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Xiaomi and innovation are synonyms to one another. As Xiaomi never fails to facilitate its consumers with the best of technology and security. You may have known Xiaomi as the best smartphone company but to your surprise Xiaomi has earned a reputation in producing the best wireless security cameras as well. Xiaomi has indeed revolutionized the idea of a home security camera as they have set a standard so high that they are now unmatched. These security cameras not only come in handy sizes and affordable prices but also they serve their purpose by the use of latest technology. The Xiaomi wifi security camera can surely be used as home security cameras as it has all that it takes to keep you safe. With the unmatched quality, when it comes to cctv cameras prices there is none that can beat Mi security cameras. The Mi official online store,, is proud to present the Mi 360 Home Security Camera 2K, which is indeed the best-selling security camera by Xiaomi. Let us jump straight to it.


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The Mi 360 home security camera 2K is fully equipped with the latest technology, of the finest quality to keep your home safe and sound. It is a 310 grams light weighted product that has a very handy size of 115x78x78mm that enables it to fit in wherever you want it to be. The 360 security camera comes in a very unique design with cylindrical shaped camera lens appearing from one side which gives it a more integrated look. Mi 360 wifi camera is available in white colour that matches the class it is worth. Well, whenever we think of security cameras a web of technical complexities comes to our mind, with wires, tools and skilled workers.But guess what, you need no technical assistance to install this Mi Home security camera 360 as you can do it all by yourself in three simple steps:

1.Install Mi Home App

2. Connect Camera to Power (the only wire you will have to connect)

3. Find Mi Security Camera in the application and connect.

That is it! You are now good to go with the Mi wifi security camera. The camera can be fitted in any corner of your home or workplace due to its handy size and even upside down for a better view!

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The Mi home security camera 360 is not only confined till your home as it has the latest wifi technology which includes Independent antenna, rebuild WiFi module and optimizable video frequency. In addition to that, it supports a wide range of devices include TV, Desktop, Tablet and Mobile which means that you can watch back home every time you want from anywhere you are.The Mi 360 home security camera 360 offers 3 types of storage options which can help you record and reconsult to events tapped. The Mi home camera has a local micro-SD card (upto 32GB card supported), Public cloud storage and public cloud space. With that it also includes the two-way audio features which enables you to not only see but hear and speak back home. Isnt that as if having a full-time babysitter at home? Yes! But only a bit more safer. Let us come to the Mi 360 camera price now. Xiaomi has always taken special consideration towards its user’s budget. And so, the Mi home camera complies with that reputation. It is labelled with an exclusive discount price of Rs. 7,899/- on only.

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Now comes the most important aspect of this home security camera; the camera itself. The Mi 360 home security camera is equipped with 2K 3 Megapixels PTZ Pro Smart IP Camera with 1080P/2K resolutions which is supported by dual motor head that allows a horizontal viewing angle of 360°, a vertical viewing angle of 115° and 100.4° Wide angle view that minimizes the area of a dead angle. The Mi cctv camera has an additional feature, the 10 Stars 940 nm Infrared Fill Light which allows you to keep a watch on your home or business with little to no light at all. The Mi home camera also comes with features like, data encryption, night silent mode and motion detection which makes its use more comfortable and effortless.

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Xiaomi has its its user’s security and comfortability parallel in mind when designing the Mi security camera due to which it came out to be a masterpiece that has all it takes to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Whether it be home or your workplace the Mi cctv cameras has got it covered for you. Sleek handy design, smooth video transmission due to built-in wifi extender, high resolution video coverage, all of this and much more at such an affordable price range. What else can one ask for from a home security camera? Get yourself this super-efficient watchman and lead a tension free life that you crave for at an exclusive discounted price only at

Thu Sep 16, 21

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