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Xiaomi is not just a mobile phone brand. It is indeed a smart revolution in progress. Xiaomi has earned the reputation of producing the top quality, latest technology products.  That, with the ambition of making them available in the best affordable rates. The Xiaomi smartphones have taken over the entire mobile industry and have proved to be the best amongst its competitors according to the sale charts. Xiaomi is destined to develop a smart nation by introducing top quality innovative products.

We at are destined to make Xiaomi able to deliver its promises in Pakistan fully. is the official Xiaomi online store for Pakistan to benefit from. claims to serve Xiaomi at its best and has proved it over its years of excellence! Today we bring you a super cool, life-changing product by Xiaomi. Just by the looks and its name, you can judge that it is no ordinary scooter but the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 2 Pro Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team Edition! 

A Perfect Blend Of Xiaomi And Mercedes To Serve You Only The Best

The Mi electric scooter 2 pro is the product of blending the Mercedes’s best design with Xiaomi’s well-embraced scooter engineering. Thus, making it not only the best electric scooter for kids but for people of any age and gender having a classic taste. Isn’t that a dream come true? Taking about the design of this beauty, it is a mixture of aesthetics and funky all at the same time. The Mi electric scooter 2 pro inherits the classic silver colour from the iconic Mercedes racing cars.

That, with a tinge of inspiration from the legendary Mercedes’s Silver Arrows to maximize elegancy and style. This coupled with the simple, cool-coloured line cuts gives the perspective of a sports car at first glance. If that isn’t enough to move, you then tag along because we are about to reveal something you crave for! The Mi electric scooter 2 pro comes with a Mercedes-AMG Formula One team logo engraved to its side allowing you to experience the true pursuit of perfection! 

In between the strong-grip handles is a digital display that gives you even more control over your mi electric scooter 2 pro. Moreover, the aviation aluminum alloy frame not only gives it a more subtle look, but it also keeps it as light as a feather. Thus, enabling you to drift through the air like a real sports car! But with that, it also has the ultimate strength to bear weight has high as about 100 kilograms. This Mi electric scooter has a height of 120-200 centimeters making it convenient for people of 16 to 50 years of age.

More than 45Km Long-Range Battery Timing

 The Mi electric scooter is not just a toy. Rather, Xiaomi has introduced this smart scooter with the intention of giving you a mere glimpse of the future transportation. The Mi electric scooter is indeed the best electric scooter for adults. It takes about 8 hours for your smart scooter to charge fully after which it’s 12,400 mAh battery allows you to travel around 45 Kms continuously. The latest 37 VDC lithium-ion battery maximizes efficiency with minimum maintenance required! Isn’t that even better than a car? Of course, it is! And I have got a plenty of reasons why, just tag along and you will know for sure. 

Moves At 25 Km/h-The Fastest Smart Scooter You Can Own

Jumping on to the performance of this tech beast, I am thrilled to show you how well it performs! Keeping its promises Xiaomi has indeed provided its consumers with nothing but the best! And this Mi scooter is one of the best examples so far. Of all the electric scooters for adults, nothing has ever promised such an exceptional performance and quality. The Xiaomi scooter is capable of travelling at a maximum speed of 25 Km/h with 600 Watts maximum power.

Other than that, it also has 2 more speed modes; pedestrian mode with a maximum speed of 5km/h and D mode with a maximum speed of 20km/h. Fun fact is that it is also fitting for a 20% incline climb. With that said, the Mi scooter is equipped with the best shock-absorbing, inflatable tires. Thus, apart from the smooth ride it has to offer, you no longer need to worry for a flat tire anymore! With these 8.5 inch pneumatic tires, of the latest technology you will surely experience the best of electric scooter experience.

Your Safety Our Priority-Dual Brake Combo

Xiaomi would never risk the safety of its valuable customers. Xiaomi products are designed while keeping you the top priority in mind. Thus, the Mi electrical scooter has a double braking system to ensure you reach home safe. The smart scooter has both the electric and the disc brake installed as a precautious measure.

In addition to that, the Mi scooter has a scooter stand attached to the bottom which may help in avoiding falls or simply parking your ride. Moreover, the smart scooter can be managed via a smartphone app thus giving you full control over your child’s safety or yours. Hence proved, wherever you go and whatever you do Xiaomi’s got your back!

The Best Affordable Smart Scooter For Adults

Xiaomi is accustomed of producing the most affordable range of products and we at ensure that you receive them in even lower prices! has the finest smartphones and smart accessory deals online in Pakistan and has pledged to serve Xiaomi at its best! Keeping that promise we bring this Mi Electric Scooter 2 Pro Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team Edition straight from Xiaomi to you. And to your surprise in the same affordable price, not a penny more.

Let’s not wait anymore to reveal the price of this feature-packed smart scooter. The Mi electric scooter 2 pro is available at a price of Rs.199,999/- only on With that, offers free delivery nationwide. Moreover, for your comfort offers both online payment methods and cash on delivery service. So, are you ready for the best electric scooter experience of your life? If yes, then go get yours today at

Tue Dec 20, 22

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