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Xiaomi is the only tech brand where innovation meets technology. Thus giving rise to technological wonders. Xiaomi as the top technology brand has been devoted to transform traditional living and replace it with smart living. In order to achieve its goals Xiaomi works tirelessly to innovate the life around you. In their struggle towards maximized productivity and effortless luxury they tend to introduce the best performing tech devices to revolutionize your lives. The Mi fans droll over every eco products introduced by Xiaomi and never gets disappointed. The Mi eco products tend to make life not only more luxurious and easy-going but also more productive and efficient. We at consider it our sole responsibility to serve and update you about the latest Xiaomi products as being the only official Xiaomi exclusive store in Pakistan. So, here is a list of the new Mi eco products we compiled for you!

Mi Handheld Garment Steamer

Xiaomi is very considerate about even the minute details of its consumer’s lives. That is why Xiaomi happens to innovate gadgets to facilitate your everyday life. Ironing clothes of all the daily chores may be the most important yet the most tiresome. To take some burden off your shoulders Xiaomi has introduced its latest Mijia Handheld garment steamer. This is no ordinary garment steamer assist is equipped with the latest technology and the smartest innovation to assist you in ironing clothes.

The Mi handheld garment steamer is a light-weighted handy device that makes ironing clothes hassle free. It works at a rated power of 1200 Watts, at a voltage of 220 Volts hence, making it efficient as well. This handheld steam iron comes with a built-in water tank and tends to steam iron clothes in no time. Xiaomi understands that clothes are indeed the most important visual aid in expressing your personality and thus we add grace to them. This steam iron is not only the best available steam iron in the market but also the most affordable! 

MI TV Stereo

Next on the list is the all-new Mi Tv Stereo. We can all agree that this pandemic made us miss cinema houses the most of all things. No doubt that quarantine is the most important instruction we should all abide by but to be honest now it is getting on our nerves. Well fear not, for Xiaomi has got you covered. Who needs to go to a theater when you can bring home the cinematic experience? There are a number of products introduced by Xiaomi in this regard, including the Xiaomi LEDs and smart projectors but the Mi TV stereo takes it all to a new level of entertainment.

This smart tv audio out is a compact device that enables you to experience sound at its best. The minimalist design makes it possible to fit in anywhere and even get mounted. The multiple connectivity options make it possible to set-up effortlessly within 30 seconds. The connectivity options include Bluetooth, AUX, CoAuxial, line-in, optical and S/PDIF. The enhanced bass and 8 sound drivers take your gaming and visual experience to a cinematic level. With this tv stereo you are sure to have the experience of a lifetime. Go check out its surprisingly discounted price on here

Mi LCD Writing Tablet 13.5”

Online education has recently become the only mode of education possible during this pandemic. And how can Xiaomi leave behind the most important aspect of its consumer’s life? Thus with the introduction of a number of products aiding to the smart teaching of children and adults Xiaomi has now introduced its all new eco product, the Mi Lcd Blackboard. This lcd blackboard is a smart tablet but purely designed for note taking and smart learning. It is a 13.5 inches big lcd screen that comes along with the precisely designed stylus to add the extra class in your smart living standards.

The mi home lcd blackboard 13.5 tw is equipped with a customized LCD film enabling it to maintain your clear and natural handwriting. Moreover, it has high-sensitivity pressure sensors that allows you to control the thickness and opacity of your drawings. Another plus point of this Mi tablet is that it does not have blue LED lights making it safer for the eyes. There is nothing you cannot achieve with this Mi lcd blackboard if you have the right inspiration. Its ultra slim design with thick exterior makes it unbreakable with a dash of style. Go get you Mi lcd blackboard today at an amazingly discounted price on here This was all from our side. Let us know what you think about my list of the all-new Xiaomi eco products in Pakistan. Also, feel free to let us know what is your favorite Xiaomi lifestyle product. Xiaomi as a worldwide embraced brand feels that it is their core responsibility to pave the path towards the future of smart living to smart everything. Hence, Xiaomi always find ways to come up with unrivaled innovations to ease out the fast-pacing lives today.

Xiaomi is determined to create a life beyond the limitations of bundled up chores. Rather, introduce a new mode of living that is more efficient, more productive, and more luxurious. Being the official Xiaomi exclusive online store in Pakistan, it is now upon to deliver Xiaomi’s promises to Pakistan. delivers 100 percent original Xiaomi products nationwide with the facility of cash on delivery and online payment mode. With that, they are known to have the best deals and discount bundles on Xiaomi eco products. We at would love to serve our valuable customers with nothing but perfection. Know more about here Happy Shopping!

Thu Dec 08, 22

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