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Xiaomi Electric
Toothbrush T700
Nylon soft brush cares for your gums
Multiple power adjustment with high-frequency vibration
The bristles are DuPont™ Staclean® Brush wire* | LED smart display
Personalized Settings with App | Long battery life and flexible charging
Ultra-dense soft bristles

Thoroughly clean, caring for your gums

4mm ultra-thin brush head

Comfortable size, flexible cleaning

LED smart display

Mode and power at a glance

Stepless power adjustment

Accurate control of brushing speed

Customize your display

Show your style and identity

360° wireless charging*

Charging made easier

More professional electric toothbrush
Fully upgraded brush bristles, heads and handles
The bristles are DuPont
Staclean® Brush wire*
Gently cleans, reducing
gum irritatioin
Specially designed for sensitive teeth, this product has soft
and non-irritant bristles that go extensively into the gap of
gums to clean teeth stains


Diameter of outer bristles*


Diameter of inner bristles*

4mm ultra-thin brush head
Comfortable size, flexible cleaning
The smaller head reduces discomfort, and helps to easily clean the oral corners


ultra-thin brush head


standard brush heads

2 times the density*, convex shape
Powerful, clean, safe and healthy
The higher density and convex-shaped bristles will bring you a more thorough cleaning experience. With the Bass
brushing method*, the 45° inclined vibration around and under the gumline will help comprehensively remove food
residue and soft dirt. The bristle is tested in accordance to FDA standard* and is safe to use.
Magnetic levitation sonic
brushless motor
Super cleaning power, low noise
and shock absorption
39,600 times/min* high-frequency vibrations delivers strong and stable
power to effectively remove dental plaque, tartar and other stains.
Shock absorbing materials are also used to greatly reduce the
discomfort of hands.


motor power


low noise*

Stepless power adjustment
Accurate control of brushing
Brushing power can be directly adjusted from gentle to strong via the
button on brush handle with multiple power levels to choose, suitable
for different oral conditions.
Smarter electric toothbrushes.
Brushing reports and exclusively
customized brushing modes
meet various teeth cleaning needs
Besides the gentle and standard modes, users can set favorite brushing speed
and duration via Xiaomi Home APP, satisfying the needs of different groups of


3 recommended


10 seconds to prevent


Three choices of
brushing duration


Three choices of
additional functions

Automatic reminder of overpress No more worries
about overexerting
When brushing your teeth with excessive force, the overexerting reminder can help prevent gum bleeding.
LED display shows brushing score
Information such as brushing score and remaining battery can be displayed on the toothbrush. Detailed data and
analysis reports can be viewed in Xiaomi Home APP to help you develop a good brushing habit.
Brushing mode
Brushing score
Speed indicator
Remaining battery
Customized display
Make teeth brushing easy
and fun.
You can set nicknames, emojis, reminder of anniversary to
bring a sense of ceremony to your life and effectively avoid
mixing up the toothbrushes with other members of the
Eye-catching look, wireless charging, waterproof
It has everything you want
Integrated design, skin-friendly coating
Comfortable, exquisite and stain-resistant
Exquisite appearance avoids dirt remaining. Baking and skin-friendly coating delivers delicate and non-slippery
feeling when exposed to water

24 days battery endurance*, worry-free to use it on
vacation or business trips

1,050mAh large-capacity lithium battery*, ultra-long battery life; 360° wireless* charging. Just place it on the
charging base and start charging.
IPX7 water resistant, fully washable
Full-body water resistant device, safe and durable
Once you use it, you'll know the benefits

Metal, durable and high quality button

Uneven surface design ensure
comfortable holding and preventing

* Outer bristles diameter: 5mil (0.127 mm) with a tolerance of 0.03 mm; middle bristle diameter: 6mil (0.152mm) with a tolerance
of 0.03 mm.

* The number of bristles are more than 2 times of those of Xiaomi Sonic Electric Toothbrush T500.

* Bass brushing method is a scientific method recommended by the American Dental Association.

* The bristle passed the test under the standards in accordance to the U.S. FDA (FDA 21 CFR 177.1020/FDA 21 CFR 177.1500/FDA
21 CFR 180.22 & FDA 21 CFR 180.32) standards. Test report No. EY201216042CC002; Test conducted by EMTEK Guangzhou

* The toothbrush head material passed the test under the standards in accordance to the U.S. FDA (FDA 21 CFR 180.32) standards.
Test report No. (6621) 261-0972; Test conducted by Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Shanghai Co., Ltd.

* The noise is not higher than 55 dB (the tested sites are distributed on the hemispherical envelope surface, and the testing radius is
1m). Noise test report code: WTS2021-26821. Tested by: CVC Testing Technology Co.,Ltd.

*The nominal rated capacity of the battery is 1,050mAh, and all the measured values are higher than 1050mAh. Battery capacity
test report code: EED31M002933C. Tested by: Centre Testing International Co., Ltd. (CTI).

* Under the default force of the three modes, if the toothbrush is used for 2 minutes each time and twice a day, the battery lift can
be more than 24 days. The test data is from the internal laboratory of Wuxi QingheXiaobei Technology Co., Ltd.

* Under soft mode and the fastest speed (the fastest speed can be set in APP), the motor speed can reach 39,600 times per minute,
and the tolerance is ±990 times per minute. The results may vary in different environments or using different measurement

* PX7 waterproof rating means that the equipment will not be damaged in case of being soaked in 1m underwater for 30 minutes;
However, the high-temperature shower water or bath water would produce a large amount of water vapor and the water
molecules may enter the device, so please do not use it when bathing; IPX7 water resistant rate testing report code: ARQT-ESH-
P21091340. Tested by: LCIE china Company Limited.

* "360 Wireless" means that the electric toothbrush device does not have a charging interface, and it can be charged when placed
on the charging base at any angle.

* The data on this page is from the laboratory of Wuxi QingheXiaobei Technology Co., Ltd. unless otherwise specified.
DuPont™ and Staclean® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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