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Turn that frown upside down and walk another mile with Mi. Mi Pakistan brings you a little treat for your teeth with its Mi Sonic ElektrieseTandeborsel.

The newMi Sonic ElektrieseTandeborsel is another venture by the Xiaomi Team into household product development. The electronic toothbrush is constructed with a base of high-performance magnetic levitation acoustic wave motor which gives way to a high-frequency vibration and strong power to the tool. The said motor was developed by Japanese and German experts and creates more than 31,000 vibrations per minute to achieve the perfect dental hygiene. It also has the power output torque of up to thus the power not only stays turned to high-frequency vibrations but also provide power to the brush head thus more efficiently.

The brush head is contrived of high-density rust-less metal free bristles and due to the added power of the motor when the head comes in contact with the teeth, these features work together to create the perfect foam of paste and water to thoroughly clean the dental construction of the outer mouth. The product targets inter-dental space, cleans plaque and achieves stronger cleaning effect than the manual toothbrush. Even more so, it includes brushing gesture recognition and report generation as to preferred styles of brushing.

The brush also maintains a customized variety of brushing modes:

  1. Standard Mode.
  2. Gentle Mode.
  3. Personalized Customization.

Smart Link Technologies is the leading distributor of Xiaomi in Pakistan. It is renowned for its supersonic after sale and customer care service providing first class warranty with integrity. The duo of Smart Link Technologies and Xiaomi will not let you down.

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Wed Oct 20, 21

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