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The Air You Breathe Isn’t Safe Anymore. Why?

In olden times everything was pure and simpler, the oxygen was abundant and the life-threatening hazards in the air were minimal, but with advancements in technology after industrialization, things went haywire with induced air pollution by the automotive industry. Now, the air of our common household contains different types of hazards such as particulate matter (PM10), Ozone (O3), Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Carbon monoxide (CO), and Sulphur dioxide (SO2), All these contents are extremely harmful and plays a vital role in causing air born diseases in humans.

Extremely Harmful Air

It is hazardous for the respiratory health of your family to live in an environment that continuously releases toxic gases, formaldehyde from furniture, unpleasant odors, bacteria, viruses, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens.

According to a 2019 article in the medical journal Lancet, air pollution alone was responsible for 22% of Pakistan's yearly fatalities, while according to a 2019 estimate from the Global Alliance on Health and Pollution, 128,000 Pakistanis pass away each year from diseases linked to air pollution effects.

Xiaomi Air purifier 3h, the solution to your problem.

Xiaomi Air purifier 3h

To better serve your needs, Xiaomi has created the New and Improved Air Purifier 3h, which has several Mi air purifier filter variations. Given the escalating viral infections and air pollution, Xiaomi has made it a priority to safeguard the health of its cherished customers. As a result, the Mi Air Purifiers have been our best-selling product, especially in Lahore, which has been ranked as Pakistan’s most polluted city on the Air quality index (AQI).

How does it work?

Xiaomi Air purifier with its smart laser precision and wide range of filtration eradicate harmful contents such as outside pollution secondhand smoke, pollens, viruses, and bacteria from the air. It provides three layers of protection. Custom-made direct-current brushless motors with rear-tilting centrifugal fans move air more efficiently and efficiently making Mi 3h complete 360 solutions for cleaning your home and workplace’s air quality.

The CADR standing of the MI air purifier 3h

Xiaomi has been pursuing exceptional performance since the first Xiaomi air purifier was released in 2014 and still is. The most recent task Xiaomi did was to boost performance while maintaining the purifier's vintage design. To enhance the PM CADR of the air purifier by 22 percent to 380 m3/h, our engineers thoroughly modified the air duct system.

More effective and more powerful Air processing

The airflow path is made even more effectual by newly created supercharged air ducts and air grilles, significantly improving the purifier's potency.

A superior air duct system in this new air purifier enables it to harvest 6330 liters of clean air per minute. Its air duct system has undergone a careful and thorough modification to enhance air production without increasing its size.

The new and improved High-Efficiency Filters trio!

Xiaomi Air purifier has a wide range of filtration to cater to breathable air for you. It supports up to 3 filters and these 3 filters work collectively as a shield against pollution and keep your home and workspace air breathable.

Air purifier High-Efficiency Filters

Mi Air Purifier 3h ensures that no potentially dangerous micro-organisms reach you.

Mi Air Purifier Filter Anti-formaldehyde S1

It's coupled with an anti-formaldehyde compound that absorbs toxic substances including formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia, as well as aromas and smoke so you can have a healthy home and enjoy pure breathable air.

Mi Air Purifier high-efficiency filter

The Mi Air Purifier high-efficiency filter uses a columnar activated carbon filter that can effectively remove both macro and micropollutants, it can eradicate dust particles and pet dander from home space. No need to worry about the dust and pollen allergens you don't see cause Xiaomi is looking out for you.

Mi Air Purifier Filter (Anti-Bacterial)

The Mi Air Purifier Filter (Anti-Bacterial), as the name says, filters out PM2.5 particles while the activated carbon inside can absorb methanol and kill bacteria 99.999 percent of the time making your living area disease free.

Life saver for people with a health condition

People with health issues would appreciate Xiaomi’s air purifier. Mi Air purifier's air purifying technology is intended to help sick individuals positively. Asthma attacks in asthmatics may be avoided by utilizing the purifier, which removes all impurities and dangerous constituents from the air. It is highly helpful for individuals with immunological problems and cancer which require intensive care.

The air purifier is most suitable for people with allergies, as it removes dust particles from the breathable air thus making it cleaner for them so that they don’t experience allergic episodes.

Xiaomi's air purifier is the best friend for newborn babies as their lungs are underdeveloped and they require intensive care and cleaner air to breathe.

Is it worth it?

With the progress towards industrialization, the breathable air has become densely polluted with impurities and pollutants. The air index quality (AQI) of the globe has vastly increased in numbers and the air has become more polluted, given that the pollution is increasing day by day and the death toll from air pollution is peaking lately, it's highly advisable to say that having a MI Air purifier 3h in just Rs.38,999 is a blessing in modern times, so you may stay healthy by breathing pure air.

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