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Mi Induction Cooker

Rs. 14,999
  • Model number: DCL01CM
  • Product size: 280 × 265 × 70mm
  • Product net weight: Approx 2.1kg
  • Energy efficiency rating: 3 Score
  • Rated power: 2100W
  • Voltage/rated frequency: 220V ~ 50Hz
  • Product gross weight: Approx 2.6kg
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Mi Induction Cooker

Comes with Dual-frequency firepower, precise temperature control

99 heat settings|Low-temperature cooking|100+ cooking modes

Cook More at Home Effortlessly

With the efficient and reliable Mi induction cooker, experience the joys of being able to effortlessly cook at home, giving you an opportunity to create excellent work-life balance. Switch the cooker on instantly by turning it gently. The Mi induction cooker allows for high-quality confined cooking allowing ingredients to blend and cook with each other seamlessly. Feel the aroma of the food while enticing your emotions. Cooking alone? Well that doesn’t make a difference, as you’ll find yourself talking to yourself and savoring the moments while cooking. Enlighten yourself, find your happiness in the process.

Dual-frequency uninterrupted fire, steady as stove fire

To maintain temperature regulation, the Mi Induction Cooker uses a dual-fire technology along
with precise temperature control - in the process - giving you a great culinary experience.

Power Curve

* All data are provided by Lab. Actual usage may vary depending on environment, frequency of use, and other factors.

Low-temperature cooking, lock temperature, lock original

Favored by international chefs, the low-temperature cooking is an efficient modern way of cooking. The method makes effective use of uniform heating, the freshness and tenderness in a cooked meal will epitomize that! with the sensitive temperature probes and dual-frequency heating technology, the Mi induction cooker can keep the temperature confined in a pan for a long time. Making use of the intelligent built-in cooking recipes, you can create dishes that require low-temperature cooking.

“Onsen tamago”

Water temperature: 65ºC
Slow cooking: 50 minutes

Onsen Tamago literally means hot spring eggs in Japanese. It refers to eggs that were originally prepared in hot spring water to create silky egg whites and custard-like yolk.

“Slow cooked salmon”

Water temperature: 50ºC
Slow cooking: 30 minutes

Low and slow creates the most dreamy, silky-smooth, melt in your mouth texture. And the surprise...the cooking is so gentle that the fully cooked salmon looks almost exactly like it did before cooking.

“Slow cooked steak”

Water temperature: 60ºC
Slow cooking: 60 minutes

Cooked low and slow, this method produces a steak that is tender and juicy on the inside and results in a steak that melts like butter in your mouth every single time!

99 heat settings, best way to master the perfect cooking

In the absence of uniform heat distribution, food ingredients usually do not cook properly, making the food leaving a lot to be desired. The Mi induction cooker cuts the total power of 2100W into 99 gears to help users effectively control heat intensity.

External temperature sensor, intelligent control

The Mi induction cooker comes with an external metal temperature probe, which can directly reach the bottom of the pan and accurately measure temperature. Thanks to the intelligent heat control technology, users can automatically adjust fire intensity, control water and oil temperature in the pot, and prevent a boiling soup overflowing from the cooking pot!

Traditional temperature sensor

The resistance element touches the bottom of the microcrystalline panel. It cannot be used for temperature control though.

External temperature sensor

Metal probe is directly placed to the bottom of the pot to accurately control the temperature.

Truly Multifunctional Cooker Squid, stir-fry, stew, boil and steam

Reminiscent to the traditional gas cooking method, you can gently and precisely turn and adjust the fire. The cooking mode can also be directly selected via the rotary knob. The OLED display is simple yet intuitive. You can also add common cooking modes based on built-in recipes.

Long press the knob for 2 seconds

On / Off

Press knob

Check / Pause

Rotate the knob

Adjust firepower / Cooking mode

The 100+ Cooking Mode Through the Mi Home App, you will be updated by a team of professional cooks on cooking tips, recipes and more.

The cooker comes with five modes: The hot pot, frying, steaming, soup porridge and stir-fry. Whenever the device is switched on, users can make use of the app, which nonchalantly displays the actual fire intensity and also the remaining cooking time. Additionally, thanks to the services of our professional dieticians, “the 100+ cooking mode” is tailored specifically to meet the needs of cooking enthusiasts.

* Up to 8 cooking modes can be displayed on the OLED screen of the induction cooker.

Double anti-slip, stable and durable

The cooker’s panel comprises of an anti-high temperature non-slip silicone ring.
The pot is safe to install, easy to dissemble and clean up. A special anti-slip mat
is added to ensure the process is smooth and safe.

  • Removeable non-slip silicone ring
  • Anti-slip mats

Water and electricity isolation to avoid accidental leakage

The Mi induction cooker separates the microcrystalline panel from the electromagnetic coil,
and the incoming water can be discharged in time to avoid the risk of electric leakage.

Enhanced internal heat dissipation

The structure is insulated by hot and cold air ducts to prevent hot air from re-entering.
The 35-blade silent fan greatly enhances heat dissipation and extends product life.

  • Overheating protection
  • Auto stop heating if no pot

* Above data are based on internal lab tests and conducted in an controlled environment. Results may vary based on actual usage and environmental conditions.

Mi Aluminum Cooking Pot

Cook two flavors in one pot

Two-flavor pot | Food-grade non-stick layer | High permeability stainless

* Mi Induction Cooker and Mi Cooking Pot are two different products, which need to be purchased separately.



Model number


Product color


Product Size

280 × 265 × 70mm

Product net weight

Approx 2.1kg

Energy efficiency rating

3 Score

Rated power


Voltage/rated frequency

220V ~ 50Hz

Product gross weight

Approx 2.6kg

Model approval code

CMIIT ID: 2016DP1293 Radio transmitter module

Package Contents

Induction Cooker

Instruction Manual (Chinese)


Who can Use the Product?

1. The product should not be used by people who are physically or mentally challenged, or those who have a lack of experience or knowledge regarding the product.

2. Please take special consideration for infants and children, and do not let them play with this product.

Use Restriction

1. Do not place the product in an unstable and humid environment or close to other possible sources that might trigger ignition or excessive heat (make sure the distance between the product and the fire or the heat source is equal or greater than 30 cm).

2. Do not place the product near devices susceptible to electromagnetic interference.

3. Do not use non-professional cookware to avoid upsetting heating performance or danger.

4. If other pots are used, please observe: the pot material is made of iron, the bottom is flat, and the diameter is not less than 12cm, and not larger than the heating zone.

5. Before heating the pot, please make sure there is food or water in the pot to avoid dry burning.

6. When using the metal handle pot, please pay attention to anti-scalding.

Power supply precautions

1. Please only use power supply of AC 220V to avoid risks of an electric shock.

2. Make sure to unplug the power supply from the power plug to avoid electric shocks and/or short-circuit fires

3. Do not allow children to use the product by themselves, and keep it out of reach of infants to avoid hazardous accidents such as electric shocks and burns.

4. Please do not insert or unplug the power plug with wet hands to avoid an electric shock or injury.

5. Please use a power outlet with a 10A current rating or more.

6. The appliance cannot be operated under an external controller or a separate remotely controlled system.

7. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a professional from the manufacturer, its service department, or similar department.

About the environment

1. Since the heat from the cooker can cause damage and/or discoloration to walls and furniture, please place the product at a distance of more than 10 cm from any wall or furniture.

2. Do not place the product directly on the metal table so as to avoid danger when the product is heated on the metal table.

3. When using the product, make sure there is enough ventilation in the area to ensure heat dissipation and a smooth operation.

During Usage

1. Do not place sealed containers or sealed food containers (such as cans, pressure cookers, etc.) directly on the product to prevent thermal expansion.

2. Do not allow external objects to block air inlets and outlets of the product so as to avoid overheating.

3. Do not place metal objects such as knives, forks, spoons, lids, etc. on the surface of the cooktop during use as they may become hot.

4. Do not place paper, aluminum foil, cloth, etc. on the heating panel to avoid accidents.

After Use Precautions

1. The cooker’s inlet and outlet areas must be checked regularly to ensure they are not blocked.

2. After the product panel is used, it is dangerously hot. Do not touch it to avoid serious burns.

3. If the product has a fault or malfunctions, stop using it immediately and unplug the power outlet. After the product has cooled down, it should be repaired by a professional.

Cleaning and Maintenance

1. Double check that the power cord plug is disconnected from socket and cleaned after the induction cooker panel cools down.

2. The appliance must not be immersed in water or drenched.

3. Do not flush he water in the induction cooker’s inlet and outlet areas.

4. Prevent water and external substances from entering the furnace and ensure that it is clean.

5. Do not use hard objects such as steam cleaners or steel balls for cleaning the cooker.

6. If the panel is dirty, wipe it with a soft and damp cloth and a neutral detergent. Do not use bleach or corrosive liquids for cleaning.

7. Use a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe the inlet and outlet areas. When cleaning dust, use a soft brush or a micro vacuum cleaner.

8. After cleaning the product, clean it with a soft dry cloth to ensure that it is dry.

9. If the cooker is not in use for a long time, please pull out the power plug from the socket and protect the product from moisture, dust and insects.

Other considerations

1. Please do not impart strong impact or heavy pressure to the product so as to avoid injury or malfunction.

2. Warning: If there is a crack on the surface of the panel, turn off the appliance to avoid a possible electric shock.

3. Do not modify. Non-maintenance technicians are not allowed to disassemble and repair, so as avert risks of fire coming out, electric shock and burns.

4. If an abnormality or malfunction occurs, stop using it immediately.

Abnormal behavior warnings and fault alerts

1. The power cord and power plug are abnormally hot during use.

2. There is smoke in the induction cooker or a burning odor.

3. Some parts of the induction cooker are cracked, loose or sound faulty.

4. Other abnormalities and malfunctions.

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