Processors must give an Immersive gaming experience!

Now play your games like a pro with Xiaomi Redmi smartphones that have the best and fastest-running processor. The recently launched Redmi Note 12 possesses 6nm Snapdragon 685 which takes the gaming venture to the next level. You can play games all day long without any disruption and it is also combined with a 120Hz AMOLED display which makes it the best gaming mobile phone. The eye-catching display and fast processor allow you to remain centred and focus on your subject while playing, resulting in a tremendous win in each session.

If you are a gaming enthusiast then you must be looking for a gaming phone with other added benefits such as a long-lasting battery and the phone should also support a 5G network for an unstoppable gaming experience. All these conditions are fulfilled by Redmi Note 12 so buying this smartphone won't make you regret it!


Fulfill Your Gaming desires with Redmi 12C and Redmi 10C

The Redmi 12C is powered by MediaTek Helio G85 Chipset which is specially optimized for gaming. MediaTek is another flagship gaming processor built on a 4-nanometer process technology. It supports the latest 5G modems and can efficiently run heavy games like Pubg without a lag. The newest ARM version used by this chipset also aids in loading the applications quickly. This processor will give you an extremely smooth gaming experience that you won't get tired of defeating your enemy in every game. It delivers a more balanced performance and outshines its peers, while the Mali-G52 gaming GPU offers you great entertainment.

The huge memory option and 5000mAh massive battery allow you to download your favourite games in Redmi 12C without carrying a charger with you as the battery does not decrease even after long hours of playing. The Redmi 10C is powered by the incredible octa-core Snapdragon 680 processor which is also built on the flag-ship level 6nm process. This makes it capable of great performance while also conserving energy, extending the phone's battery life. Play games with your friends with lightning-fast speed making your gaming sessions memorable like never before!


Redmi 12C VS Redmi 10C 

Apple A13 Bionic and Samsung Exynos

This is another system on a chip designed by Apple. It is a 64-bit six-core CPU and has 2 high-performance cores called lightning and four energy-efficient cores called thunder running at the speed of 2.5 GHz. It has also an integrated 4-core GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) which enables low power consumption and faster graphic performance. No doubt it is also one of the best processors but the price of the iPhone series is heavy on pockets for many people!

Samsung launched the Exynos 1080 in 2020, which supports a 144 Hz refresh rate display with full HD resolution. It has 5G support with a 5nm EUV processor-based chip. This processor can also run several operations per second without lag and enhances your gaming encounters. However, the current economy of Pakistan has made the prices of Samsung and iPhone mobiles out of range for the majority of the people.


Is Snapdragon better than MediaTek?

MediaTek and Snapdragon are both ideal for gaming and are popular chipset manufacturers but the difference is that Snapdragon is generally used for high-end mobile phones that cost you greater while MediaTek offers more reasonable options with better energy-conserving ability. So fulfil your gaming dreams as you like!


Best Gaming Processors under Budget Bracket

 10A and Redmi A2+ are examples of mobile phones that allow you to play games with the help of their fast-running processors but are also affordable at the same time. They possess the MediaTek Helio G25 and G36 processors which is an exception in this price range. They will deliver all the power you need for playing exciting games and for seamless browsing. The octa-core processor prevents crashing during games and is optimum for heavy usage.

Budget Friendly Phones

How to Test for Best Processors for Gaming?

Look for the disruption between opening different applications at a time and during the download of heavy games. You can also calculate the time taken to load games on various mobile phones and then make a comparison. The Xiaomi phones go through several tests before they are approved such as their build quality, battery life and performance being checked thoroughly by their official labs. Xiaomi has been providing all-rounder Android mobiles to its customers for several years and they are well-known for maintaining their quality even in an affordable price range. No other high-end company can match the exceptional repute of Xiaomi.


Buy Now from!

There is a wide variety of phones on with the best gaming processors and which are not heavy on your pockets! You also need to keep in mind the fact that efficient gaming occurs on larger screens with precise touch, high resolutions and extraordinary graphics. All these characteristics are found in Xiaomi's Android mobiles. Just visit the website and make a fair choice. Some of them are currently on discount and is renowned for its fast delivery service, long-lasting warranties and unmatchable rates. So don't wait until your favourite mobile phone gets out of stock.

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