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Besides all the environmental risks we coexist with today; Air pollution may be the most incredibly dangerous. Air contamination is obviously the direct result of  non-environment-friendly human activities including urbanization, industrialization, deforestation, and nearly our entire existence. Pakistan has been recorded to be among the top five countries having the most terrible air quality. Lahore being the industrial hub of Pakistan and thickly populated on account of considerable monetary development is especially at a gigantic environmental catastrophe with respect to the air quality. Lahore air quality index is recorded to be 162 which makes Lahore one of the most sullied metropolitan regions on earth.

Oxygen is our biological necessity and thus the air we inhale have direct affects on our mental and physical health. Polluted air impacts our lives in various ways. It can not only play a part in provoking tenacious respiratory diseases but is highly effective on our productivity, emotions, and efficiency. People living in districts with poor air quality are recorded to be more debilitate, easily irritable and less capable. They tend to experience emotions of discomfort and unsatisfaction with life. Hence, air pollution is a prevailing catastrophe to which the world seems to be blind.

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Air Purifiers Are Now A Necessity!

The rising air pollution in Pakistan have drastically increased the risks of respirator and skin diseases. Which include viral, fungal and bacterial infections. This is core reason why technology and health manufacturers are now working on producing mass amount of air cleaner gadgets. Xiaomi as the top technology brand realised this environmental hazard long ago and thus have introduced a number of Air Purifiers to fit your needs. Mi Air Purifiers are designed to cope with the environmental catastrophe Pakistan is encountered with today. The entire range of xiaomi air purifier Pakistan are made available by the only official Xiaomi exclusive In here, allow me to brief you all about the best air purifier in Pakistan which is the xiaomi air purifier. I will not only introduce you to the best air purifier- Mi Air Purifier 3C, but also present a detailed comparison of it with other air purifier Pakistan. So, hop on to get what’s the best for you and your loved ones!

An Insight From The Top Air Purifier Producing Brands In Pakistan

After taking a close insight and perception of the brands producing the best air purifiers in Pakistan today, we have shortlisted Philips and Hitachi other than Xiaomi as the most embraced brands. Further, I am going to present and analyze one of their best air purifiers from each company and discuss its pros and cons with you in full transparency. Including their key specifications and prices.

Starting off with Philips first. Let us talk about the Philips Air Purifier AC1215/30 1000i series, which is viewed as Philips at its best. This genuinely conservative and convenient gadgets outfitted with HEPA and dynamic carbon channels empowering it to eliminate 99.9% infections and vapor sprayers and catch 99.97% of particles of 0.003 microns in under 11 minutes. Notwithstanding, it is fitting for area under 63 meter-square. This makes it a very good and reliable air cleaner. But there are a number of reasons listed below why you should reconsider your options.

Unfortunately, the Philips Air Purifier AC1215/30 1000i series isn't very handy and neither is very mobile. Moreover, we consider it to be highly over-priced. This Philips air purifier is worth Rs.56,000/ - which we think is far past what it has to bring to the table. Other insightful, it could be viewed as a generally excellent choice in case you are searching for a very basic air purifier for smoke or air purifier for dust hypersensitivities but certainly not for the individuals who look for perfection and affordability all at one place.

Jumping on to our next contestant, which is the Hitachi air purifiers. For that I might want to acquaint you with the Hitachi Air Purifier EP-PZ30J. This is among Hitachi's best air purifiers and has an exceptionally minimized plan. It is additionally outfitted with a HEPA channel which permits it to make your air odour free, without allergen and eliminates suppressible substances like shape and residue house vermin and so forth.

However, it isn't adequately productive to clean your air totally from unsafe microorganisms. Alongside that, it isn't at all incentive for cash as these provisions don't legitimize its excessively exorbitant cost label that reads Rs. 33,170/ - Subsequently, aside from a couple of significant disadvantages this can be considered as a decent air purifier yet not in the least the best.

Xiaomi Air Purifier 3 C

Xiaomi Air Purifier 3 C

Allow me to welcome our saviour from Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Air Purifier 3C to represent whole of its kind. This Xiaomi air purifier can consider to be Xiaomi at its best and hence provides you with affordability, safety and productivity all at once!

This Mi Air Purifier is a helpful gadget that has an extremely intricate cylindrical design to save space and make it an expansion to your place's style. It is equipped with triple layered filters to guarantee you get the best quality air to inhale. It effectively eliminates PM2.5, microscopic organisms, infections, dust, pollen, formaldehyde, smells and so forth.

Equipped With 3 Strong Filters To Keep You Safe

Xiaomi Air Purifier 3C 3 Strong Filters

Coming on to discussing the air purifier 3c specifications. First and foremost, this Xiaomi Air Purifier has a Primary Filter that helps eliminate residue, hair and other huge particles from the air. Then comes the True HEPA Filter which is explicitly intended to eliminate inhalable particles with the proficiency of 99.97%. This guarantees that the air you inhale is liberated from every one of the microbes and allergens present in your surroundings with an accuracy of 0.3 um.

The third and last filter is made of superior grade, activated carbon which permits it to retain any toxic gasses and unpleasant odours in the surroundings giving you the fresh air that you need. Together they guarantee that you get the most refined air.

Smart, Handy and Stylish

Xiaomi Air Purifier 3C Smart Handy and Stylish

Unlike other companies the Xiaomi air purifier is handy, compact and efficient. Not only this but it is also designed to fit your class and style. The inclusion proficiency air purifier 3c has to bring to the table is recorded to be roughly 106-meter square each hour that makes it adequate for your home or work environment. Nonetheless, this isn't all, the 360-degree dissemination innovation empowers it to clean the encompassing air with fast, sanitizing it in an instance.

Additionally, this savvy eco gadget can be completely controlled with your cell phone by means of the Xiaomi Home App that likewise upholds AI voice include. And this is what defines modern innovation and high-end technology.

Latest Technology Made Available At The Most Affordable Prices

Xiaomi is known to produce top quality products in the best available prices in the prevailing market. And same is the case with the Mi Air Purifier 3C. The Air Purifier Price will leave you in an awe and persuade you to accept that without a doubt Xiaomi Air Purifier is the best air purifier price in Pakistan today. The Mi Air Purifier 3C is a super component pressed contraption yet it is labelled to be of Rs.26,499/ - only. Isn't that the best affordable price you can expect of a particularly redesigned air purifier? Need to see it for yourself? Head on to the official Xiaomi exclusive store here and buy air purifier now! Mi Air Purifier 3C.

In any case, we leave the conclusions for you to draw and all we wish is the best for our buyers. is continually struggling to serve Pakistan with the best of Xiaomi and being true to its consumers. Being the most cherished Xiaomi official online store, we will in general offer you the best costs on your number one Xiaomi items. Happy Shopping!

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