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As the World is becoming more digital, the scope for online shopping has increased incredibly. Whether you want to buy clothes, household items, electronic appliances or mobile phones, there is a huge market online! People prefer to shop at the ease and comfort of their homes instead of going out and wasting so much time. So, because necessity is the mother of invention, online shops have spread widely.

But the question arises from where to buy. Especially in the case of mobile phones, that particular shop or site needs to be trusted by the customers Worldwide. They must be selling authentic mobile phones with their original packaging and complete box contents.


Here is a list of Factors that You Must Consider!

  • The online website/shop must be officially authorized by the mobile company.
  • Check for the reviews about their business given by various customers.
  • Get information about their delivery service and how the  shop will  deliver
  • Whether the Shop Offers Deals discount.
  • Search for more than one mobile shop to buy mobile online.
  • Check out the rates of mobiles on different sites and their added services.
  • Choose the perfect mobile by viewing the specs shown on various sites.
  • Don't forget to check the warranty and refund/claim procedure of the mobile websites online.
  • Make a fair comparison of all the factors listed above between different online mobile companies.


Which Features do You look for While Buying a Mobile Phone?

Wherever you go, you will see people of every age group holding a smartphone in their hands. So this has become a pivotal need in our daily lives. Therefore, the decision to buy a smartphone online is not that simple and you have to look at many aspects before choosing the perfect mobile phone. The necessary features which are put into consideration are listed below:

  1. Display (this includes the design and build of the smartphone).
  2. A good battery health.
  3. High storage capacity.
  4. Strong security features (this includes various methods of securing data through fingerprint sensor or face unlock)
  5. Fast-running processor.
  6. A camera that captures all your precious moments with clarity!
  7. Most important is the price of the smartphone.

1. Display

It depends on you what is your basic purpose of buying a smartphone. For example, if you are a gaming freak then you must look for a larger screen with high resolution. But if you are using it just for checking emails, messaging, social surfing and making calls then a larger display might be difficult to carry in the long run. Mobile companies put great efforts into making a presentable display with full HD resolution which is adequate for you to download and watch movies while taking care of your eyes.

Moreover, the design and build of the smartphone must be according to your class. If you are a youngster then you can go for bright colours but if you like to keep your style statement quite decent then you can opt for metallic grey or silver which are available in a wide range of mobiles.

2. Battery Health

This is the most essential of all because none of you will like to charge your phone again and again. A good battery life with a fast charger (that should be present in the box) is a major plus point while making your final choice. Don't settle for anything less than 3000mAh. As there is great demand for long-lasting batteries, the manufacturers are producing mobiles with amazing battery life that lasts for more than 2 days and it only takes 2 hours to get fully charged! When you search for mobiles online, keep in mind that your phone must not leave you in the crucial times when you need it the most.

3. Storage

Users who do not like to put more load on their phones will be okay with 32GB of storage. But if you are one of those who love to keep a bulk of photographs and videos with them should go for a phone with 64 GB or 128 GB. Heavier games and movies require a lot of storage so if you wish to download lengthy movies and play heavy games then choose a phone with immense storage capacity.

4. Security

As everyone prefers to keep their data private, there must be an advanced security lock. You can look for a fingerprint sensor that is hidden in the camera island so that no one can use your finger even when you are asleep. Phones with face unlock also provide security but they are sometimes unreliable as anyone who resembles you can unlock your smartphone.

5. Processor

If you want proper functioning of all your apps without a lag then go for a fast-running processor which includes Qualcomm Snapdragon and MediaTek Helio processors. The octa-core processors deliver more balanced performance and a smooth entertainment experience. Also, consider a good GPU such as the Mali-G52 which allows you to enjoy unlimited gaming ventures.

6. Camera

Due to the advancement in technology, you can find amazing cameras in quite reasonable smartphones. For example, the Redmi series by Xiaomi include many phones with 50MP quad camera and those phones are budget-friendly at the same time. If you wish to capture crisp and clear pictures in different modes such as HDR mode, night mode portrait mode then this has become easy these days as there is a long list of phones which possess these camera features.

7. Price

The price of the smartphone which is the deciding factor for all the others, is last but not the least. All the elements mentioned above must be present in a mobile phone that is also under your budget. Again the features are respective to the price you invest in your smartphone. The more you spend, it will be worth it because it is your daily necessity! If you are unable to find the smartphone that suits your needs then visit . It is an official online store with a variety of smartphones and their rates are unmatchable with other online shops. They offer fast delivery service nationwide and amazing discounts on the latest mobiles.

Mi store promises to deliver 100% authentic products with up to 3 years of warranty. So visit now and make a better decision.
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