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Best Xiaomi Projectors To Buy In 2021

Xiaomi as a brand is destined to revolutionize our lives. Xiaomi is determined to create smart living in the best reliable content. Mi fans around the globe love how Xiaomi has helped in making their lives more productive and luxurious. Else than smartphones, Xiaomi is known for its eco products. Quality is something Xiaomi never compromises upon. This coupled with affordability makes Xiaomi the best technology brand. Xiaomi products are equipped with the latest technology of the finest quality in order to deliver nothing but the best. Whether it be your home chores or your burden at work, Xiaomi will always be by your side. Today, allow us to put forth the best Xiaomi projectors for you to buy in 2021! 

The world we today live in demands visual aid for everything. Whether it be teaching your children or giving a presentation at office, without some visual experience everything seems to be dull and boring. Understanding the mode of learning and communication today Xiaomi has introduced a wide range of projectors to match your needs. Below are the best Xiaomi projectors for you to purchase.

Mi 4K Laser Projector 150”

Starting off with the Mi 4K Projector as it is the best 4K projector available in the prevailing market. The Mi 4K laser projector 150 is the exact opposite to your idea of a projector. It is compact, handy, weighs only 7.0 kgs and has the latest technology installed. This 4K laser projector ensures premium video quality of 4K which gives resolutions of 3840 X 2160 UHD. This supports 80 inches to 150 inches screen which is just like bringing cinema home! This 4K projector has an Android TV 9.0 operating system and dual-band 2.4/5 GHz built-in Wifi. With that it is also equipped built-in Dual full range and dual tweeter 2 x 15W speakers giving you the best theatrical experience. The ultra-short throw ration of 0.233: 1 makes its fitting super easy. Get this Short Throw Projector at affordable Price on

Mi Smart Compact Projector

The Mi projectors are designed to deliver the best performance in the best fitting scenarios. Thus, the Xiaomi projectors are exactly what you need, not a thing more or less. This Mi smart compact projector has a surprisingly small design with astonishing deliverance. This mini mi projector can perform explicable at screen sizes of 40 inches to 200 inches. It is based on the operating system of MIUI TV and supports dynamic image of HDR 10. The LED light source technology can give vivid images with the resolutions of 1920 x 1080. The compact size allows it to be placed literally anywhere you want it to be. And this idea is supported by its feasible projection ratio of 1.2: 1. This Mi smart compact projector is the best affordable option you can go for when purchasing Mi smart projectors.

Look for its surprisingly low price check details: Mi Smart Projector Mini.


Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro

Coming on to this smart projector which is indeed our hot-selling projector at the The Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro is Xiaomi at its best. It is all that you can expect from a high-end projector but wont cost you a kidney. This 3.7 kg handy device is your key to the ultimate visual experience. It is also referred to as the mi smart projector mini due to its compact size. But with no compromise on the quality of deliverance.

This Mi smart projector works on a display technology of 0.47 inches DMD to serve you with the standard resolutions of 9120 x 1080. The 4-channel LED, light source technology makes it possible to project vivid and vibrant images. This smart projector supports screens sizes ranging from 40 inches to 200 inches without the distortion of image. Along with that it is equipped with dual 10 W full-frequency speaker audio system, allowing you to bring theater home. The projection ratio of 1.1: 1 makes it possible to fit-in with ease. To your surprise it also has a built-in chromecast enabling you to toggle between screens easily. Know all about this master piece of technology here.

Mi Laser Projector 150”

The Mi Laser Projector 150is Xiaomi’s award-winning laser projector for its design and deliverance. This among the other mi laser projectors can said to be the best. The Mi Projector 150 has a 0.47-inch DMD display technology with full HD resolutions of 1920 x 1080. This coupled with the ALPD 3.0 light source technology makes it possible to achieve the best cinematic experience. This Mi laser projector has an ultra-short projection ratio of 0.233: 1 enabling it to be the handiest projector to exist. This light-weighted device has a recommended projection screen size ranging from 80 to 150 inches. It supports both, Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity to ensure maximized user friendliness. For the ultimate theatrical experience this device is equipped with dual full-frequency and dual high-fidelity speakers. Hence, whether it be your home or work place this mi laser projector is surely the game changer. Visit here to know more about the price and specs of this tech-beast.

Note that all these Mi smart projectors come with a smart remote control that also supports voice control. This enables your projector to become part-time smart TV. These were all the suggestions we gathered for you based on our intensive experience of dealing in Xiaomi products. Feel free to add more to this list and let us know what is your personal favorite.

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