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Peace is where home is. And a home is your safe heaven, a place where you can breathe and dance and gallop around and above all, a home is where your wifi connects automatically. Xiaomi is determined to make your heaven even more luxurious and comforting with its eco technology to design a smart home for your peace of mind. Internet has become an important part, more like, a basic necessity of our lives today. It is as if the new moto has become: “Roti, Kapray, Makaan and Internet”.

As internet is no longer confined to entertainment only rather it has taken over business and communication. Xiaomi is here with its wifi router to facilitate you with uninterrupted internet access at your home and workplace. With Xiaomi being the best smartphone company, it is also capable of providing its customers with the best wifi routersAn internet router enables you to get extended signals over a greater area then your wifi device can cover. Xiaomi wireless routers help you get full wifi signals in all portions of your house and workplace.  

Mi Router 4A Giga Version Offers A Speed Of 1167Mbps And Two Frequency Bands To Choose From

Let’s talk about the Mi Router 4A Giga version today. It is considered to be the best mi wifi router. The Mi router 4A comes in an elegant white colour and in a very handy size to fit in wherever you want it. The Mi router is equipped with 4 omnidirectional external antennas to provide you with an unmatched performance. This Mi router is completely wireless with the exception of one power cable only. For the installation of this device all you need is connect it to the power supply, install the dedicated Mi Wifi App and get started on enjoying your untapped internet services anywhere you want. Moreover, the Mi Router 4A supports Smart Connect, offering 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands under one banner.

The 2.4GHz offers better performance through walls, while the 5GHz provides higher speeds. The optimal frequency band is automatically selected by a dual-band terminal for your ease. With 300Mbps over the 2.4GHz band and 867Mbps over the the crystal clear 5GHz band, the max wireless speed you get is up to 1167Mbps.Isnt that a dream come true? Whether you are a gamer, a blogger or a firm that is dependent upon swift internet connection or probably you are some xyz still who does not want a smooth and fast internet access? And Xiaomi is determined to serve you with its best internet router.

The modem router has an Integrated signal amplifier to offer, that ensures providing you the best Wi-Fi signal reach and wide coverage. Moreover, this high range wifi router has 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless chipset that integrates PA(power amplifier) that effectively strengthens the signal transmission power and LNA(low noise amplifier) that improves the sensitivity of the signal receiver. Together they ensure that the signals are transmitted over greater distances, with better penetration through thick walls, and provide wider coverage. This is what makes it the best wifi router for home.

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Latest Technology, Unmatched Performance And A Carefree Internet Access. Get All In One Device.

If you are looking for the best wifi router for long range, then look no further because the Mi Router 4A Giga Version is surely the best router to go for! It has a built-in memory of 128MB DDR3, along with both the Interfaces: LAN and WAN, a processor of MT7621A MIPS with Dual Core of 880MHz. The Mi wifi router has the maximum LAN data rate of 1200Mbps along with a ROM of 16MB which makes it as smooth as possible. With that it has dual frequency bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz to offer, that when coupled with its transmission rate of 1167Mbps makes it unmatched in performance.

To take your comfortability and user-friendliness Xiaomi has introduced its dedicated Mi Wi- Fi application, which is compatible with both Android and iOS so that you can take complete control of your internet services. All of this is topped with additional wireless security: WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK. Xiaomi cannot stress enough how excited they are to introduce this piece of utmost perfection and latest technology to their Mi family. For the Mi fans are going to love every bit of it.

Xiaomi do realize that an Internet driven society needs smooth and uninterrupted internet access more than anything today. Thus, they are pleased to introduce this gadget via the in order to facilitate Pakistan with the best of internet connectivity they can ever imagine of. The Mi Router is a signal extender for your wifi device so that you can get strong internet signals throughout your building whether home or workplace for best internet experience.

Available At A Discounted Price Exclusively On Xiaomi’s Official Online Store

Now what do you expect to be the wifi router price for the Mi router 4A? Such a feature-packed devices will surely cost you a fortune but isn’t Xiaomi always considerate about its consumer’s pocket. Xiaomi is known for producing the best quality products in the most affordable price ranges. Xiaomi goes by the moto of keeping innovation and affordability for all. And Smart Link Technologies the official Xiaomi distributors in Pakistan makes it possible for them to deliver their aim successfully in Pakistan.

Same is the case with this Mi internet router. You can get the Mi Router 4A Giga Version for Rs.4.499/- on Xiaomi’s official online store only. The device can be ordered online through our website , which provides its users the best discounted deals for the 100 percent original Xiaomi products exclusively. You can pay via Online Payment method or simply go for Cash on Delivery and get your products delivered at your doorstep with 3 to 4 working days. aims to provide you the latest Xiaomi products on the best discounts and through the fastest delivery means all across Pakistan. Then what are you waiting for? Unlock doors to your safe heaven now and get yourself spoiled by fast, uninterrupted, and smooth internet access!

Thu Jul 07, 22

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