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Want to buy the Best smart band on the market? has got you covered.

If you guys are looking to buy a decent fitness device and you find yourself confused in the endless stream of searching on the internet, worry no more brings you the new and improved Xiaomi Smart Band 7 featuring countless new exciting modes to cover your fitness.

What are the new features of the Xiaomi smart band 7?

AMOLED Display With a 25% Increase In Wiew

The new and improved Amoled display of Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is magnificent. It features 25% more viewing area and 100 levels of brightness along with 326 PPI making it crystal clear and readable even in bright sunlight.

Xiaomi smart band 7 AMOLED display

The Luxury Of Always-On Display

Unlike its predecessor Band 6, the new Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Features an always-on display mode so that you can see time and notifications without touching the band and lifting your wrist. You can choose your favorite band face and put it on always on display.

More Options, And More Motivation With 110 Sports Mode

Band 7 features 110 plus sports and exercising modes which mean 70 more modes compared to band 6. It covers every possible workout option, so you can opt workout of your choice that suits you best. You can set fitness goals in the MiFit app that helps you choose your goals according to your need so that you stay motivated towards achieving your fitness goals and keep yourself healthy for any activity of life.

VO₂ Max

VO₂ max is the amount of oxygen your body uses while an intensive workout session. It's a common method for determining your fitness level. Training for sports, improving your fitness, and improving your heart health can all be enhanced by knowing your VO2 max.

VO₂ max Xiaomi Smart Band 7

It also determines your VO₂ levels. It shows how much oxygen has been transferred to your muscles through your heart and veins during intensive workouts. The oxygen in your blood is inhaled when you breathe. Your muscles get energy from oxygen through chemical reactions. The more energy your muscles require to work harder, the faster and deeper you breathe.

When exercising hard, it is important to breathe as much oxygen as possible. Fitness is generally correlated with higher VO₂ max. It’s a state-of-the-art feature that only high-end performance trackers provide. Checking your VO₂ level is a necessity during intensive workouts, so you know when to stop.

The Exciting Band Faces

Do you want good looks along with great features? not a problem, the new Xiaomi Smart Band 7 features more than 100 custom band faces, so you can pick your favorite or choose what goes along with your outfit.

Exciting Band Faces Xiaomi Smart Band 7

All-Day Heart Rate Monitoring

The Smart Band also monitors your heart health all day it detects if there’s a change in your heart rate and alerts you. The 24 hours heart rate monitoring is a unique feature of the Smart Band you get to see your live heart rate all day and you get to control your heart rate during workouts so you know when to stop or pause the workout.

Oxygen Monitoring And Alerts

As a measure of a person's overall health, blood oxygen saturation (SPO2) can be used as an indicator. You will be alerted if your blood oxygen level falls below 90% with the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 to prevent serious health complications.

Water Resistance 5Atm

The Smart Band 7 is your perfect companion for working out. You don't have to worry about the band getting wet from the sweat Feel free to burn the calories as much as you want because the Smart Band 7 is water and sweat-resistant. Do you want to swim? why not! Band 7 features water resistance 5Atm, it can join you during your swim session because it can withstand the water pressure up to 50 meters for 30 minutes straight.

Sleep Tracking

It also keeps track of your sleep cycles and rem cycles. It depicts the duration of your sleep and the quality as well. You can easily see the analysis on the app to keep track of your sleep health.

Perfect Fit For The Wrist

The sleek design of the band and the straps fit your wrist perfectly so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost during the workout or a run in the park. It grips your wrist in a perfectly optimized manner so you can cope with your activities hassle-free.

The Battery That Never Runs Out

The MI band comes with a hefty battery that lasts about 14 days with normal usage and 9 days with heavy usage. It also features magnetic charging so you can charge it hassle-free without any trouble.

Color Options For Everyone.

The new Smart Band By Xiaomi is not gender specific it’s for everyone. Xiaomi provides a wide range of colors in the new band. It is available in green, orange, blue, black, pink and white. You can select whichever color suits you best.

Should You Buy It?

If one was to conclude buying Smart Band 7 it's the best purchase for the value of money given its features that it provides an AMOLED display, a Super long-lasting battery, 24 hours heart rate and oxygen monitoring,100 plus sports modes, and band faces and the low-price tag of Rs 8,499 makes Mi Smart Band 7 the best fitness device and your perfect companion in your fitness journey. You can buy it today from the official website of Xiaomi with 100% original global variant products we provide 10 days replacement warranty and 3 months repair warranty of products.


Smart Band 7 Should You Buy It

Wed Jul 20, 22

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