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Other than being the top smartphone company in Pakistan. Xiaomi has proved to be the top selling brand when it comes to accessories and smart living gadget. Not only that it has a wide variety of products to choose from but also that it has the finest quality products available in the market. Xiaomi accessories tend to create a Mi Lifestyle for its customers that is more convenient and efficient. Xiaomi gives special consideration to its consumer’s fitness and health care. Thus, they have been introducing a wide range of products designed particularly to increase the quality of life. 

After the success of Xiaomi’s popular Mi band 4 and Mi band 5 is glad to introduce Xiaomi Mi Band 6. In here we will give you a 360 view of this new Xiaomi health gadget. It will include the Mi band 6 features, Mi band 6 specs and the Mi band 6 price. You will be surprised to see what an amazing piece of technology it is. Let us dig into the Xiaomi’s Mi band 6 straight away!  

Mi Band 6 Classic Design And Smartphone-like Display

Starting off with the Xiaomi Mi band 6 design and display. It is designed, as always, for the ultimate comfort and efficiency. The Mi band 6 comes in the Mi band classic design only that it is much better. The band has a 326 ppi AMOLED display that is comparable to the smartphone displays. It has a 1.56” full screen display that means 50% additional display area. This makes it more of everything when it comes to the visual experience. In addition to that, Xiaomi mi band 6 offers the option to set customized wallpaper for you to enjoy. Other than this the band has 60+ built-in band displays that you can choose from. The Xiaomi band 6 comes in 6 exciting colors namely; Black, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Olive and Ivory.

On top of all, the smart mi band 6 is designed to be completely waterproof. It has a 5 ATM, 50 meters water resistance. That means, you can wear it while swimming, surfing or simply bathing. This is what comfortability and practicality feels like in matter. We are already having our customers crash the internet with the mi band 6 reviews. And yet, is excited to serve you with this beauty! Even better is the Mi band 6 price that is going to leave you in a shock. Read along to find out.

Go On Without Charging Your Mi Band 6 For 19 Days Straight!

The Mi band 6 comes with a magnetic charger that allows you to charge at ease. Along with that, it has 3 battery modes. The heavy use mode offers the best of performance and gives a battery life of 5 days. The normal mode gives a moderate approach towards everything, allowing a battery life of 14 days. And ultimately the power-saving mode allows you to go on for straight 19 days without charging your mi band 6. This feature of the Xiaomi mi band 6 is something that attracts our customers the most. The mi smart band 6 is a perfect example of practicality and efficiency. However, when you will get to know the price of Mi band 6 you will be surprised for sure. As it is the most affordable, feature-packed gadget by Xiaomi. 

Seven Plus Extraordinary 24/7 Health Monitoring Features

The smartwatch Xiaomi mi band 6 is no ordinary band. It is indeed a health monitoring gadget you need now more than ever! The Mi band 6 review shows that its health features are of immense value to our customer during this pandemic.

These features are such vital that they make the Mi band 6 more of a health gadget. However, please note that the information provided is not solely dependable and proper health care precautions should be taken. The band gives an approximate idea of your physical health to alert you beforehand. Let us discuss all of the health features the Xiaomi Mi band 6 has to offer.

Blood Oxygen Saturation 

SpO2 tracking has proved to be the most important health factor during the COVID-19 and thus Xiaomi has shown special concern towards its monitoring. The Xiaomi Mi band 6 makes it possible to measure your body’s SpO2 level anytime anywhere day and night!

Sleep Monitoring

The smartband Xiaomi Mi band 6 allows you to monitor your sleep cycle closely. Thus, making it possible for you to know your sleep quality. This works by recording you sleep duration, deep sleep, light sleep, and REM based on your changing heartbeat through out the night. 

24-Hour Heart-Rate Monitoring

The built-in PPG biosensors allow the Mi band 6 to monitor your heart-rate 24/7 and alert you accordingly. It is capable of indicating possible heart diseases while closely monitoring your heart-rate while resting, sleeping and exercising through out the day. 

Personal Activity Intelligence

Keeping your gender, age, heart rate and other data in consideration. The Mi band 6 suggests suitable physical activities to improve your overall quality of life.

Stress Monitoring

The Xiaomi Mi band 6 keeps a track of your stress levels and thus alerts you to relax. Thus, keeping your mental health a priority.

Breathing Exercises

The Mi band 6 makes it possible for you to transform you physical health by the help of coached breathing exercises. This not only improves your breathing quality and lungs health but also relaxes the entire body. The system includes guided breathing exercises of 1 to 5 minutes.

Female Health Tracking 

 Tracking your menstrual cycle is now off your shoulders. As the Mi band 6 not only alerts you about your period dates but also keeps a record of your ovulating cycle to give you an idea of your hormonal health. 

30+ Fitness Modes- Personal Trainer At Hand

The Mi Band 6 has a total of 30+ fitness modes with 19 new exercise modes added. Along with this, it allows you to measure exercise duration, calories burned, and heart-rate, all at a single glance. This not only motivates you to work towards active lifestyle but also makes it easier for you to reach your fitness goals. With that it also has the capability to automatically recognize six fitness modes. This allows you to be fitness ready on the go! Below is a list of the exercise modes the Mi band 6 has to offer: 

  • Treadmill
  • Freestyle
  • Outdoor running
  • Cycling, Walking
  • Pool swimming
  • Rowing machine
  • Elliptical
  • Indoor cycling
  • Yoga
  • Jump rop
  • Dance
  • Indoor fitness
  • Gymnastics
  • HIIT
  • Core trainin
  • Stretching
  • Bowling
  • Badminton
  • Boxing
  • Stepper
  • Pilates
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Table tennis
  •  Cricket
  • Ice skating
  • Kickboxing
  • Street dance
  • Zumba

Add-Ons That You Would Love

Xiaomi Mi band 6 has a number of additional features that makes it the best smart band in the entire industry! 

Idle alerts

Alerts you when you have been non-active for too long.

Music playback

Allows you to control your phone’s music.

Find my phone

Helps in finding your phone.

Phone muting (Android Only)

Mute your phone via your Mi band

Do not disturb

Enable to enjoy uninterrupted relaxation

Unlock phone (MIUI Only)

Unlock your phone using your Mi Band 6

Incoming call notification

Get notified of incoming calls

Weather forecast

Stay updated on weather conditions to be prepared beforehand. 

Countdown timer

Let your Mi Band 6 worry about precision while you focus on your life goals.

Calendar reminder

Live an organized and planned life for you now have a monthly planner at hand!

Event reminder

Never miss a date again as the Xiaomi Mi band 6 has got it all memorized for you!

Message alerts

Get message alerts on your Xiaomi Mi band 6 for ultimate accessibility and comfort.

This was all for the Xiaomi Mi band 6 from our side. Oh wait! Are we forgetting something? Yes of course, The Xiaomi Mi band 6 price! You will be astonished to know how surprisingly affordable this feature-packed smart band is!  You can get your hands on this smart Mi band 6 at the where the price of mi band 6 is Rs.6,699/- Only! Go get yours now at

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