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The Redmi Note 6 Pro was one of the most highly anticipated products to be launched into the market by Xiaomi. The Mi fans were waiting eagerly for the device to be made available to them. The Redmi Note 6 Pro was released into the market on 11th November 2018 and created a tsunami effect in the market.

It was an exclusive product launch that featured in 11.11 Mega Sale. The biggest sale in the world to ever take place in Pakistan.

It was one of the most successful product launches in the history of Mi Pakistan. The smart-phone was so much awaited by the beloved Mi Family, that after its exclusive launch at 11.11, it ran out within the first 12 minutes of making its debut. Xiaomi has been prone to a number of successes in the past regarding all major feature products but this was a record of its own! In the past, there has been a standard time of fifteen minutes but with the Redmi Note 6 Pro, a new record of 12 minutes has been established.

The launch officially took place on one of the largest Pakistani E-Commerce platforms affiliated with Mi Pakistan, that is Daraz. Mi Pakistan has been in a long-standing and successful with the platform. So much so, that it hopes to make its number one position on Daraz in terms of technology.

Thus the two highly successful brands, hand in hand created an easily accessible platform for the consumers to buy the product they have waited such eagerly for. This furthermore, made the launch such a great success and the product was a proven hit!

Thu Jul 07, 22

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