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Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are needed in every household. Whether you are planning a get-together, a movie night or a family function. Some people might say 'the bigger the better' but this is not always true. A bigger speaker might output more power, but it's not always about loudness. The portable speaker can also be the perfect choice which occupies less space and comes in a budget-friendly price frame. You need to understand the key features a Bluetooth speaker must-have for an outstanding sound experience. Choosing the best Bluetooth speaker becomes difficult due to the wide range of speakers available in the tech market.


Important features to consider while buying Bluetooth Speaker


  • Frequency Response

It is the measure of the range of sound a speaker can create. The greater the range, the greater the ability of a speaker to respond to every kind of audio which is meant to be heard. The human ears can easily hear a sound frequency between 20Hz and 20KHz, so you should consider this range before buying the right speaker.


  • Power Output and Volume

The speakers receive power from the amplifier. The absorbed power is turned into heat and audio. The power output mentioned on various speakers usually represents the amplifier power which tells you the speakers' ability to absorb power. The volume represents the Sound Pressure Level rating (SPL) which shows the amount of sound it can produce with 1 watt of electrical input. The higher SPL rating means a speaker can deliver greater sound per watt. So you must take these figures and readings into account before making the decision.


  • Battery Life and Charging Options

It should run for a longer period with a one-time charge. So you don't need to charge it again and again. The charging time should be less and it must have different ports so that you can easily charge it with all types of charging cables.


  • Water and Dust resistance

The speaker must have a waterproof coating. The dust and water resistance allows you to take it anywhere or arrange an outdoor gathering. You can create a soulful rainy evening with your loved ones. The non-stop stereo sound makes every moment worth remembering.


  • Size and Weight

The latest trends highlight the portability of electronic devices and gadgets. You should buy portable speakers so you can place them everywhere with ease. The speakers must be lightweight so that you can take them to your friend's house for a surprise party or any other event.


  • Build Quality and Durability

As the speakers are bought only once or twice in a lifetime, the quality should be fine enough for long-lasting use.


  • Aesthetics and Material Choices

Nothing should be bought without considering its appearance. The latest portable speakers by Xiaomi are extremely compact and classy. They are shaped in an elite manner which gives an overall expensive look. The outer case and sheets used in the interior must be durable and long-lasting. The colours should be decent and elegant like grey, black or white which suits the theme of every occasion.


Xiaomi Brings Music to Life

The Mi portable speakers are exceptional in the music World. They will surely rock you up with an immersive sound experience. The 16W high-quality sound delivers extensive sound in all directions and to every corner of the hall. The Xiaomi speakers support Bluetooth 5.0 version. This version provides more stability and greater range for better listening of your favourite notes even at a distance. There are several sound modes from which you can choose for an ultimate sound experience.


Create Your Own Theatre

If you choose a Bluetooth speaker with wireless connectivity feature then you can enjoy a theatre-like experience. The wireless connection technology enables us to connect two or more speakers to deliver sound everywhere. The Xiaomi portable speaker features include IPX7 waterproof protection. What else do you need? The reliable casing protects the interior of the speaker even in rain. The portable and compact design also makes the Mi Bluetooth speaker the best choice. It is designed in a way that you can carry it in your pockets or small bags wherever you go. You choose between elegant black or attractive blue colour. You need to charge it once and it will play for 13 long hours without a lag. You can arrange a whole night's party with its massive 2600mAh battery. You can attend your calls with a one-button hands-free feature and a built-in microphone.


Make a Sustainable Choice

The Mi portable Bluetooth speakers come in exciting colours and a reasonable price range with extraordinary specs and details. You can buy original Xiaomi products from They offer a variety of tech products at the most affordable rates. You can enjoy amazing discounts and offers. They deliver the finest products to your doorstep within no time. The Xiaomi products are sustainable as they don't cost you much but last for a lifetime!

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