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Smog is the extensively prevailing danger nowadays. A complete understanding of its causes and effects is essential for common people. Smog is known to be a mixture of smoke and fog. It occurs due to the combustion of coal and wood, an increase in the number of private cars, industrial processes, fireworks, the burning of agricultural material, and construction activities.

Pollutants present in SMOG and their respective Effects

Nitrogen oxides

Can contribute to problems with the heart and lungs

Links to decreased resistance to infection

Volatile Organic Compounds


Eye irritation

Respiration problems

some compounds are carcinogens


Coughing and wheezing

Causes Asthma

Proxy acetyl nitrate (PAN)


 Reduced respiratory function( including emphysema and impaired breathing)
Irritation of Eyes


The Air Quality Index (AQI) worldwide is 50 whereas in Lahore it has reached 500. The most harmful pollutant present in SMOG is Fine Particles (PM2.5). Unfortunately, 19% of deaths in Pakistan from lower respiratory Infections, 25% of deaths from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and 18% of deaths from the trachea, bronchus, and lung cancer are attributable to Fine Particles.


Deaths Due to fine Particles

Health Problems due to SMOG

  1. Allergies
  2. Lung Damage can lead to cancer.
  3. Asthma
  4. Lower life expectancy
  5. Breathing issues
  6. Accidents due to bad visibility
  7. Irritation of eyes
  8. Lower Quality of life
  9. Birth defects
  10. Harmful for children and newborn babies
  11. Spread of fatal diseases, viruses, and bacterial infections.
  12. Cardiovascular Heart Diseases.(Health Diseases.)

Beware of SMOG even Indoors!

It is a common misconception among people that smog is prevailing only outside. The Fine Particles flow inside the house as well and this is more dangerous because we do not wear masks at home.

How to get rid of Smog?

Some solutions which you can develop in your routine to avoid smog are driving less, consuming organic products, and buying energy-efficient devices. These are the remedies to reduce smog but when it prevails, the question arises that how to deal with Smog at home. You need to buy an Air Purifier for healthy living. Air Purifiers sterilize the air from 99% of the allergens, pollutants, pet dander, pollen, unwanted fumes, and odors. They are energy-conserving portable equipment that can clean the air from a 360° direction. You must install an Air Purifier in your home to protect yourself from Smog. Moreover, use a face mask, avoid outdoor activities and check AQI in your area.

Disinfect your Home with the best Air Purifier

Decide now, because it's a matter of health which is the foundation of life! Buy the best Air Purifier for Allergies at There is a range of smart Air Purifiers at this trusted online store. The Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 series is all you need. This series includes a compact air purifier that you can carry easily to your bedside or study area and a large Xiaomi Air Purifier pro that can refine the air over an area of about 35-60 meter square. You can buy according to your need. You can not find the best Air Purifier for smoke other than because they are official sellers of Xiaomi products. They have maintained an amazing reputation among their customers for several years.


protect yourself from smog with Xiaomi Air Purifiers

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 series have filters that work in following ways:

  1. Highly activated carbon that has a high absorption rate, able to eliminate odors and keep your air fresh.
  2. Negative air ionization, Stale-air elimination to keep your home fresh.
  3. Xiaomi's high-efficiency filter combines 2 filter technologies, electrostatic charge and mechanical filtration that allows the air purifier to generate less noise and consume less energy by allowing more air flow to pass through the filter all the while keeping the same cleaning efficiency.


Strive for a Healthy Lifestyle!

If you are fond of keeping pets then it's not a problem now because My smart Air Purifier 4 series can remove pet dander, hair, and fur from the atmosphere of your home. Moreover, it is the best Air Purifier for dust because it has a 3-in-1 filter which allows 99.7% filtration of 0.3 microns. These Air purifiers are installed with smart control that you can switch on even when you are away from home and return to a fresh and healthy environment. While choosing home appliances, you must keep in mind that comfort is a priority! The Xiaomi Air Purifiers for Home ensure to provide you with undisturbed sleep through their specially designed night mode. An added benefit of inducting this Air Purifier range into your home is that they conserve energy and give you regular filter-replacement reminders.

Protection against Smog made Easier!

The voice control support enables you to set different modes of Air purifiers without leaving your comfort zone. People who are prone to allergies should buy such devices as soon as possible because smog is prevailing to a greater extent this winter season! It is quite obvious that the air outside easily enters your home which is more dangerous and needs to be purified for a protected living! The lungs of children are specifically in the developing stage and smog can be fatal for them even inside the house so install an air purifier in their room and prevent them from getting ill. To protect the infants in your house, the top grille of the Air purifier is screwed on and cannot be removed accidentally. You can clean your air purifier from the inside by unscrewing the grill to prevent secondary pollution.

Buy Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 series at, the only official Xiaomi store in Pakistan. They are selling the best Air Purifiers for Home at economical prices and they provide you with a complete guide on their use and selection. The price ranges from 27000 to 75000 Pkr. You can buy reasonable and long-lasting air purifiers plus filters with a 1 month warranty.

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