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Smart Air Fryer

As technology is paving its way for the enhancement and growth in the lifestyle of people, the awareness about the right choices is also increasing across the World. Nowadays many people are concerned about their health. For example, heart-related medical issues are rapidly increasing due to the high-cholesterol food they eat. To reduce health risks, people are shifting from the conventional method of frying various food items in oil to air frying. The food cooked in air fryers is way better than the food made in deep fryers. The air fryers cut the calories by 70% to 80% leading to a healthy lifestyle. But you must consider some important factors while choosing the right air fryer for your ultimate fitness routine:

1. It should be spacious enough to cater for your needs!

You must consider the capacity of any air fryer before buying it. Some air fryers offer 1 - 2 quarts which is suitable for two persons serving. Others offer greater than this, so you should buy it accordingly. If you want to share delicious and healthy food with your loved ones at a perfect family gathering then try buying a larger air fryer. The Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5 L is perfect for 4 to 6 persons serving. Along with other features, its capacity is amazing and you can invite your relatives to enjoy a smart treat with you.

2. Its performance and cooking time

As everyone has a busy schedule, no one spends long hours just cooking food for the day. People who work 9-5 return home being so tired that they want their food to be prepared in minutes. Therefore, you must check how quickly an air fryer prepares your meal. You must look for the features in its user manual that which kind of foods it can make in how much time. For instance, the Xiaomi Smart Air fryer offers 360° heated air circulation by which your meal gets ready in minutes. Moreover, it is not just an air fryer, you can also make yoghurt, defrost any frozen meat or make dry fruit with it. It allows continuous cooking for up to 24 hours. It provides you with smoke-free and low-fat food on time! So you can opt for this air fryer by Xiaomi or any other similar to this one.

3. How convenient and easy to use it is?

Some air fryers have a very complex operating method. Their buttons and knobs are quite complicated that you get confused when you are in a hurry. So you must find an air fryer with an easy-to-use operating method and no complex switching on and off. As you are occupied by so many other tasks, you should save your time by buying an air fryer with easy controls. You can try the smart air fryer by Xiaomi which offers the all-new 'pull the basket' feature. If you want to check whether your food is done or not, just pull out the basket and check the status. If it is not done then simply put it back and cooking will resume automatically.

The air fryer must have digital controls which are easy to read, if it has a touch system then it must be responsive so you don't get irritated by delayed response. The Mi Air Fryer has an OLED touchscreen, you can check the time, temperature, quantity, when to shake, and schedule hence everything visually. You should select an air fryer that does not require you to reset time and temperature and gives you a hassle-free cooking experience.


4. Consider the safety features of the Air fryer

Your priority should be the safety measure in your smart kitchen. If you install any device without considering its safety features, the results can be dangerous. All Xiaomi Accessories are manufactured with great consideration of safety features and they go through several tests in the Xiaomi Lab before reaching the public. Therefore, Xiaomi fans trust the Xiaomi smart home gadgets for safe and healthy living. The Mi smart air fryer has a grid guard to prevent any contact with the heating pipes at the top. The cooling vents are also present to remove excessive heat when not required and avoid any burns. The frying basket has seven layers which makes the air fryer wear-resistant and easy to clean. The top layer is made with PTFE non-stick coating which is safe for your health and the food is prepared easily.

5. Prefer to buy an air fryer with less noise!

Most air fryers available in the market produce great noise which results in an uncomfortable atmosphere. Your cooking is appreciated by your guests more when it is a surprise for them! So make food without any noise and amaze your friends and family by serving them healthy dishes. The deep fryers also produce much noise when you fry something in them, but now opt for something less noisy and convenient. The Xiaomi Smart Air Fryers are so compact and portable that you can place them anywhere, they occupy minimal space in your kitchen. You are also getting an extra grill for cooking more in the same amount of time. You should also consider the air fryer with voice control, which means that you can turn it on/off by just saying it to Google Assistant. The Mi Smart Air Fryer works with OK Google so enjoy a smart living with Xiaomi.

Mon Mar 25, 24

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