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As we all are aware of Mi launching Redmi Note 7 with its powerful camera andit’s hard to resist for photographers to miss out on this device. Top photographers like Arfa Usman is having wonderful experience by clicking photos from Redmi Note 7.

Why Redmi Note 7 is one of the best camera phone?

Redmi Note 7 is a dual camera mobile phone that comes with the best camera features. It has several features that make this phone a better phone. It has two rear cameras of 48 5 megapixel. Which comes with f/1.8 apertures, has Samsung’s GM1 sensor in the 48MP camera of Redmi Note 7.

All of the features allowed Arfa Usman to click photos while they were on their trip to Turkey and helped them to make it a memorable one. They also used it for wedding, culture and street art photography. Arfa Usman showcased their skills by taking photos from a unique, unexpected angle to make the image stand out. Other than that, they focused on objects, repetitive patterns and capturing close ups images that captures small and delicate details. Arfa Usman and Redmi Note 7 proved that for an artists it highlights who take mobile photography beyond a click.


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Thu Jul 07, 22

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