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The leading Chinese brand in the department of technology, Xiaomi has launched its latest product in the much-awaiting market. This said product is the newest Mi Max 3. It is the latest piece of developed technology with a larger screen for an enhanced view, a longer battery life, a stronger SoC and a more sensitive set of cameras, in comparison to the last generation model.

The Mi Max range of products is highly successful and popular in the market due to its extraordinary battery life which has been compared ordinarily to the life of a “power-bank”.  The Mi Max 3 contains a 6.9-inch full-screen display and a 5500mAh battery. It is sensitively equipped with a 12MP+5MP Al dual camera, an 8MP front camera and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 SoC. The said product will be available in the colours; Black, Gold, Blue and will also present variants: 4GB+64GB and 6GB+128GB versions.


­The new Mi Max 3 will offer a 6.9” super-sized screen which will lead to greater one-handed use and function. The screen also has 2160 x 1080 FHD+ resolution with a screen-to-body ratio of 85.19%—6.5% higher than Mi Max 2. This means Mi Max 3 offers a larger screen than its predecessor without significantly increasing the body size. The large screen is ideal for GPS navigation, stock trading, and office productivity apps—it’s especially convenient for tasks such as editing documents and spreadsheets.


The latest piece of technology also comes with a sleek metal body which contains hidden antenna lines for a cleaner, sharper aesthetic. The back panel is tapered naturally towards the four sides, giving the body a slim profile. Thanks to the 18:9 screen aspect ratios, Mi Max 3 can be held in one hand and is very pocket-able.


Mi Max 3 has the largest battery size and life among the Xiaomi phone range. The 5500mAh battery can sustain up to 10 hours of non-stop gaming, 17 hours of local video streaming and 233 hours of music playback. Complementing the massive battery, Mi Max 3 supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 and parallel charging—which means multiple charging streams charge the battery at the same time—for a fast charging speed that also avoids excessive heat. A 9V/2A 18W charger is shipped with every unit that can refuel the 5500mAh battery from 0 to 71% in just one hour.

The new phone also contains optimized MIUI with features such as Smart Scenes function, this essentially entails that the new Mi Max 3 can optimize accordingly and learn its user’s habits. It automatically activates the Sleep Mode at the consumer’s bedtime which closes all background apps and restricts unnecessary internet connections and phone activity to save battery life. This greatly improves the power mileage of the Mi Max 3.

Moreover, Mi Max 3 can be used as a power bank, with an upgraded output of 5V/1.2A. This makes it almost twice as efficient as the previous generation when giving friends an emergency recharge.

Mi Max 3 is also powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 636 platform that is built on 14nm technology. Its four big Qualcomm Kryo 260 cores ensure an excellent gaming experience. Thanks to Xiaomi’s special optimizations for popular games, the platform can smartly detect game scenes and allocate system resources to maximize performance. Mi Max 3 can run popular games such as Arena of Valor and PUBG at high FPS without lag.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi further tweaked MIUI for better gaming with the Mi Max 3’s huge screen, including the detection of unintended screen touches, auto phone answering during gaming, one button hiding of screen notifications, and picture-in-picture display of instant messages.


Mi Max 3 is also equipped with a flagship rear Al dual camera. The main sensor is 12MP and has 1.4µm large pixels that enable it to capture more light, leading to better details and at the same time, it also reduces noise. The camera is powered by Dual PD autofocus technology that contains two photodiodes per pixel to calculate the light hitting the sensor installed in the lens. This results in a much faster auto-focusing, even in highly dim lit situations.

Wed Oct 20, 21

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