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In this busy world, everyone wants control of daily tasks in their hands. People don't prefer to alter their schedule according to the time of their favorite TV shows. Instead, they prefer to enjoy them when they get free. If you have a normal cable system in your home, this is not possible. For the ease and comfort of watching movies, and dramas and listening to your favorite music at any time you want, TV sticks are necessary. You can play, pause, rewind, and forward your desired program whenever you like. The TV stick price in Pakistan is not much, but it is of great use. It helps you organize your daily chores the way you like. Whether you get free late at night, just hold the remote control and watch your favorite program in HD graphics.


What are TV sticks used for?

TV sticks are designed in an incredibly compact layout that can act as streaming devices. You can connect the TV stick to your TV's HDMI port and it will give you access to various amazing apps. For example, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu and more on any TV. You can enjoy interesting podcasts and watch the Vlogs of your favourite Vloggers on YouTube. Once you get a TV box connected to your basic TV, it will become a smart TV. So you can save a lot by just attaching the best TV Stick with your TV. You also require a good internet connection for smooth streaming of the episodes, movies and music.


Explore the World with a TV Stick

You need to understand what streaming is. Streaming is basically access to a vast range of videos and music without downloading them. Unlike cable TV, streaming gives you instant access to huge libraries of content that you can watch any time on your smart TV, smartphone, streaming device, laptop, and other connected devices. So this is not only limited to your TV but can also connect with other devices. This means that you can explore the World, watch live sports, and listen to the news at any place and instant of the day. Due to its compact design, you can easily carry it to your workspace from home and vice versa. Note that many service providers ask you to pay a monthly fee for streaming videos. So buying a stick for Smart TV is a wiser option.


How to connect the TV Stick?

The TV Stick comes with everything you need to get started. It has a HDMI extender, a USB cable, a remote and a power adapter to plug it into the wall socket. The design is usually sleek and compact so that you can mount it behind the LCD but still, if there is no room for it, you can use the HDMI extender. The extender allows you to plug into any HDMI port and also renders better signals from the remote.


How to start Streaming?

Once the setup is done, numerous apps are displayed on your home screen. You need to download them first. These apps are similar to TV channels but the difference is that you can choose what content you want to see and at which time of the day. The latest models all come with an Alexa Voice remote, which allows you to control your TV with simple voice commands. The remote has a built-in microphone, so you can ask Alexa to search for movies, pause, turn up the volume, and more. You can search for any drama or movie by mentioning the title, name of the cast members, genre and more. You can also use the remote to control other smart devices present in the home. The speed, video quality and performance must be checked before buying the best TV stick.


Mi TV Stick

As other products by Xiaomi are worth buying, the same is the case with these Mi TV sticks. They convert your ordinary TV into a Smart TV with an immersive and cinematic watching experience. Now you don't need to get sad about missing your favorite episode. It is just one click away, waiting for you to watch. The benefits of buying the Mi TV Stick are listed below:

  • It is extremely light and portable. The weight is only about 30 g and the size is so small that you can carry it in your pockets.
  • With just 3 easy steps, you can start streaming without any hassle.
  • You can download any app from the Google Play store.
  • It supports Android TV 9.0 which comes with voice search and Chromecast connecting you to the World of unlimited content.
  • Say goodbye to conventional typing as the mic on the remote allows you to give voice commands. Moreover, Netflix and Prime Video are one click away with their separate customized buttons.
  • The content from your mobile, laptop and tablet can also be shown on the LCD with Smart Cast feature.
  • You can also attend important calls without interrupting what is playing on the TV.
  • With the Mi TV stick, you enter the World of luxury as it provides you with premium surround sound. You hear the dynamic, immersive and realistic sound of every video you watch.
  • You cannot just stream videos but can also play video games and know about the weather everyday.

You can buy the Mi TV Stick from It is the most trusted and official website by Xiaomi. They deliver authentic products to your doorsteps. They provide a long warranty with each product and a fast delivery service nationwide. You can find the Mi TV stick on their website for less than 15000 Rs which is currently on discount as well. So grab your TV box now!

Thu Jan 11, 24

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