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Xiaomi products and smartphones are appreciated all over the World. The Xiaomi smartphones are available for everyone at reasonable prices but with high-end features. This quality of Xiaomi makes it the most common tech brand among people. Therefore, Xiaomi sells a large fraction of its products online via different websites to meet the increasing demand. As some local merchants sell master copies of Xiaomi products and smartphones, Xiaomi fans prefer to check the authenticity of the product in their hands. It becomes quite difficult to differentiate between original and fake versions by just comparing their appearance and configuration. So, here are some simple steps given below which will help Xiaomi customers verify their products and remove their doubts:



  •   Verify your product by visiting and go to  product authentication option
  • You can use the 20-digit code to check any Xiaomi product you have, whether it is a smartphone, power bank or any wearable device.
  • The security code is hidden beneath a coating. It is located in the Xiaomi product package box. You can obtain the code by scratching the coating.
  • Then enter the 20-digit code in the given space to verify whether your Xiaomi product is genuine or not.
  • Note that each security code matches a single Mi product and belongs only to you.
  • If the code has been entered before you, then it means that you did not buy it from the official website or tech store.
  • You can also verify your Xiaomi phone with IMEI and S/N number.
  • First of all, find the IMEI number of your Xiaomi phone. Then get the S/N number on the back of the phone/battery/packaging box.
  • Another way of checking the authenticity is through the Mi verification app. For this purpose, you need to download the Mi app on your smartphone.
  • The instructions will then guide you to open performance mode on your phone.
  • Scan the QR code on to verify your Mi device and wait for the response.

In this way, Xiaomi makes sure that Xiaomi enthusiasts receive the authentic version of each product and they don't face any problems. Xiaomi strives to give a hassle-free experience to its users and make their lives convenient in every possible way.

Mon Mar 25, 24

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